What's For Dinner #333

annie1992October 27, 2013

Ann, that beef always looks perfect and so do the Yorkshire puddings. Your picture reminded me that I haven't made popovers in a long time either. (same pan, LOL)

Here I've been canning, drying herbs, trying to get things straightened around for winter on the farm. The house is finally on the market, but it's not such a good time of year to sell a house, so we'll see.

In the meantime, I made some turnip soup with crispy fried poblano rings. Elery liked it a lot, I hope he forgets about it because I was very underwhelmed and wouldn't make it again, LOL.

Today we had shrimp and scallop Spiedinis with lemon butter, some gnocchi with tomato sauce and cheese and cole slaw left over from a couple of meals ago. The cole slaw was a vinaigrette type and got really sour, so it was pucker, but the rest of the meal was yummy.

Elery has been playing with his new pizza oven, there's a learning curve he says. Couldn't prove it by me, he made this foccacia and it was delicious, with nice big holes. He drizzled it with the Italian herbed olive oil that Sherry brought when she came to visit and that gave it a nice "herb-y" taste, as well as a small grating of good parmesan.

We used some for breakfast sandwiches, it was good cold too!

A few days ago he asked me to make some pizza crust, but we didn't use it so I stuck it in the fridge for a couple of days. Yesterday we hauled it out and made some calzone with our homemade Italian sausage and cheese.

And since we had that stone oven heated up to 700 degrees, I rolled out some homemade corn tortillas:

We had black bean and rice burritos one night and so Elery took the leftover beans and rice and the tortillas and made breakfast, along with some eggs. I passed on everything except the eggs and made a slice of toast, I just can't eat that spicy stuff in the morning.

The final verdict, though, was to just slap the tortillas in a cast iron skillet, they were so not worth messing over in the pizza oven.


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Thank you, Annie, for showing us those great photos. Thanks to you, I expand my variety of dinners & make it more exciting to my family. I enjoy all your posts.

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Though it's my first time posting in this thread, I've been drooling over the photos for a while. I'm not very much into plating (we usually just want to eat) or collecting dishes, but I do want to join in and share some of what we eat.

This is shakshuka; my version. We love it, but it will be different each time because of the herbs/spices.

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Annie, so good! You are my style cook. Make good meals, have fun and use what comes along with fridge finds, lol. Nothing goes to waste. Very creative.

I just googled shakshuka. It has eggs! Adore eggs dishes and not at all familiar with it . Looks so good. Thanks for the pic. Need to try that.

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Strawberryhill, thank you. I get a lot of my ideas from "What's for Dinner" too. When I just don't know what to have, I come here and drool, LOL, and end up making something.

cooking2day, welcome to What's For Dinner! Like you, I'm not so much into plating, it's amazing I remember to take a picture before I launch into supper some days. It's funny you posted shakshuka, though. Elery and I were talking about it just a few days ago, I was reading one of those "what to do with a lot of eggs" articles in Grit or Mother Earth or one of those and found shakshuka, which I'd never even heard of. And now, here's yours, and it looks delicious too, I'd like it very much for dinner.

sleevendog, I don't know about creative, but I'm pretty good at leftovers, after being a farm kid raised by my very frugal grandmother first and then later as a single Mom, we didn't throw anything away. Good thing Elery eats leftovers, that's for sure.

I think we do cook in similar ways, although I have to substitute venison for your moose. (grin)

Sure enough, tonight was leftovers...


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Nothing here I wouldn't be glad to have--leftovers or not--all looks delicious.

Annie- those scallops ! Would you share the recipe?

We had an old fashion Boiled Dinner tonight using a 2 &1/2 # picnic I found Tops--small ones are hard to find--wish I had picked up a couple for the freezer but it was a brand I wasn't familiar with -- was very good--not salty at all.

Also had some cranberry applesauce I found at The Produce Place-- a local garden/produce place that has a great little deli , Don't know why I never thought to try that. They also had pear applesauce made up-- think I'll try that on my own,

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Diane, cranberry applesauce sounds really good, I wish I'd have thought of that too, I just canned a bunch of apples. It would be a nice change. I wonder how I could successfully add them after opening the already canned jars, when I'm ready to just eat it?

The spiedinis were a mix of shrimp and scallops and I have to tell you the scallops were best. They were very easy, just tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper, then rolled in a mixture of bread crumbs seasoned with some Italian herb blend. Skewered and grilled, then drizzled with lemon butter (half and half freshly squeezed lemon juice and melted butter) when they came off the grill. Simple, fast and very good. The recipe was actually called Spiedini Di Mare.


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Today was a nice day, in amongst days of rain and cool weather. We were given a cute little gas barbecue when our neighbour moved to an apt bldg that doesn't allow them. So hubby took advantage of both the barbecue and the weather and grilled sausages. I stir-fried veggies and made rice. Dinner was good!

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Cooking2Day, Welcome to the Cooking Forum. Great photo. I also had to look up Shakshuka. I've made something similar, just didn't know what it was called. Type of egg dish that Moe loves.

Diane, so nice that you are posting again.

Jasdip, I like the idea of the veggie stir fry with grilled sausages. Looks very tasty.

Annie, I was thinking that turnip soup sounded really good. But if you didn't like it, there is a good chance that I wouldn't either. We often have similar food tastes.

Elery is making great breads in his new oven.

The shrimp and scallops with pasta is another dish that Moe would love. I don't care for scallops so he doesn't get them often.

A few of our meals since I posted last.

Rice Bowl - Spicy Pork Tenderloin.

Greek Lamb and sides.

Chicken and Southern Dumplings.

Wings and Fries with TBQ Sauce.

Asian inspired Pork and Noodles.

Sterling Silver Top Sirloin Roast.

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Ann, the first time I made shakshuka, I had to laugh because it's really nothing more than a tomato sauce with poached eggs on top. My dh would eat poached eggs on top of almost anything.

Everyone's meals looks so tempting. I LOVE scallops, but don't get them very often. Annie, where do you get yours?

Jasdip, your plate looks so tasty. Very simple and good which is right down my alley! Plus, I really like carrots.

We raise/grow a lot of our own meat and veggies , so I usually use recipes more for inspiration and sub with what I have on hand. Here is a little creole jambalaya I made using quail and crawfish.

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Quail and Crawfish. What is not to like about that.

Cooking2day, Moe has you to thank for the idea for today's breakfast. It has been a while since I poached him eggs in a sauce.

Today's eggs were poached in homemade salsa.


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Mr B would call that Heaven-in-cast-iron.
We met in NewOrleans so anything with crawdads is divine.
Moe and Elery eat good!
We've been dining at Fairway. Me, running errands late yesterday. Dark when i got home and too late to start the grill. Mr B stopped by on his way home late tuesday and did the same.
Appetite killer but so good.
A new Fairway opened around the corner. Now our this-n-that stop. Samples start at the door, through the bread bakery, cheese section...and the famous olive oil 'saloon/bar/lounge'. (big cookie jars full of sliced baguette just out of frame)

I've had three meals planned and backed-up, yikes. Will make baked cod on shipwreak tonight. I will, i will, i will.

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Sleevendog, we are very rural and I love it, but I'm also jealous of the food shopping others who live near more populated areas get to do. We are driving an hour and a half to St. Louis tomorrow and will have fun at Penzeys, Global Foods, etc.

My dd was in New Orleans recently and I had her bring back the crawfish for us (and plenty of them). :)

Ann, your poached eggs looks so pretty. You have such a knack for making food look nice.

What's for dinner? Well, not this tonight, but at some point. :)

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The chicks are adorable.

This is my contribution to a dinner at my mother's tonight. Sorry my phone takes uninspired photos. I made an apple and apricot pie on my grill. Still figuring the grill out but this came out really well.

The rest of the dinner consisted a roasted chicken stuffed with the last tomatoes, onions and lime - roasted squash with tortilla chips and cheese - pear and ginger chutney - a fresh picked salad. Almost everything was grown by myself, my sister or my mother.

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Wow, a lot of us are growing our own food now, I like to see that.

Ann T, Elery would love that breakfast. Grandma used to make eggs in a tomato sauce, she called it "Eggs in Purgatory", but I'd never heard of shakshuka until recently either. The turnip soup was a weight watchers recipe and was basically turnips and potatoes with salt and pepper cooked in chicken broth and pureed. I'd rather just mash the vegetables and never mind...

Cooking2day, we got those scallops at a local store that was having a "seafood sale". Being in Michigan we're a long way from seafood, other than fresh water fish, and so it's expensive and not usually wonderful, but better than nothing every now and then.

agmss, your whole dinner sounds delicious but the pie on the grill is an intriguing idea. I might have to get up my courage and try that, although I'm somehow sure mine would be black on the bottom and crunchy in the middle!

sleevendog, I've never heard of or been to a Fairway. Like Cooking2day, I'm very rural and love it, but every month or so Elery and I have to take the drive to Grand Rapids, about an hour away, and hit the Mediterranean Market, Russo's, Penzey's, Costco and the Asian store! Ithink I'd like Fairway a lot...

