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dflocustJune 21, 2011

I didn't notice until my paint was dry that a tiny bit of the white enamel that was painted on the door, went on the wall (painted with SW rain). It's probably about an inch long and 1/4 inch wide. But, I keep seeing it. Can I put painter's tape around the area and using a very very small brush paint over the white enamel using the rain color. Or will that turn something minor into a lumpy mess? Thank you.

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When you say enamel, do you mean oil-based? Many latex paints say they're enamel now, too. I was going to say sand if there's sheen...but in such a tiny area, you'd probably just sand off the paint in all the other areas.

Either way, in such a tiny spot, I'd use an artists paint brush and go over the spot if it bother you that much. I doubt you'll even need to tape.

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Jess - thanks for the warning. The white paint is actually interior latex paint, Promar 200. I really don't want to do any sanding. I think I'm just going to paint over the area with a tiny brush (but will use the tape. I'm afraid of my hand slipping.) As I said it's a tiny area, but I'm obsessing over it.

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