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ronald107June 26, 2010

Wow! IÂve been reading about Fine Paints of Europe and their enamels on Gardenweb for more than a year. It seems like everyone who has used their Hollandlac enamel has been pleased so I called and ordered one of their Dutch Door Kits. Their man, Emmett walked me through the whole project. FPE has put together a special package for a flat $100 which includes primer, sandpaper, brush, finish enamel and instructions. I received enough product to apply two coats of paint on both sides of my front door and had enough left over to prime and paint a small stool. Painted finish is absolutely incredible- I went with their black brilliant and one of my neighbors has already asked me where I got that special paint.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fine Paints of Europe

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Thanks for the info on coverage, and I am glad to hear that the project went well. How was it using the paint? Did you remove the door or paint it vertically? Did the paint run?

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I started with a Dutch Door kit from FPE too (don't forget the mints!), although they were nice enough to swap out the Hollandlac with ECO Satin for me and it sold me on their paints. I can't afford to use it for all the woodwork in my house, but I intend to use it on any built-ins that are painted. I love the stuff.

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Using the paint was no more of an issue than using a lower quality paint. Because the Hollandlac is "marine quality" I'm looking at 10-12 years of service before needing to repaint.

Since I live in New England and there is no storm door for extra protection, I needed to be sure to paint the top and bottom. Taking the door down gave me easy access to those areas.

Drips and runs were not an issue, but I tend to be a careful and patient painter - I find these projects very relaxing in a zen sort of way.

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Welcome to the beautiful door club. I just went for it and used the Dutchlac on all our trim, the porch and doors and the difference is epic. No mildew at all and it cleans back to like new each year. We are going into year 4 and it's wearing like iron. The screen doors can stay up throughout the winter so we can open doors for fresh air on any good day.

Must say the black is especially gorgeous. We have Zuider Zee Blue.

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"The difference is epic...."

That's a cool phrase there Rococo-G!!

Yes, that paint is some sweet stuff! The "Coach Green" gloss Hollandlac Alkyd I sampled at the store looked like GLASS....AND I USED A CRAPPY FOAM BRUSH!!!

It truly is some unique stuff...


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This Paint did not drip????
Then they have changed original formulation.
We've used this Dutchlac/Hollandlac for 5 years or so (our whole exterior was painted in this).
THAT ORIGINAL FORMULA (oil) WOULD DRIP ...UNLESS...painter learns technique required (ie.very little ,spread out) My wife is expert at it...
Our exterior house painters COULD NOT DO IT WITH OUT IT DRIPPING.
With that spread out technique it went a long way and was BEST GLOSS AROUND....BUT...last Gallon we used in December did not perform the same,but maybe due to pre primed sub finish...

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Do any of you have pictures of your glossy front doors to share? I'm trying to decide on a color. I was leaning heavily towards Zuider Zee Blue or Black... but now I'm thinking a dark green or blue would work too. maybe even yellow.

My house is an old red brick house with a blue door now. It has a gorgeous floor length bay window in the front which it gives it a European look.

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I mentioned the "Coach Green" above...

I'm thinkin' you'd Loooove this classic deep green! I can LITERALLY see my reflection in it....
To ME, it would look stunning on a brick house!
(So would Black tho....hmmmmm!)


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Your mention of Green is what got me thinking about it. Thanks!

I've been on Flickr.com just looking at pictures of doors. Doors in Holland, doors in London, doors everywhere. Green doors, blue doors, pink doors. I'm obsessed!

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You're "Obsessed" huh....?
Sounds like a "Creeper" kinda thing....;-)


Call FPE and request some of their literature!
There's a couple beautiful shots of Hollandlac Doors/Trim.


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He wants you to buy their primer because they make money when you buy it. But, any topcoat will perform better on top of a high quality primer. Pre primed wood or doors are primed with watered down junk so the factory can run them through their watered down junk primer machines.

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