Tonight we had "Halloween Food". Pictures are still on the camera, but I'll get to it, I really will...


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c2day- chicks so cute! Beauty picture.
-I'm in the forest but work in the city. It is a big deal to have a new grocery so close. We did not have much before. The community is in shock me thinks. Before last week, we made special trips a few times a year...now it is our local 'mini mart'. As easy as getting fuel, dish soap and parsley. Before it was the standard Stop-n-Shop with uninspired produce...

agmss- my phone does that also. but i get the yum factor. My style rustic tart. Exactly what i do.
I'm at the end of my harvest except for long holds like winter squash. I do like fall and the cool weather but not the short days...so dark so soon. I still have greens and carrots and beds need to be put to rest but no light when we get home.

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We had an impromptu gathering of friends and neighbors for Halloween. I went to the store and got stuff to make mini salads.

Thank goodness for the mandolin, because the salad required a lot of thin slices. Cucumber in plum vinegar, sugared apple, dried cherry, pecorino cheese, sushi rice, raw tuna soaked in sake and soy sauce, onion and I might have forgotten something.

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Annie - I totally uh carbonized some potato and carrot chunks that I was roasting with a chicken last week. The chicken was great though.

Mid bake I read something online about raising the bottom of the pie plate to prevent burning. Oops. Out came the pie. Some foil snakes and a broken pizza stone and then the pie went back on to the grill. Whew caught in time.

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Love that pic of the chicks and eggs. Future meals.

Agmss, great looking Pie. I had to make a cake once on my grill when the power went off.

John, love raw tuna. Pretty salad.

A few of our meals this past week.

Matt was here for two nights. Made him two of his favourite meals. Prime Rib one night and Mexican another.

French Laundry Apple Kuchen.

Homemade Halibut Fish and Chips. Had to get one more fresh halibut dinner before the season closed. For the next four months will have to settle for "frozen at Sea" halibut.

Beef Tenderloin and black bean sauce.

Roast Chicken.

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Haven't done one for a while due to dietary changes but this is made with half extra lean beef and half grated zuchini hubby has been craving cheeseburgers since we started. Total loss between the 2 of us 48lbs since Sept 4.

I forgot to ask when cooking a roast in cast iron fry pan do you preheat the pan? I have never tried that.

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CLBlakey - 48 lbs! that is amazing. Congratulations. I had to lift a bag of 40 lb cement, it was very heavy.

Ann_t - your Homemade Halibut Fish and Chips looks so good, I may never order fish and chips again in a restaurant.

John - Beautiful plating, your raw tuna salad.

agmss - That is a very nice apple and apricot pie.

sleevendog - you will like Fairway. We have a huge one 15 minutes away, about 75,000 sq. ft. I have a $100 gift card yet to be used.

cooking2day - Inspiring creole jambalaya. I don’t know why I make jambalaya only once a year.

jasdip - a very nice photography of a stir fry.

Annie - Your cooking is like a three ring circus, always many exciting acts going on, you just don’t know which one to focus on.

Nothing too exciting here, just my normal playing with new ingredients.

Smoked chicken with sautéed cantaloupes and cantaloupe sauce.

Pizza, using Chinese scallion pancake dough.


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Wow, fabulous food!

We just finished breakfast and since apples are in their glory I made French toast with sliced apples simmered in a brown sugar, butter and cinnamon sauce. That's a real treat, and it's so good.

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We celebrated our anniversary yesterday with our kids and their kids. My daughter made spanakopita and kourabiedes (the Greek powdered sugar cookies), and my daughter-in-law brought a broccoli salad. I made keftedes (Greek meatballs in tomato sauce) and Greek potato salad.

A couple of weeks ago our daughter secretly videotaped our pastor giving a wedding service. After we had visited a while, my daughter & daughter-in-law took me into the bedroom and fitted me out with a veil & bouquet of flowers. The guys gave my husband a tuxedo t-shirt to change into. Then they played the hymn that had been our wedding march and positioned us in front of the TV. All of a sudden, there was our pastor on screen reading the wedding service just for us. We joined hands and blubbered our way through the ceremony. And to top it off, my daughter dressed her little 10 month old in one of my old baby outfits. All in all, a great family celebration!

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As I mentioned on TGIF, daughter has started to like sushi and, by extension, fish. She wanted to try making it so I went by Anzen Hiroshi, the tiny journey-back-in-time Japanese market in inner East Portland.

This family started, the story goes, with a small Japanese market many decades ago, expanded into food importing, became very successful, and today has left the original market far behind, but they continue to run it, as a nod to their beginnings. Little old Japanese ladies work the register and Mexican fishmongers man the sashimi counter. They sell a hundred kinds of soy sauce, dozens of other Japanese sauces, a whole aisle of nori and konbu and noodles, a big cooler wall of Japanese staples and delicacies, prepared seaweed salads and trays of uni, blocks of fish, octopus, shrimp, sweet omelette, and the other half of the store is Japanese tea sets, dishware, fans, calendars, books, knick knacks, videos, toys and sandals. I doubt the store makes much profit but it would be a terrible loss if it closed.

I bought a small block of albacore and another of ahi, and we made sushi rice, then rolls. Here are daughter's best effort:

It was all lots of fun.

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My diet goes to heck just reading this thread !

Way to go on the wt loss CL-- I hope I can continue but the Holidays are going to kill me-- way too much temptation .

Ann- your halibut always amazes me-- around here it's close to $20.00 a #-- that rice bowl is more in my budget.

Johnliu-- looks like your daughter learned that lesson very well-- she must be so proud.

Shambo-- what a nice surprise from your kids--

Supper tonight was baby spinach salad with orange slices, red onions & cannellini beans -- with a mug of celery soup .


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"Total loss between the 2 of us 48lbs since Sept 4."

Jeepers. 24 lb lost per person in 2 months! That is awesome.

I'm trying to lose 10 lb by the end of January.

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My, oh my. I've not seen one thing on this page that I wouldn't love to eat. What talented cooks you are! And such pretty plating.

Shambo, a really sweet story. You have a thoughtful family.

CL, I'm wondering what you thought of the burger/zucchini combo.

John, the sushi looks awesome for a first time (or even a second or third time). Kudos to your daughter. I've not made it before, but that and tamales are on my to-do list. Have been for several years now...

Jasdip, a big YUM factor going on there with the French toast.

DC, beautiful photos of beautifully plated food.

Ann, I'd be interested in how you make your black bean sauce, if you don't mind.

Here is our crawfish cake/swiss chard, kale, collards, and mustard greens/fried hen-of-the-woods meal. Screwed up on the DOF in the photo, but it didn't affect the taste at all. :)

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AnnieB, your seafood spiedini is making me hungry. Btw, I'm more than a little green over Elery's latest toy. My old stove only gets up to 550° F. Bakes a wonderful pizza crust, but oh, the possibilities of 700° F., or higher. . . somebody catch me!

C2day, the DOF had no effect on your crawfish and greens; I clearly see and appreciate every delicious component.

Dcarch, your pizza is off the charts. And I wonder what your chicken/cantaloupe tastes like.

Jasdip, love your stir-fry. I often make meals out of that alone. No rice, no meat, just vegetables. One of my favorite comfort foods.
Speaking of comfort food, another favorite would be Ann's Chicken and Dumplings. And pretty much everything else posted. All I'd need is my blankie, and a cat on my lap.

Agmss, your tart looks plump and delicious!

Good looking sushi rolls. Congratulations!
And congratulations to you, Diane, for your determination to lose over 20 lbs., and quickly!

Soups and yes, desserts (can't help it) on the menu lately, but I'm only posting a few of the foods I snapped last summer. I will eventually catch up to our fall menu. Hopefully by summer 2014...if I hurry.

Finding myself up to my eyeballs in summer squash, I made this ricotta/zucchini tart, quite often. We like it enough that we'll probably make it with store-bought zucchini.

Also made enough roasted tomato/basil soup (and salads) from heirloom tomatoes, courtesy of a local 'tomato goddess.' Aren't these beautiful? I dare say I could live with this color on my walls.

Annie, remember when I told you about my apple tree, which only yields 3 apples every fall? I wasn't kidding. Although I had taken down one apple before I snapped this photo, it doesn't make the tree look any worse...

I suppose it's only fair, considering there are only three of us...
We tried everything to keep the other apple trees alive, but once they succumbed to an untimely death, we gave up trying. And even though we each get one single apple, at least they are delicious.

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for the 'little giant.'

Mushroom soup. Certainly not a pretty face. A soup that never photographs well, but always tastes good.

Tonight we're having Cuban Black Beans and Pork.


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Sol, don't worry about those apples, I'll gladly share all of mine with you, if you'd share those cookies with me.

Shambo, that's a wonderful thing your kids did for you, and congratulations on that anniversary!

