Need help plz! Paint color on porch ceiling!

cottagecindyJune 15, 2012

Painting is happening as I type. This area isn't today thank god.

Small cottage is "dusty olive" --a darkish green HD Behr

All trim and 2 posts on front porch is pure white.

Door is "Dozen roses" a red towards maroon also HD Behr

The front porch stoop is 5 x 6' tiny with 2 posts at front corners (which I will grow 2 rose climbers up it.

So here's the question. What color do I paint the ceiling of the tiny porch.? white or dusty olive? I'm really stuck on this. I thought white, landlord doesn't care but it looks like it's taped for the green. I still have time to change.

and to give you an idea on this little porch, the door has the ultra white trim as well as the trim/facia around porch and posts obviously . The porch is pavers with tumbled old stone look. The light fixture going in is a bronze square with white opaque glass. craftsman style. (small panes cutout at top of fixture)

I have two 4' window boxes -white of course) under windows on either side of porch (front of house only 30' wide.

Also I would like to add a railing on each small side of porch -- a drop off of a good foot or more. -which would be white.

(the colors are set, I'm not the owner, but I choose the porch ceiling.)

ANY advice? I thought white, but small porch so green would be ok? but rose climbers will fill up posts eventually... the light fixture may look better against green, but green may "lower" the ceiling.....

ok, I'm being anal, but this is important to me. :)

Thanks in advance.

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oh and the porch faces southwest if that makes any difference. :)

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Most people paint it pale blue from what I've seen.

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Lori A. Sawaya

In my world, all the porch ceilings are painted blue. ;)

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

In my world, all the porch ceilings are painted blue. ;)

you must be from the south?

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My mom, who is from AL, was slightly horrified when I had white vinyl bead board put on our porch ceiling. I would have loved to do blue, but they didn't make it in vinyl and I am not painting the ceiling, darn it.

I would stick with a light color ... Like white or the traditional sky blue :)

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Lori A. Sawaya

Chris, I'm in TX. Meant to be a lil 'inside joke' some forum members who know me know I've developed several color palettes and specialty color tools. Like a palette of just blues for certain applications, like porch ceilings.

So that's why in my color world -it doesn't matter where you live- porch ceilings are blue. :)

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Have them paint it white - it will be easier to paint over in blue.

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