Bonding Primer, what is it?

LybanJune 21, 2011

I am going to be painting one strip of aluminum flashing on my house. Everywhere I read, says to use a bonding acrylic primer and then 100% acrylic latex paint.

Now, I have always used Zinsser primers in the past but when I look on their website, they do not mention having a bonding primer, do you think this is necessary or can I just use the interior , exterior Primer sealer in blue can that I have used on other projects.

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Bonding primers are primers that have excellent adhesion to all sorts of surfaces. If you read on a can of primer that it will stick to glossy surfaces with no sanding needed, it's a bonding primer. Zinsser makes some great primers, and it looks like BONDZ might be your best bet, but I don't see why their Bullseye 123 wouldn't work, too. It's probably easier to find, since I've seen it anywhere from tiny hardware stores to big box stores, whereas I've only seen BONDZ online. Just my 2 cents. Perhaps someone else will chime in with their favorite.

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There ARE specialized Galvanized/Aluminum primers out there.
ACE even has-'em in Qts. in white or gray.
Surfaces like those metals need a primer higher in Zinc, because of the surface chemistry.

Jessicaml's note of Bondz would be a great choice! Call around to see if stores have it though....
Topcoat with anything!

Wipe down the flashing with some Lacquer-thinner, or paint-thinner would be OK too.

123 will be a great 2nd-choice primer for it though too!


Here is a link that might be useful: Zinsser Bondz primer...

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Jessicami and Faron,

Thank you so much for your help, I will try to find the Zinsser Bondz and if I cannot I will go with 123.

I really appreciate you both taking the time to answer.

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