Cooking2day, that looks good to me, and better than most of my pictures, LOL.

dcarch, I'd take both of your meals and just wrap the smoked chicken up in those pancakes. I've never even considered cooking melon, but I do have a recipe for cantaloupe jam, so I may have to reconsider. Yes, my cooking is unique, LOL, I have to use up all my leftovers.

Johnliu, that sushi looks delicious. I love sushi. Good for your daughter, it's definitely a skill, I still get the strangest looking sushi, but it tastes good.

CLBlakey, congratulations on the weight loss, I need to do that too. I gain it, lose it, gain it, lose it. Ah well.....

Ann T, I don't have to say one darned thing about that halibut, you know what I'm thinking. And I'm envious.

Jasdip, I just had pancakes with apples, don't you just love this time of year?

Here we've been eating leftovers, had dinner at Amanda's over the weekend for the kids' birthday party, I was sick yesterday and ate nothing and today I made Elery some hot wings while I ate baked chicken and a potato. Nothing picture worthy, that's for sure.


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Sue, what a lovely way to celebrate your anniversary, with your traditional foods, made by your loved ones. Special.

John, your daughter is becoming quite accomplished in the kitchen. Well done.

Cooking2day, the black bean sauce was easy. I used one of the brands found in the Asian section of the grocery store. I always have Black Bean Sauce, Hoisin Sauce and Oyster Sauce on hand.

Sol, as always your pictures are making my mouth water. Only you can take a picture of Mushroom soup and have it look like that.

I've baked in my cast iron skillet, but never a pie. I'm stealing that idea. Thank you.

This was suppose to be dinner Monday night, but I made it Tuesday morning for breakfast instead.

Garlic Ginger Chicken with Rice.

Breakfast one morning.

Bread Pudding Muffins with Caramelized apples.

Grilled Chicken breast with Pappardelle with Kalamata Olive and Tomato sauce.

Leftover roast beef

was used to make Beef Dip Sandwiches

with homemade potato chips.

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Sol, I have the exact same cow creamer. I'm on the hunt for a black & white spotted one.

No pics of my chicken soup for my sick Hubby. He said it helped his sinus issues. (Used extra cayenne pepper)


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Cooking2day- The burgers turned out great I added beef flavored oxo and they were quite moist almost like I had added avocado. We did not taste the zuchini at all.

Next combo will be zuchini/ground beef combo for tacos but that won't be for a week or 2 I broke my foot again and hubby is doing the cooking for now.

dcarch - can you post recipe for those sautéed cantaloupes and cantaloupe sauce

AnnT - Where did you purchase your potato chip slicer combo love the idea of nuked chips over fried.

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CLBlakey, I bought mine at Home Sense which is the same as your TJ MAXX /Home Goods. Not sure if they carry this line because the company is out of Quebec. But you can order directly from Joieshop.com.

I must tell you though, that "nuked chips" are not good.. Definitely won't satisfy a potato chip craving. But the little slicer works great.


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Ann T, we bought a device by Mastrad, a silicone tray upon which to cook the potato slices and a slicer. Like you, I don't think the potato slices are a good replacement for potato chips, but we really liked sweet potatoes made into chips that way. They must be eaten immediately, as they get soggy fast, but they're good.


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AnnT- we have a Homesense it just opened last month never heard of TJMaxx it must be american.

Annie I have been thinking about digging a moat around the house and lifting the drawbridge so the weight can't find its way home this time.

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Thank you everyone!

There are many savory cooking of cantaloupe recipes. This is just my simple version.

Select 1/2 ripe cantaloupe, remove seeds and rind.

Slice cantaloupe and sautee in EVOO (or buttter if you prefer), a few teaspoons of fish sauce to taste and garlic. Suatee until cantaloupe slices become translucent.

Yogurt cantaloupe Sauce:

6 scallions, white parts, chopped
2/3 cup chopped ½ ripe cantaloupe
2 tablespoons minced fresh dill
Pinch crushed red pepper flakes
2 tablespoon good olive oil
1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice
5 ounces Greek-style yogurt
2 teaspoons fish sauce
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard.

Simmer until cantaloupe becomes soft, then blend everything into sauce consistency.


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Sorry CLBlakey, for some reason I was thinking that you lived in the US. Not sure why I thought that. Winners and TJMaxx are the same company, but TJMaxx in the US has better prices.

Not sure if all Winners/HomeSense stores carry exactly the same stock, but you might be able to find the potato chip slicer. Good Luck!


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Last night's dinner.

Chicken with rosemary, olives and lemon.

With roasted potatoes and sauteed spinach.

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Wow. Cast iron and chicken. My mother has a hedge of rosemary and i totally forgot to give it a trim before i left...and it freezes so well.

Cantaloupe sauce? With yogurt? That is my style for sure. I've not thought of that and i make fruit and savory 'salsa' style sauces all the time...just make things up. Sounds so good.

My melons did not do so well this year. Tiny but tasty.

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Really tiny, like Barbie tiny.

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For those who saw the food craving thread.... I fixed mine last night! Shrimp and Grits for dinner!


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Sleevendog, I've never seen a ripe cantaloupe that small. Fun appetizers!

Ann, the chicken and olives look really good. I just picked the last of my rosemary because we're supposed to have a pretty deep freeze tomorrow night. Your Pappardelle with Kalamata Olive and Tomato sauce looks delish; I know I'd like it.

Sol, beautiful, beautiful photography and lovely dishes. I think the mushroom soup photographed just fine.

Here's a simple meal we had last night; breakfast for dinner, which is my favorite time to eat it. The sausage I made from a pig we raised, the eggs came from our chickens. A good time was had by all (except the pig, of course). :)

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Alexa, I meant to add that talking about your shrimp and grits craving on the other thread made me so hungry for them. They look scrumptious. I'll be buying shrimp soon!

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Sol, mouth-watering pictures as always. I love the way you photograph your food.

Ann your food looks out of this world. The chicken with olives is calling me for sure. I love your homemade potato chips. I keep looking to see where it was mentioned they were microwaved but I don't see it. I tried micro-ing potato slices once, as I saw it mentioned online that they were fabulous. We threw ours out :(

Sleevendog, what kind of a tiny melon is that? Is that supposed to be a cantaloupe that didn't make it??

Cooking2day, we love breakfast for dinner too. Hubby won't touch eggs, but I'll bet even he would like the pic of yours. They look perfect!

We just finished dinner, and I tried a new recipe in my slow-cooker. Honey Sesame Chicken. Served over rice and broccoli, duh, but I don't need to tell you the obvious! I had the diningroom light on, which I normally don't do when I take pics. I think it's the CFL bulb that's giving it the yellowish cast.

I made Granola cookies yesterday. We like them because they're a soft cookie. I don't like hard, crunchy cookies.

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sleevendog, your cantaloupe did better than mine, at least you got some. Mine did nothing at all.

cooking2day, I also like breakfast for dinner, especially when it's a "substantial" breakfast. I'd have that any day.
My sympathies to the pig, LOL.

Jasdip, can I get the recipe for the granola cookies? I like crispy cookies and crunchy cookies and chewy cookies and soft/cakey cookies, all depending on the type. Those look really good.

Here we had one of those "local" dinners. Homegrown pork chops, some sauerkraut that I packed clear back in 2008, pushed to the back of the pantry until I found it today, and roasted fingerling potatoes, butternut squash and turnips. Oh, and I added an apple to the sauerkraut because I have a LOT of them this year.

The Princess came to spend the weekend, along with Elery's 8 year old granddaughter, so Makayla picked Saturday's breakfast, Nutella crepes. They are her favorite, this is a past picture:

Jamison chose Sunday's breakfast, Nutella Muffins. With toasted marshmallows on top. She wanted cake, but the line must be drawn somewhere. (grin)

We also made banana/strawberries smoothies with berries from the refrigerator. I thought it was a good idea, get some fruit in there, but both girls told me they didn't really like smoothies, but they'd drink strawberry milk shakes. Ahem. They got smoothies, The Princess drank hers, Jamison, not so much of it.

They spent the weekend with Elery's new companion, Molly. A feisty young redhead, she came from a local shelter who only knew she was a Sheltie mix. They said beagle, but I don't see that, maybe spaniel?

Since the shelter had been told that she was given up because she was "nippy" with the family toddler, we watched her carefully. She loves Bud, loved the bigger girls. Then Madi came to visit and the real test began. She was perfectly behaved, but apparently I'm going to have to work on her food preferences:

At any rate, she passed the test with flying colors.


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Mackerel, brushed with oil, soy sauce, salt and sugar, then pan fried.

And here I was feeling artsy.

This was the best thing I've eaten all week and I didn't make it. Our friend is really good at slow cooked meats, this is a shank that was perfect.

Tonight SWMBO is hosting a meeting with some people at my son's school . They are sitting around the dining table planning out the auction fundraiser. I made them some mushroom caps stuffed with scallops, Parmesan cheese and pears. They are also eating cheese, crackers and olives, so I think that is pretty much SWMBO's dinner. I got to hang out undisturbed in the kitchen and cook. For the kids I bought two chicken legs, deboned them, baked them, then served them sliced into sections with some sushi rice. For me I pan seared a few strips of opah fish, and put them on fingers of sushi rice, sort of a nigiri except the fish is cooked.

