Regal vs Regal Select?

JaCkaL829June 16, 2012


I'm new to the forum, so I'd like to say hello!

I'm a first time home buyer, almost done with buying my first house. The first thing I would like to do is paint most of the rooms.

I'm pretty sold on the Benjamin Moore lineup. After reading rave reviews online, and my not so great experience with Behr, not to mention a couple friends and families giving glow reviews of Benjamin Moore, I'd like to go with that line.

Without spending a fortune, I priced Regal and Regal Select at my local BM dealer. Now, I talked to the worker, and he said there's only a $1 difference between Regal and Regal Select. Now I know the difference between Regal (paint) and Regal Select (paint and primer).

The worker there told me it's better to do a coat of primer, than the paint. Some of the walls definitely have multiple coats of paint, and the paint is bright yellows and blues. I was thinking of using the Bullseye 123 as a primer for everything, than going with the Regal over everything.

I'm just not sure if the Regal Select would be a better choice on top of the Bullseye? I know the primer should be fine, but I'm wondering if I will get any additional benefits with the select vs the regular regal? I'm not concerned about odors and fumes since I'm not living in the house for a while, and it's summer so I can have all the windows open. I know the paint and primers cover and hide the colors underneath them better than regular paints.

Any advice on the topic would be greatly appreciated. The fact that the select is only a $1 more is fine. I just don't want to use it if the results won't be as good as the regular regal. I like the fact that the bullseye is relatively cheap, and is easy to use.

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I've used both, and the Regal Select is a little thicker. It spatters less--and I assume it would cover better, too.

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I thought the Regal Select was the cheaper line. I pay $38 for Regal Select and Regal costs me $42. Either way you go, I would have the primer tinted towards your finish color.

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Regal is the original formula; Regal Select is in the Gennex line with the 0-VOC colorants. I believe BM's point in applying the trusted Regal name to the a Gennex line was to say that the paints are apples-to-apples in a sense, telling Regal fans they could expect the same quality from Regal Select but with lower VOCs. Going out on a limb here, but it sounds like paintguy gets a contractor discount and that they give him a better deal on the Regal Select. In my town the Regal and Regal Select are sold at different stores, but they're both around $50.

Of the two lines, I've only tried the Regal Select in matte, but I've been happy with the coverage, low splattering, lack of drips, attractive finish and durability. The RS has a high solid-to-liquid ratio, making it thicker than other paints I've used, but it still applied nicely, not glue-y. It's interesting to hold a can of Regal Select in one hand a can of a different paint n the other hand. RS is heavier (which makes me wonder if Aura is even heavier and thicker?).

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