Butter or margarine for Rice Krispies Treats??

soozOctober 30, 2010

My mom always used Nucoa when making Rice Krispies Treats and I've followed suit. I noticed years ago that the amount of the margarine changed from 4 T down to 3 T. I still use 4 T--why mess with T&T for the sake of a few calories etc, because I don't make these all that often.

Does anyone make these with butter? Do you use 3 T or 4 T ? How does it compare with using margarine?

As a side topic, I made some tonight and added one half cup of Nutella just as the mini marshmallows were getting all melty in the margarine. Now mind you, hubby is not fond of chocolate (except sometimes) and only likes peanuts. When we first married, he would only eat five vegetables--thankfully, he's expanded a bit on that over the last 30 years!

Anyway, he likes the Nutella Rice Krispies Treats and has gone back for more at least 3 times. I believe part of that is because I hid the Nutella jar, did NOT tell him what I used in it, and just said it was a new recipe with a tiny bit of chocolate in it (shhhhh!).



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Sooz, I'll bet I'd LOVE rice krispie treats with Nutella. Of course, I love Nutella and so does The Princess.

I always use butter in rice krispie treats, because I have butter, I never have margarine and I don't remember to buy it specially to make treats.


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I haven't made them for awhile but if I remember right it was 3 tablespoons of Butter and a bag of Marshmallows.

Heated this on the stovetop and added the rice Krispies.

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I never buy margarine, so I always make them with butter. I have RK and marshmallows sitting on my counter for RK Treats as we speak!

Lori :D

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They have to be made with butter to be any good. And I always add real vanilla extract to mine.


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I actually went out and bought the margarine because all we have is butter. I'll be making my second batch with butter!

Lou, I use 4 T margarine, melted, then add 4 C of mini marshmallows and get them melty, then add 6 C of rice krispies and mix it up, & pour it into a 9 x 12 pan and then press 'em down.

A whole bag of marshmallows, regular or mini, would be too much & wouldn't fit in the pan I use for melting. I always have rice krispies and marshmallows left over for another batch to make later in the week!

Ann, I'll have to try it with some vanilla extract!!

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Butter, by all means. Superior flavor, if no other reason.

Even when I make low-fat baked goods I add a small amount of butter for that satisfying "mouth-feel" it gives; and butter has a high satiety value. So one piece of low-fat food that contains a small amount of butter is more satisfying. You'll eat less.

I don't think I've had margarine in the house since the early 80's; and it was in the early 90's when I found out about the correlation between trans fatty acids and increased LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and a higher incidence of heart disease.

Butter is a good source of vitamins A, D, E & K and some micro-nutrients we can't easily get in other foods. As an afterthought, you can also make it yourself. Pure, whole and natural.


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That sounds right. Maybe I had a smaller bag of Marshmallows.I think everyone uses Butter.

Try the Vanilla, too.

You think your smart !!! LOL, I'm going to use CoCo Dyna Bits,
I buy at Walmart.


" You'll eat less " Sure !!! That's a good one.
I never knew you to tell Jokes.

Thanks ladies,
I always need something else to munch on. LOL!!!

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Now I have to make Rice Krispie Treats next week. Tomorrow is a holiday and the stores are closed, or I would be making them tomorrow!
Sooz, thanks for the idea with the Nutella. I can only buy the chocolate rice cereal over here so I will be making them with those and Nutella.
Lisa (who will be using butter in her treats)

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Margarine has so much water in it anymore that, IMO, you don't really have any choice. I've found that there's still enough water left in the melted margarine to make the Rice Krispies kinda' un-crispy & yucky.

I sometimes have margarine in the house for some old cookie recipes that call for margarine. Our most favorite recipe doesn't turn out as good when we use all butter. Behaves much better w/ half margarine/ half butter.

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The Princess and I made rice krispie treats yesterday, dyed the marshmallow mixture orange and made pumpkins with green Mike and Ike candies as stems. She needed a birthday treat for school and she likes to make her treat herself. I wish I'd have taken my camera.

They actually turned out kind of pink, so if you're going to dye them any colors, make it DARK!

Oh, and we used butter.


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I've never made rice krispie treats! Almost shocking..lol. Not sure I've ever even eaten them either. Wonder how that happens?? Rice Krispies are one of my two fave cereals, along with Cheerios, so I often have them in the house. I really like marshmallows, even having been known to roast one over a lighter a few times, so how have I missed making these? Do you think they can be made with marshmallow fluff? I have that in the house most of the time. Never have the mini marshmallows although Christy did buy me a bag of those giant ones a couple months ago. LOL.

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Here's a recipe making them with Fluff: RK Treats with Fluff Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract in the melted butter and marshmallow mixture - really ups the flavor!

Lori :D

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Cool. Thanks Lori!

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I made them with the CoCo Dyna Bits, that I got from Walmart.They are like Coco Krispies.
For me, I think they taste better and about half price.

I did the same measurments as you ( 4,4,6 )but used butter.
And added crushed Almonds.

Made a 10 inch Round.
They came out pretty good. If I gain any more weight, you'll get yours.
How are you doing ???

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coconut-nj.........I too have never made Rice Krispy Treats. But I don't like sweets so that shouldn't be a surprise.

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Have always made them with butter and a bag of marshmellows. I'll skip the Nutella thou, not a fan at all. I have poured melted chocolate on top of the krispies in the pan and then drizzled caramel on top of the chocolate once it set up in the fridge. Hmmmm, I wonder do I have any rice krispies in the pantry. I here them calling my name! NancyLouise

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Butter, butter, butter, butter, butter!

To quote Sheldon Cooper: "I have no problem believing you're not butter."

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