The thing that all these things had in common was they all used tare sauce. I made a small squeeze bottle's worth of this stuff during the ramen project. It is Japanese barbeque sauce, basically. If you brush it on mushrooms, the dark color of the sauce makes the mushroom look deeply browned. I also brushed the chicken skin with the tare sauce, and after 30 minutes in the toaster oven the skin was a mahogany brown and also very crisp. Finally, I dipped my fake nigiri in the sauce.

To make tare sauce, you roast a mess of chicken bones, hopefully backs but legs work too, then simmer the roasted bones in mirin, sake, and soy sauce for a couple hours. I break the leg bones to let the marrow out. The result is very dark, and tastes sweet, tangy, meaty and smoky. It is very useful stuff. I've not noticed it for sale, so when I run out I will have to make a bigger batch and freeze some. Don't want to ever not have tare sauce.

(But if you want a store bought sauce, Yoshida sauce is pretty darn good too. He's from Seattle.)

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All prepped and ready to assemble a harvest soup from stock i made sunday night after smoking chickens over the weekend, i switched gears and made oyster stew.
Amazing broth, spicy and a little smokey. (i added a 1/2 cup of smoke broth)
Discussed that it would be wonderful with any seafood, salmon, salt cod, shrimp, scallops...

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Wow, that looks fantastic.

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Sleevendog, I've never seen such tiny melons. So cute.
I'm glad your oyster stew was amazing because it certainly looks amazing. Rich colours.

Alexa, I love grits but can't find them here. My friend Gail was in Seattle recently and brought me back a box of instant grits.

Cooking2day, that is one beautiful breakfast. How do you season your sausage patties?

Annie, the perfect fall dinner.

Mollie is a beautiful dog. She looks a little like a Nova Scotia Duck Toller. I've always thought that a Toller and a Sheltie would be a good mix.

John, I like your "artsy" picture. That shank does look perfect.

What we have been eating since I posted last:

Bake Day


And lunch of Baguette and Tuna Pate.

Homemade Pita, with Sheep Feta, oven roasted tomatoes and Italian Salsa Verde.

Bangers and Mash

Grilled Prime Rib.

Roast Chicken

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WFD is practically moving at the speed of light, once again. Good to see that.

Ann, steal the pie idea with my blessings. In return, I'll have to steal a bite off everything you've posted thus far.

Annie, I'll take you up on the (apple) offer.
Btw, Molly and Madison are adorable! Molly has Border Collie traits, with maybe a pinch of Australian Shepherd.
Sigh. I've been battling the urge to get another puppy since my Louie passed away. But with two cats...and a couple of monkeys :) I don't know if that'll ever happen.

C2D, your killer breakfast has always been Jim's favorite. And mine too, except I don't eat breakfast, but I'd love it for dinner :)

Jasdip, your honey sesame chicken looks so darn good. Btw, I'm also a member of the soft & chewy cookie club.

Sleevendog, your oyster stew has all the colors of fall.

Tonight's dinner is still up in the air, and it can stay up there for all I care.


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Jasdip, No I use that little gadget just to cut the potatoes. Not to microwave. I tried microwaving a few slices after I bought it and they were awful. Worse than awful.

I make potato chips the same way I make fries. Soak the slices in cold water. Dry well and fry at 350 to 375°. I double fry regular fries, but it isn't necessary with potato chips. They cook quickly.


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Annie1992, here is the cookie recipe.

Chocolate Orange Granola Cookies

1 cup flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp allspice
1/2 tsp salt
2/3 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1/2 cup butter, softened
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp grated orange peel
1 1/4 cups granola cereal
1/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup flaked coconut
1/4 cup chopped nuts

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In small bowl combine flour, baking powder, allspice and salt. In a large mixing bowl cream butter and sugar. Add egg, vanilla and orange zest; beat well.

Gradually beat in flour mixture. Stir in granola, chocolate chips coconut and nuts. Drop by rounded tablespoonfuls onto cookie sheet. Bake 11-15 minutes and cool completely on wire racks.

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I am a happy lurker. But I just have to say that Molly and Madi are just so cute. Made me smile.
Always drop in to see the pics. Yummy food!

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Ann, I must learn how to grill a prime rib!

There was a place in Nagg's Head that Alfred said he would almost drive all of the way down there for one.

The last time we went there the owner had sold the place & the new owner had taken it off of the menu. Poor Alfred was broken hearted :-(

Your prime rib looks exactly like the ones there.


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Shambo, I am still using some recipes from your videos you sent. I just quit my job, so next week I am going to sit back and check them out again.
Annie, I love your dog. She is beautiful! As are the dinners posted.
My son (12) is having a hard time going gluten free so I am going to focus on him and try and get more creative to help him stay motivated. Looking for ideas to steal from here.

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Jasdip, your honey-sesame chicken looks so good. What's your recipe? I also would love the steamed broccoli with it.

Annie, I'm glad Molly passed her tests. She'll be so happy to be part of your family and is a lucky girl. That pork chop dinner looks good. Especially I would love all the vegetables. And the crepes are browned perfectly. I've not made them for so long.

Holy Mackerel, John! You've got some lovely photography and plating going on there. I think I'd like playing around with it more if my food wasn't getting chilly while doing so. :)

Ann, all I can say about your dinners is, "Wow." Beautifully delicious! As far as the sausage goes, I season it with a variety of herbs using about 1/2 tsp crushed dried of each per pound of meat: rosemary, fennel, thyme, and sage are some I use often because I can grow them easily. One reason I started making sausage is because commercial is too salty for my taste. I cut the salt by about half, using about 1/2 slightly rounded tsp per pound. And then l add a couple T liquid: wine/broth/maple syrup/water, etc. One of the butchers in our area adds applesauce, ground cherries, etc.

Sol, the only way I eat breakfast food is for dinner. Otherwise, I prefer leftovers. For some reason, eggs, syrup and other typical breakfast foods upset my stomach in the a.m.

Sleevendog, your oyster stew is beautiful. The broth looks like something I could drink from my coffee cup.

Last night's meal was southern-style green beans, roasted carrots, and quail and dumplings. Can you tell I've got lots of quail in the freezer and am trying to use it as much as I can without getting tired of it? All that's missing is the crusty bread that I didn't bake.

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Annn T, I haven't made your tuna pate in a long time, I need to do that again soon. Elery, though, wants the pita. And I'd never even heard of a Duck Toller, I had to look it up, She does have the right coloring, doesn't she?

Sol, I thought it was far more reasonable to wait until we move to the farm, but Elery missed having a dog and Molly needed a home and so, well....as I've said before, I don't usually go looking for a pet, they always seem to come to me.

Jasdip, thanks for the recipe, that's definitely going to happen here soon, it sounds yummy and doesn't seem to make a huge batch. Good thing, probably, LOL, or I'd be eating them all.

Noodlesportland, thank you and welcome to What's For Dinner. (grin) For a dog that "isn't good with children" Molly has been lovely. She has no manners at all, has chewed everything from duct tape to the seatbelts in the car, doesn't know how to walk on a leash, jumps on people, counter surfs and does not come when she's called, but she seems to just love kids. Bud is her favorite, he's just a a walking trail of crumbs and scraps, LOL, but she's so gentle with Madi, I've seen no aggressive behavior at all. They were sharing cookies tonight, and the crumbs Madi was sharing were so tiny that it's a miracle Molly could find them at all, but she did.

Cookie, gluten free is a difficult thing out in "public" but more and more places are offering gluten free choices, that's good. If you're looking for treats, try Ann T's chocolate meringue cookies, they're really good. Good luck with your son, my stepdaughter is celiac and it's an adjustment for my cooking, that's for sure, and she's 28 and doesn't live with us!

Cooking2day, Elery says he'd happily eat that quail and dumplings any old time. I haven't had quail in several years, my brother used to hunt it but there seems to be a shortage of small game/bird hunters in the family right now. (sigh) It looks good and I had to laugh when I saw your notations on the plate designating the spots for the crusty bread.

So, what's for dinner?

Last week we had some work to do at the farm, so I started a crockpot full of garbanzo bean stew with smoked pork hocks, served with a side of corn bread. It was nice to have a hot supper waiting as it's been cold and rainy here.

I have been cleaning the freezers and found 17 packages of rhubarb, so I made a rhubarb crisp:

I found a package of chicken legs and baked those along with some cornbread stuffing made from the leftover cornbread. I also roasted the last package of asparagus in the freezer, dated 2010. It was time. (grin)

More freezer meals, some cabbage rolls on a bed of home canned sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and celeriac from the garden and some sautéed edamame.

Last night I baked some cod with seasoned breadcrumbs, and served it with tartar sauce, leftover cabbage mixed with the leftover edamame and a butternut squash and poblano gratin. The gratin was good, the recipe was a keeper and I got to use up some of the poblano peppers I just bought at the local farmers' market, $1.50 for a huge bag of about two dozen.

