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mboston_gwJune 6, 2011

We will be doing some trim painting on our back porch soon. The problem is that our soffit and the overhang areas (not sure of the correct term) are all in the blue color of the 80's. You know kinda like the Country Blue color. (I know I should have pictures!). The house color is white-ish, not stark white but a little creamish. DH isn't planning on painting the whole house on the outside yet and won't even consider trying to paint the soffit and overhang areas EVER.

So my question is - what third color can we use like on our porch posts, perhaps front door and trim that will go with the blue and off white. My mind says perhaps a dark gray but any other ideas? We just tiled our back porch floor with a gray-beige tile and will eventually use pavers around the pool deck and they will be in the same shades as the tile.

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This forum seems to be quieter than usual lately. The home decor forum occasionally gets questions like this, and definitely more traffic, so it might be worth a cross post if you don't get satisfactory answers here.

Having said that...dark gray or darker blue would be my choice (well, my guess, given no pics!).

I actually like this color combination quite a bit. Maybe because my parents have a creamy off-white house with light & dark blue trim. :)

Oh, or oddball option: dark purple can be kinda fun as an exterior accent.

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I did post on the Home Decorating forum - and added pictures. Please go over and look at posted titled "3rd color for outside of house". It may be at the bottom of 1st page or on 2nd page.

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