OK, I'm caught up, kind of. (grin)


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Molly is a doll! The perfect size and mix. You've been cooking up a storm as usual, Annie. I keep rhubarb in the freezer, but just use fresh when I make a rhubarb crisp. You've changed my mind, yours looks so good. :)

Cooking2day, your written comments about the crusty bread makes me laugh! Too cute.

You asked for my honey-sesame chicken recipe. It's a slow-cooker recipe and is definitely a keeper!

Crock-Pot Honey Sesame Chicken

4 boneless chicken breasts
1/2 cup diced onion
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 cup honey
2 tbsp tomato paste
2 tbsp cider vinegar
1/2 cup low-sodium soy sauce
2 tbsp veg or canola oil
1/4 tsp red pepper flakes
4 tsp cornstarch
1/3 cup cold water
1/2 tbsp toasted sesame seeds

Season chicken with salt and pepper and place in slow cooker.

Combine the onion, garlic, honey, tomato paste, cider vinegar, soy sauce, oil and red pepper flakes. Pour over chicken and cook on Low 3-4 hours.

Combine water and cornstarch, remove chicken and thicken liquid with slurry by cooking on High for 10 minutes.

Cut chicken into bite-size pieces. Serve with sauce over rice, sprinkled with sesame seeds.

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Cooking2Day, thank you. That is basically how I make my sausage. Minus the maple syrup or any other sweetener. I smiled at your picture with the missing parts.

Annie, I would be happy with everyone of your dinners. (would have to pick the carrots out of the soup. But that would be a small inconvience.).

Catch up from last week.

My attempt at a Teppanyaki Steak Dinner.

New York Strip steaks trimmed.

Veggies on the grill pan.

Steak was seared on both sides and then cut into bite size pieces.

My favourite was the vegetables. I love bean sprouts.

Grilled Baby Back Ribs with homemade TBQ sauce.

More bread from the same batch, two days later. Including a Pain d' Epi with Kalamata Olives.

And the same dough after three days. This loaf was more Ciabatta style. I didn't shape it.

And I used the last of the dough to make cinnamon buns. Loved the texture.

Drizzled with a cream cheese glaze.

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Oh my, Ann T, those cinnamon rolls look so delicious.

Elery and I were discussing your bread baking at supper, and we agreed that when we move and get a refrigerator big enough to store dough, that making dough weekly and baking it off periodically during the week as needed was definitely the way to go. Now, I just have to get that refrigerator, LOL.

Jasdip, I love sesame chicken, I'm keeping that recipe too, thank you. And I also make rhubarb crisp with fresh rhubarb, but there's none to be had this time of year, so frozen will do. It was still good and a nice change from apples!

Dinner last night was venison tips with onions and mushrooms, served over homemade pasta, I'm still cleaning that freezer. (sigh) Sides were colcannon made of potatoes and cabbage from the garden and beets, also from the garden, a very "local" kind of supper.

I had company, she flew in just as supper was cooking and announced she was hungry. She LOVED the venison and the potatoes, the beets, well, not so much.

She shared the last of her "noodles" with Molly, who is really learning to like this constant supplier of food, and she's very careful to gently take her morsels so as not to hurt little fingers.

Molly is learning fast, the only thing she's refused to eat so far is canned tuna. Oh, and beets, I think she learned that from Madi. :-)


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It's been awhile since I've been able to see the WFD threads! something has been causing major havoc... *extremely* slow load time, flashing black screens, browser freezing and even sometimes crashing, etc. There are some really lousy web developers and server admins out there! :p

Everything looks wonderful! I want to reply before I forget too many of the 50 comments I wanted to make. lol!

sleevendog, those are like melon berries... it looks like the seeds are bigger than the melons. ;^) I think we're both in NYS, and it was sort of a LOUSY growing year here.

cookie8, please see if you can contact me through email on my member page. I've done quite a bit of gluten-free baking in the past 3 years since my BF discovered that he's allergic to wheat. Maybe I can help you with the gluten-free change for your son.

Annie, that Molly is adorable! She just needed the right family. :)

cooking2day, that is hysterical about the missing crusty bread! :O)

ann_t, I would kill to be able to eat your fresh-baked breads. OMG, they look SO good to me!!! I also covet your bread boards and cutting boards and cheese boards. LOL! I noticed the board you have set inside a basket and it made me think... have you ever had anyone weave a basket on one of your boards? You'd have to cut a slot in the edge of the board and then the weaving materials can be attached to weave the sides of the basket. The board would be solidly woven into the basket and serve as the base. I can show you some photos of regular-shaped (e.g., circular) pine ones that I've made so you'll know what I mean.

Another big vote for 'breakfast for dinner'!!! It's the ultimate comfort food. We often opt for something like a loaded omelette, or blueberry-yogurt pancakes w/ eggs & bacon. It's especially good because neither of us usually eats breakfast in the morning. In these parts, it used to be common to eat a big breakfast at 2am after the bars closed... the restaurants that served those breakfasts always had lines of people waiting to get in. The most popular breakfast to eat out had to be steak & greens w/ eggs, but I never tried it. :p

Having a hard time going back and forth through the thread, so want to post before I lose it all!

PS: Annie, I'm glad to know there's someone else out there like me who would use that found sauerkraut. :)

I also wanted to say that since I've seen these WFD threads, I decided to try to jot down what we have eaten for dinner each night. LOL! It's hard to remember to do it, funny how fast you forget what you had the other night, and interesting to watch for any patterns. So far, I'm noticing that I often opt for food that's faster to get done because I'M HUNGRY! :O)

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I've been in the kitchen all day today. Started out making 2 loaves of bread, my usual weekend baking. Boiled a ham yesterday for dinner with potatoes and green beans cooked with it. Had all of this ham stock that I didn't know what to do with it, so I made my cabbage soup (more like a stew, it's so thick) and a potato soup, using some ham stock. I also put some ham in the potato soup.

Having a roast beef for dinner, and have butter tart squares in the oven baking now. Here is an old picture of them.

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Looking forward to some soups again.

We did a rotisserie duck yesterday. Nice to be outside with good temp and no wind.
Tending the fire, yard cleaning, peeked at a messy garage.
Looks like the Christmas morn tv yule log. (Fire flames in the back calm down when the
diamond plate goes over the front.)
A few potatoes, whole garlic head, pearl onions, big sweet potato, in the 'fat catcher'.
Never used duck fat or stock before...pint of fat and a qrt of dark brown stock...

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Jasdip, thank you for the recipe. I'll be making that soon. The bread looks nice with a good rise to it.

Ann, amazing food photos of amazing looking food. Just lovely.

Annie, everything sounds good, but I especially would be all over those cabbage rolls. I've become lazy and mostly make deconstructed cabbage rolls anymore (i.e. casserole :)

Sleevendog, loving that outdoor oven! You have me even more excited about raising ducks this spring.

Some crawfish etouffee and Brussel sprouts from this evening's meal. 'Twas pretty tasty.

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party, Molly is fitting right in. She's lying in front of the oven right now, waiting for bread to be done. (grin)

Sleevendog, I am really liking that fireplace, and I'll be raising a dozen or so ducks again next year. Now I think I need a rotisserie for Elery's Camp Chef.

jasdip, those tarts look like they'd be perfect for breakfast, yum.

cooking2day, I don't dare show Elery the picture of that etouffee, he loves the stuff. I do too, it looks delicious.

The last few days we've been pretty busy, replacing a water pipe at the farm, arranging processing for the steers, insulating the well house, moving hay into feeders, filling tanks and making sure tank heaters work. Plus, I've been helping Dave keep books and do paperwork at the shop and we had Thanksgiving and Madi's birthday party, for which I had to make an "Elmo" cake. I'll post that another thread, LOL.

Anyway, we've been eating Thanksgiving leftovers, until yesterday when I made pork carnitas in the crockpot to eat when I got back from the shop in the evening. Tonight we had leftover carnitas, LOL.


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I'm so done with Turkey day, lol. I can't even look at the casserole thread. I don't even like seeing the words, haha. The title posted words. Will, not, open/read.

We keep finding the rotis things at yard sales. Always new in the box and vintage. Probably a hot item in the 70's but not every grill had the holes for them i suppose. Or DIY knowhow.
We have a couple back-ups. They fail often. This one wasn't working but DH took it apart and re-wired. They make a weird grinding sound, not loud. We decided that is a good thing. If it slips and stops or fails, we know right away.

We usually do two chickens or leg of lamb. The duck was great. Even put a handful of asparagus on the potatoes during the final cooking minutes.

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Annie, with all you have to do, I don't know how you ever find time to cook.

Jasdip, Butter tart squares brings back memories of my mother.

Sleevendog, Wow. I love your outside oven.

Cooking2day, Great picture. That is what I call beautifully plated.

Playing catch up. A few of our recent meals.

Chicken and Green Beans in Black Bean Sauce.

Blanquette de Veau

Slow roasted leg of lamb

Potatoes and Rutabaga added to the pan the last 30 minutes.

Chicken Tacos

Leftovers for breakfast - chilaquiles

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Jasdip, wish I could grab one (dozen) of the scrumptious butter tart squares.

Annie, your cooking always looks good to me.

Ann, I remember the last time I made your tuna pâté, my brother-in-law, Mike, was over. He, Jim and I made it 'disappear,' like a hungry pack of wolves. Hoowwwl.

Cook2day, years ago, I stayed at the Maison Dupuy in the French Quarter, where I ordered their etouffee. Everything about that hotel was delightful, including the lady ghost on the top floor (a story for another time).
The only thing that didn't pass muster was their crawfish etouffee. Maybe you should send them your recipe :)

Dinner last night was Middle Eastern, from a local restaurant. Tonight, I'll be making spice-rubbed chicken with megadarra.

Not dinner, but it almost was . . . pumpkin-shaped birthday cake in my new favorite (and somewhat unconventional) blue/green color.

There's pumpkin coming out of my ears; I put them in soups, breads, etc., and I see no end to the madness.


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I need an ann-t margarita and taco delight to process that pumpkin.
I'm posting a recent disaster pic for contrast. lol.
I thought of making a tiny cutie dessert while making dumplings...
I should have steamed them just two minutes before baking for 10 min. haha
(dark chocolate and blueberries).
Not good, the won-ton wrappers,... choc/blueberry delishious.
Do not believe a cooker blog baking dumplings without a bit of steam/moisture first. I had doubts but tried it anyway...

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Sol, that pumpkin cake is just amazing and the color is beautiful. Your birthday? If so, Happy Birthday. If not, Happy Birthday to the lucky recipient of that cake.

sleevendog, I'd have eaten the filling anyway, I do that regularly.

Ann T, everything looks delicious but I had to show Elery that lamb, he loves the stuff and just doesn't get it very often here. And, of course, now he wants etouffee too, LOL.

We had mayacoba beans in the crockpot along with some of last night's multigrain bread, I am still trying to catch Dave's books up from his last secretary who doesn't appear to have done much of anything. It'll be just a few hours a week when I can get the mess cleaned up, I think.

Tomorrow I actually have nothing planned, so maybe some cooking will happen.


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Ann, those chicken tacos and then the chilaquiles made with the leftovers looks so good. They sort of look like migas. I wasn't familiar with them and had to google it. I can see them in my future. My biggest problem is remembering all the things I want to make. My list is really waaay too long.

Annie, I also had to look up mayacoba beans. Not familiar with them either. Did you like them?

Sleevendog, the dumplings sound really good. I agree about the steaming.

Sol, we stay at a B&B not too far from the Maison Dupuy called La Maison Marigny. Etoufee is one of our favorite foods. I really love cajun and creole cooking. It's so "regional." That pumpkin cake is absolutely amazing. How long did it take you to make that?

Clam chowder and cheesy biscuits made for a warming meal on this cold, snowy night.

This post was edited by cooking2day on Thu, Dec 5, 13 at 20:53

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Delicious looking chowder. My style as well. Chunky, nice thin broth.
Fortunately i have soups and stews planned...the hand written header notes on my
shopping list.
My oven died last night. I sensed it was just coughing along the past couple years.
Re-heating lasagna it went cold and no response. The replacements have been in the garage for, ahem, almost a year. But some electric work needs to be done and work gets busy...
and time slips by. We were hoping it would choke along till after the holidays. Don't mind really. Nice to have a kick-in-the-butt to finally get things switched out.
Devastating would be a fridge or freezer failing, knock on forehead.

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So many delicious looking and sounding dinners on this thread!

I mentioned on another thread that DD was home for a two week visit after four years in the Army so dinners were many of her favorite foods she missed and some new ones that she made for us.

My faithful camera went into a death spiral a couple of months ago. I bought a new one but returned it because it was too complicated to use so am still looking for the right one. I did try taking a photo with my iPad of one of this weekend's dinners - grilled marinated lamb chops, salt-baked potatoes and steamed Savoy cabbage with orange butter and pumpkin oil.

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Cooking2day, I really like the mayacoba beans. They're originally from South America but grow well here in Michigan, just about 25 miles from me at Carlson-Arbogast Farms, a big local bean producer. They are creamy and mild and go well in a lot of applications.

Your clam chowder looks delicious, yum.

Sleevendog, sorry about that oven. Mine did the same thing a few years ago, died right before Christmas. The only year without cookies, LOL.

ruthanna, I'm glad you're enjoying your visit with your daughter. Your lamb chops would sure be right up Elery's alley.

My camera is also limping along. Elery tells me I need a new one but in 4 years I've actually learned to take a picture, use "macro", use the zoom, turn off the flash and import to my computer. Nothing else, all those buttons and gadgets and "applications", I don't even know what they are. Ugh. All the new ones are too complicated, I don't even want to think about it. (sigh)

What's for dinner? Last night we had ratatouille, before that Jambalaya, before that I don't remember. It's been busy here.


    Bookmark   December 11, 2013 at 10:46AM
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Ann, I've never had a leg of lamb, but your slow-roasted dinners sure make me want to try it!!!

Sol, your pumpkin cake pic is worthy of framing! I love the colours and the artistic placement of everything. Maybe a jigsaw puzzle. Hmmmm.

Cooking, your chowder and biscuits is filling, comfort food.

Ruthanna, your lamb chops are making me drool!

Dinner tonite was pork chops with an orange juice/brown sugar and ginger sauce, latkes (hubby loves them, just like hash browns)! I cut cauliflower into florets and sauteed them in olive oil, garlic and red pepper flakes, added a bit of water and let them cook until the liquid evaporated and the cauliflower was caramelized. Very good!

I made dinner rolls today. I've always baked them in a muffin tin so that each roll was individual and browned all around. Today I put them in a glass baking dish so that they would pull apart. Oh my, they are heaven!!!

I gave 6 to my neighbours so we have 6, as shown here. Might have to make more tomorrow!

    Bookmark   December 14, 2013 at 7:04PM
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Ruthanna, Yummy on the lamb chops! I've never made them before, but they sure do look tantalizing. Bet you had a great time cooking for your daughter for those two weeks.

Jasdip, If only I could snatch one of those rolls off the screen... They look so good.

Sleevendog, Here's hoping you got your oven fixed. I agree with you; better that than the freezer or fridge.

Using up some leftover steak for supper tonight.

    Bookmark   December 16, 2013 at 9:13PM
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Cooking 2day - That leftover steak salad looks beautiful.

Jasdip - you are a role model for perfect dinner rolls.

Ruthanna - Very inviting lamb chops.

Sleevendog - won-ton wrappers,... choc/blueberry, ---- very inventive!

Sol - Poetry in pastry, as always.

Ann_t - Everyone of your dishes is equally amazing.

Annie - you have some very professional photos there.

John - Very artistic pitures.

-- - - - - - - - - - - -
A few recent concoctions from the kitchen:


Pulled pork, black bean sauce

Sous vided chicken, farro

Calamondin orange pork, purple asparagus

    Bookmark   December 16, 2013 at 11:39PM
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Ooh, baby bok choy. Need to put that on my list. A good winter green, and asparagus i never kick out of the covers...another winter favorite.
Looks delicious dcarch!

When it rains it pours...and snows...
Another storm on top of the last...and my oven died. But,
it is a double wall oven and the bottom is working. Took that chance. I have used it for dehydrating things and have used it maybe once a month? The OPO, (original previous owner) did save all brochures and i have a few different dishwasher replacements manuals, but could this be the original oven from 1962? Yikes. Lovely and simple. All other appliances we replaced. We even have the lighting package receipt and order and the floor tiles and cork entry paperwork, etc.
Oddly voo-doo in that 24hr time-frame, the microwave quit. We don't use it, or so we thought. It is a mini cube in the pantry. I took it apart and just a tiny spring held by a bit of plastic snapped. Grr. Silly design flaw. I might use it to heat some leftover soup but not really missed... Then the dishwasher went limp...did not clean, ... it had re-set somehow to 'delicate' cycle. I kept a cool head and fixed. Then the fridge, both the upper and the lower freezer drains clogged...put the contents out in the snow on the deck and took a hair dryer to the drains...
So we have had some easy standards...adobo chicken and cod cakes. Hope to put in new ovens next week.
We have heat, and firewood if we loose power.
Crazy week.

    Bookmark   December 17, 2013 at 12:06PM
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I love baby bok choy, Dcarch and yours looks fantastic.

I had some black beans that I wanted to use up, so I made black beans and rice. Onion, carrots, corn, chopped kale, garlic, black beans, seasoned with cumin and red pepper flakes. Served over brown rice and topped with chopped avocado. Going into the keeper binder for sure.

    Bookmark   December 18, 2013 at 5:47PM
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DC, your food looks really, really tempting. Very artistic, too, of course. I'd have a hard time choosing which plate to devour first.

Sleevendog, we have a woodburner too, but it's an outdoor one so if we lose power we still have no heat. I love the thing, but that's the downside. We do have a propane fireplace if necessary; though, propane is so expensive we use it as a last resort.

Jasdip, that looks good. I like every item on that plate. Especially the carrots and kale. I make a lot of meals using up leftovers. For instance, tonight's taquitos using up last night's leftover chicken.

    Bookmark   December 18, 2013 at 8:53PM
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I forgot to ask you Sleevendog, what is adobo chicken?

    Bookmark   December 18, 2013 at 9:01PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

I just did a google image search of adobo chicken. (eew) lol
My husband found a recipe years ago that i just did not like. So he made it when i was out of town working...and the anchovy pasta thing.
I did a re-mix of it. Still fits the basic recipe. A marinade of soy, garlic, lots of bay leaves, a bit of spice...smoked paprika and a bit of sugar, we use maple sugar. Usually legs or thighs.
I've never been a lover of chicken thighs but i remove the skin, bone in, and marinade over night. I can fit 12 thighs in a big sauce pan, meat side down, to simmer on low heat an hour with a big sliced onion, stalk of celery and a bit of sriracha. (Water/beer/wine to cover just barely halfway since the moisture from the chicken will release alot of liquid). Remove the chicken from the pan and roast in the oven while reducing the pan juices. (i often add a grain...rice or a mix like lentils, orzo(a pasta) or farro, maybe some beans, shelled edamame, a handful of greens like spinach or what i might have on hand). The thighs basically braise and the liquid does not have all the oily fat of earlier DH versions. Return the thighs to the reduced sauce and serve.
For probably 20 yrs i did not like thigh meat. Just rich, dark and greasy.
This one i like. Good leftovers for a lunch or meat removed from the bones for tacos.

Here is a link that might be useful: adobo chicken image search

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We just finished breakfast.......Simmered apples over French toast with peameal bacon. Yum!

    Bookmark   December 24, 2013 at 9:14AM
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Tamales. Nice fat ones, lol. The ones that went to the freezer for my dad are a bit more carefully wrapped. (sorta)
I also learned something new as i bought masarepa by mistake instead of masaharina and made stuffed corn cakes for breakfast. -a nice mistake

Here is a link that might be useful: Arepas

    Bookmark   December 24, 2013 at 12:04PM
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What, Christmas is over and everyone stops eating? Not me, LOL.

sleevendog, I've never made a tamale, so I'm sure yours looks neater than mine would.

Jasdip, Elery and I both love peameal bacon, and it can't be had outside a small area of Canada. Most people haven't even heard of it. You reminded me that we need to make some more.

Cooking2day, my daughter and her family have one of those outside wood burners. It's great for heat, but not power, no wood burner. (sigh) The insurance companies aren't so wild about wood burning stoves in buildings anymore either. I'm thinking that when I get to the farm, I'll put a traditional wood burning stove in the tool shed, so if/when we lose power we can heat SOMEPLACE. Or maybe we'll just get a generator, LOL.

Anyway, what's for dinner?

We had Christmas, of course, a whole 'nother thread, and we had Christmas leftovers. We also had some nicely pan seared pork chops along with roasted fingerling potatoes, which are holding nicely in the cellar. A crockpot full of apples with cinnamon, brown sugar and raisins went well with the pork, and the apples are also from the cellar, the vestiges of the bumper fall crop of both potatoes and apples. Sautéed brusels sprouts with bacon and a few mushrooms that needed to be used, and it was supper.

I made some rosemary and black olive bread a few days ago:

I'm thinking the last of that loaf would make some good sandwiches with the liverwurst I just made.

The kids are coming over on New Year's Day, it'll be our final Christmas dinner, so it'll be healthy food after that!


    Bookmark   December 30, 2013 at 11:06PM
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I spent the day in the kitchen yesterday, as the weather was stormy. French onion soup in the slow cooker, a new chicken breast recipe, baked ziti, and bran muffins were all made yesterday. I also browsed some recipes to use leftover ham, and red lentils. I found a soup that I'm going to make this week.

These are my bran muffins fresh out of the oven. They tend to spread and need to be cut apart, so are more square than round.

    Bookmark   January 6, 2014 at 11:07AM
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Annie, I'm not a fan of liverwurst, but I'm very impressed that you made it. And it looks better than any liverwurst I've seen.

Sleevendog, I'd be very happy to have some of your tamales in the freezer.

Jasdip, would have liked one of your bran muffins for breakfast.

Just a few of the meals that we have had over the holiday season.

Short ribs over polenta.

Sesame Chicken and Broccoli.

Burger with homemade potato chips

Christmas Eve Tourtiere

Roast Turkey

Hot Turkey Sandwiches with homemade fries.

    Bookmark   January 6, 2014 at 3:33PM
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Our NewYears resolution is to try new things...and attempt to keep the kitchen clean so that might be possible...
New Years day was an early hungry man's breakfast....served in bed. I heard the sizzle and enjoyed till i saw the mess....oh well.

Many new things this past week.

gnocchi a la parisienne

Here is a link that might be useful: gnocchi la parisienne

    Bookmark   January 6, 2014 at 3:52PM
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dcarch, your pictures are gone!

Ann T, everything looks good, even the polenta! I must be hungry.

sleevendog, I have a recipe for a chicken soup with gnocchi, I keep meaning to make it and then forget. I've not made gnocchi yet...

Jasdip, it's a good time to bake, I should have made bran muffins, yours look really good. Instead, I made banana bread. Since I don't really like bananas I made small loaves and gave them all away, except one that I kept for Elery and Molly.

I have been eating and cooking. It's been cold here, wind chills today were about 30 below zero, an hour's worth of farm chores took us about half an hour, LOL. The coldest day in Michigan in years and what happens? I got the first egg in two months. Goofy chickens.

Anyway, we had enchiladas one night. I'm not good at it, and the tortillas all split, so it became a casserole, but it was still good. I used my grassfed beef and leftover pinto beans and home canned salsa. No fat in this year's beef at all:

The enchiladas were fine, the beans kept them together, LOL.

We had some chicken and noodles one night, with roasted butternut squash and green beans:

I canned some chicken broth.

It was as thick as the ghost pepper jelly I made!

I made some creamed spinach and cracked some eggs into spinach nests and made baked eggs.

Let's see, what else? We've had beans and cornbread, and breakfast for supper and pizza with the grandkids, but I didn't get pictures of any of those things. Bud and Makayla spent the weekend last weekend, and we made crepes. Bud had peanut butter, Makayla had Nutella.

Oh, and I bought a jar of Biscoff, but I don't know what the heck to do with except eat it with a spoon....

And that's what's for dinner.


    Bookmark   January 7, 2014 at 10:16PM
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Aw, come on, SOMEONE has to be eating besides me!

I made roulades with round steak, red peppers, onions, mushrooms and provolone. OK, I cheated. This was really for dinner on January 1, LOL, with Hoppin' John and greens...

We had fresh porterhouse for Christmas, parmesan popovers and Brussels sprouts:

Elery's birthday was January 2, so I made him a blackberry cheesecake:

One day while I was helping Dave at the shop with books, Elery made some glazed salmon with sweet potato chips and a "pone" of biscuits.

He doesn't roll or cut biscuits, just puts the dough into a pan and bakes it, then cuts it into squares. These were garlic and cheese.

I baked some whole wheat/apple/carrot muffins and tossed in some fresh pineapple that needed to be used up.

And Elery made some chili sauce for chili dogs while I made some crunchy Asian slaw to go with them:

Yesterday we had borscht with croutons made with leftover cornbread, and before that we had paninis and veggie chips.

Now I have to get busy, I've baked bread and made dinner, but haven't gotten the pictures on line yet!


This post was edited by annie1992 on Sun, Jan 12, 14 at 21:59

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What, everyone else has given up eating as a New Year's resolution?

Not me! Elery used Ann T's presalting method on a turkey, which I then roasted. We had mashed chipotle sweet potatoes and a cranberry/apple compote with it, very good.

Another day I baked bread, a soft and eggy wheat bread made with 6 eggs because I had thawed eggs for another project and didn't use them, so I needed to use them up.

It went well with some lentil soup that I cooked with these:

Yes, that's right.

It's oxtail, in spite of Makayla's assertion that "you can't eat that. It's........poopy." LOL

I also baked some cod with a crunchy coating, wrapped in lettuce leaves and drizzled with a soy and sesame sauce, Elery and I both liked them, along with an Asian style slaw and some oven roasted potatoes, carrots and parsnips.

So, what's for dinner?


    Bookmark   January 17, 2014 at 8:59PM
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Ok first time participating in the what's for dinner thread. We got a bit of snow tonight and I got home late from work so I decided to make breakfast for dinner which is quick and easy. Two eggs served over turkey bacon, sautéed mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, and a little bit of grated white cheddar cheese.

    Bookmark   January 18, 2014 at 8:20PM
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Melissa, Nice to see someone new participating. That is a dinner that my husband, Moe would be very happy with. He is happy with eggs any time of the day.

Annie, I love oxtails. Did Makayla give them a try?


    Bookmark   January 18, 2014 at 8:40PM
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Melissa, welcome to "What's For Dinner". I'm another person who would be happy to eat eggs any time of the day. Yours look perfect, just the way I like them. My own baked eggs (above) were a little too well done, I like them runnier.

Ann, Makayla wouldn't eat them. Not because they were oxtails, she'd have gotten past that I think, but because I cooked them with lentils, which she detests.


    Bookmark   January 18, 2014 at 9:38PM
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I'm not going to try to commend on all these delightful looking meals -- tho I'd love to know how you made those wheat/apple /carrot muffins Annie.

Just thinking I'm going to have to get my new camera's software in so I can participate again in this long running threads. And get this back up top.


    Bookmark   January 24, 2014 at 1:00PM
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Diane, definitely get the software installed, I love to see everyone's pictures!

For the muffins I used a King Arthur recipe, which I took some liberties with. I added a grated carrot, some leftover chopped pineapple and a handful of dried cherries. They didn't rise high and were a little dense, but very good.

Apple Muffins
These dark, moist muffins, studded with fresh apple, will keep well for several days. You don't even need to heat them up to enjoy them, which makes them a perfect after-school snack. The brown sugar sprinkled on top adds a nice, crunchy touch.
1/2 cup (8 tablespoons) unsalted butter, at room temperature
1/2 cup granulated sugar
3/4 cup brown sugar, divided
1 large egg
1 cup buttermilk; or 1 cup plain (not Greek-style) yogurt; or 3/4 cup Greek-style yogurt + 1/4 cup milk
1 cup (4 ounces) King Arthur White Whole Wheat Flour
1 cup King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
2 cups peeled, cored, and chopped apples; about 2 large apples, about 3/4 pound whole apples

1) Preheat the oven to 375°F. Grease and flour a 12-cup muffin pan, or line with papers and grease the insides of the papers.

2) Mix together the butter, granulated sugar, and 1/4 cup of the brown sugar, beating until fluffy.

3) Add the egg and mix well, stopping once to scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl.

4) Gently mix in the buttermilk or yogurt.

5) Stir in the flours, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon.

6) Fold in the chopped apples.

7) Divide the batter evenly among the prepared muffin cups, sprinkling the remaining 1/2 cup brown sugar on top.

8) Bake the muffins for 25 to 30 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center of a muffin comes out clean.

9) Remove the muffins from the oven, cool them for 5 minutes in the pan, then turn them out onto a rack to finish cooling completely.

Yield: 12 muffins.

In the meantime, my day started with a sore throat. We went to the farm where we found the water faucet had frozen so we hauled 150 gallons of water in a barrel to fill the stock tank. The tractor wouldn't start because of the cold so we towed a 1,000 round bale with the pick up. On the way home we broke a belt and limped the truck to Dave's for repair. (sigh) It was not a good day, and Elery made chicken soup when we got home.

OK, that Asian fish wrap picture just isn't right, it looks fine on Photobucket, but won't copy over so I'm deleting it.

Onward and upward! One night we had chicken quesadillas with refried beans and a side of wheat berries in a vinegar based dressing:

Another night we had brisket, using Carol/Dishesdone's recipe. I didn't use catsup and chile sauce, though, I used a pint of Chase's chile sauce and in place of the beer I used some apple cider. It was really good and we had mashed turnips, peas and some multigrain bread with it.

The multi-grain bread thread made me think about baking a loaf:

And Johnliu's Fried Chicken thread made me haul out the cast iron skillet and make some fried chicken, along with some homecanned kale, warm cornbread and chipotle mashed sweet potatoes.

Who knows what tomorrow might bring, in the kitchen or otherwise!


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This is what I baked this afternoon.
Honey whole-wheat and an apple pie. (AnnnT, don't look at the pie, yours are just out of this world perfect) :D

The breads indented in the middle when they were in the oven, but hubby says they're "smiling" and they'll still taste awesome.

    Bookmark   January 25, 2014 at 5:19PM
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Annie - that fried chicken looks perfect and I love the idea of the sweet potatoes. Can I ask what went in them? I'm guessing a little butter, chipotle sauce, and some type of liquid maybe chicken stock?
Jasdip - your pie looks great! Mine never come out looking so good.

Ok for us on last Sunday we had NY strip steaks with cauliflower puree and creamed spinach. The steaks and the cauliflower puree were great the creamed spinach not so much. I used tapioca flour instead of regular and was wishing I would have just used regular.

Tuesday was braised pork tacos with pickled onions and home made corn tortillas. We both thought it was really, really good.

Pork Cooked and Shredded

I left work early on Thursday and was able to make it home soon enough that Chris(DH) and I were able to have lunch together. A rare treat since Chris changed jobs in August and our work schedules are completely conflicting. I made a quick salad of spring mix, apple slices, walnuts, chopped dates, crumbled feta, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Makes me wish summer were here - this winter has been dreadful.

    Bookmark   January 26, 2014 at 9:42AM
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I have been cooking some good meals but nothing very exciting. Last night, we had what we call Ukrainian Church Chicken - bone-in thighs laid on a thick bed of onions, celery, parsley, lemon slices and other herbs, rubbed with oil, tightly covered and baked for two hours so they steam in the vegetable and fruit juices. Then they are browned under the broiler.

With another snowy day yesterday, I made split pea, ham, and barley soup, a pot of beef and turnip stew, dried cherry nut bread and a container of Creole sauce for later this week. I will be trading stew for some rolls one of my neighbors will be baking tomorrow.

Otherwise, we have basically joined the chipmunks and groundhogs in hibernating this winter.

    Bookmark   January 26, 2014 at 10:19AM
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Annie, your fried chicken looks perfect!!!
We've been eating more sweet potatoes, and we love them mashed along with white ones. Roasted too, of course. I haven't mashed just sweet ones on their own.

Melissa, I love the looks of your salad! Everything you put in it appeals to me.

    Bookmark   January 26, 2014 at 10:33AM
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Melissa, your dinner looks delicious and I love creamed spinach. I'm sorry yours wasn't as good as expected, but I'll bet it was still pretty good.

The sweet potatoes are actually very easy. I just peel the sweet potatoes and cut them into cubes, then simmer until tender. Mash them up with a masher and add a little bit of butter and chipotle to taste. Elery likes to add a little sour cream or cream cheese, but I don't think it needs it. As for the chipotle, I like chipotle, but I never use a whole can. I used to freeze the peppers in little containers but I've found that I can just dump the can into the food processor and puree it all, then keep it in the fridge in a small jar for at least a month. I just dip out as much as I want and put the rest away for another time. If you don't use much you could easily freeze the puree in ice cube trays and have a cube of chipotle puree when needed.

Ruthanna, Old Man Winter is definitely keeping a tight grip this year, isn't he? Split pea soup sounds yummy and warming, I've never added barley to mine, I'll have to try that. I usually add potatoes.

Jasdip, your bread and pie look just fine to me. Sometimes my bread caves in too, but it still tastes pretty darned good and I'd never pass up a piece of that pie.

Here we're still trying to thaw water and it's cold. We spent 5 hours outside thawing the water faucet that I use to fill the stock tank, then insulating it with straw, a good layer of snow and a roll of fiberglass insulation. Hopefully it'll work, we'll see tomorrow. It's supposed to be a high of 6F and a low of -5 tomorrow, then a high of 3F and a low of 1F on Tuesday, then it'll moderate a bit and climb back up into the teens.

We came home and had egg sandwiches and leftover chicken soup and were happy with that.


    Bookmark   January 26, 2014 at 7:05PM
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Is it permissible to post what we ate for dinner last night sans photos? I forgot to take them. It was the last day of duck season, and DH got a single widgeon. I stuuffed it with some of my robo-rosemary (never been able to kill it, unlike some of my other forays into gardening), a slice of apple with a few cloves stuck into it, a slice of pear (because it was left on the cutting board from earlier in the day), and a slice of onion. The I roasted it at 425 for 15 minutes or so, rested it another 15, deglazed the little roaster with Madeira, added a little cream at the end. The result was extremely tasty, but tough. Any way around that? Anyhow, it was accompanied by roasted Brussels sprouts, rice, and a generic mixed salad. Dinner was not planned because the duck was a complete surprise at 5:00 p.m. The drake required a quick perusal of the Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook site. I had never eaten wild duck before.
All of the upthread photos are marvelous, especially those featuring tots and dogs (grin), and those Barbie melons. Well, all of them.

    Bookmark   January 27, 2014 at 9:21AM
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kitchendetective, pretty much anything goes on What's For Dinner, LOL. The only thing we do is usually we start a new thread at 100 posts because the pictures start taking so long to load.

The duck sounds delicious, BTW. The only way I've found around the toughness of some wild fowl is to cook it "low and slow". A long slow braising makes for a more tender bird.

We've also done a couple in the smoker and they were very good, but mine were domestic Pekin ducks.


    Bookmark   January 27, 2014 at 9:38PM
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