Range with double oven recs & opinions

craig00February 25, 2011

Seriously considering a 30" freestanding gas or induction range with double ovens. We want to actually bake and broil in both and not just use the smaller oven as a warmer.

Other criteria include convection, five burners with one dedicated to simmering and one or two capable of very high heat. Our budget is pretty open and we're not wedded to any particular brand as long as it's reliable and the range is SS.

Here's a picture of our kitchen layout:

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don't see a layout.

Where did you find an induction free-standing with double ovens? I couldn't find one, but I'm not looking at real high-end ones either. I'll probably get Kenmore elite or GE profile, neither of which have 2 ovens :(

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We have a Maytag 30" free standing gas unit with a double oven. It's proved very flexible, and can definitely give you the standard/convection large oven with a smaller oven/broiler above. Since I think you are aware of the PRO's I'll list you my CON's:

- Lower "full size" oven is pretty low, you need to really work with heavy items lifting them from that low off the ground (large Turkey for example)
- Lower oven does not have a broiler, only smaller top oven has broil functionality
- Top "5 burners" aren't really all usable, since burner knobs are on the right side for gas flow, all of the burners are failr close to each other. The fifth middle burner is never really usable if any of the other 4 are in use.

Here is a link that might be useful: This is the oven I have currently.

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There are very few 30" double ovens, and as Mountaineergirl and OCJeff point out I'm not sure any of them will fit your criteria. Could you do either of the following:

(1) Go to a 36" or 40" side by side double oven (one will be smaller than the other and neither will be as large as a standard 30" range's oven), or

(2) Supplement a 30" range that meets all your other requirements (i.e., it has everything except a second oven) with either a wall oven or, if space is limited or you want more flexibility than a wall oven provides, a Breville toaster oven (which you can bake, roast, etc. very well in)? Another alternative to the Breville is a convection microwave, like the Panasonic Prestige, which you can bake, roast etc. in and also use as a microwave.

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Okay, here's a picture of the basic layout minus the sink, fridge and dishwasher. Clearly, there's no room for a wall oven.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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Actually, Kenmore does have a free-standing range with a double oven. I believe it's a Kenmore Elite. So does Whirlpool Gold, and GE does also. I just saw one at a home show a couple of weekends ago.

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Unfortunately, you aren't going to find a good double oven/range with an induction cooktop (I've looked) but there are definitely gas ranges with double ovens. Go to the Sears website and search for freestanding range with 2 ovens and gas. You should see the GE (we already have one of these and I'm on the fence if I would get it again), a Kenmore (this is high on my list with 2 ovens and 5 burners), a Kitchenaid (sadly it has a lot of bad reviews about blowing circuits and some class action lawsuits - see the appliance page) or a Maytag (our last dishwasher was a Maytag and it was junk, so I'm not sure what to think about this one but I'm tempted).

Speaking as someone who currently has an electric range with a double oven, definitely get the smaller oven on top. The ones with it on the bottom are useless. Also look inside for the width of the oven space. Some are narrow on the top and just not as useful. Generally speaking we love this configuration and are looking to try it again. We use the top oven all the time, and the bottom oven is large enough to cook turkeys and hams (we've done it). I highly recommend going this route. Good Luck.

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What about GE profile 30" induction cooktop with the separate GE Profile single double oven underneath?

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''Unfortunately, you aren't going to find a good double oven/range with an induction cooktop....definitely get the smaller oven on top. The ones with it on the bottom are useless.''

I completely agree with this. I bought the Electrolux induction range with the double ovens specifically because I wanted 2 ovens. The bottom one is worthless for baking because of poor design...the rack is too close to the heating element and everything burns on the bottom. It doesn't have a broiler element anyway.

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Thanks for validating my choice in electric range, warmfridge. I toyed with idea of the Electrolux. I'm going to be even happier now with our GE electric Profile with small oven on top. We used the "bridge burner" this morning for eggs and bacon, the upper oven last night for a full dinner, and the rangetop for heating teawater nicely.

I don't know if there's a gas one similar to this one in Profile line.

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CCinTX - I think you were just looking at electric ranges, not induction ranges. Induction with double ovens are hard to find, unless you are going high end.

I think the best bet is to get an induction range with one good oven (has convection) and a toaster oven :)

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We have owned the two electric smoothtop double oven ranges. The first was the Maytag Gemini. Loved the functionality of the two ovens! In our new build we got the GE Profile double oven range. It has a convection oven on the bottom (larger) oven. Both have the smaller oven on the top.

I thought I liked the Maytag, but much prefer the GE. The display is MUCH easier to clean, and the touch controls are a dream.

Like many other people's experiences, I find I cook most things in the upper small oven. When I need it, I love the flexibility of having the second oven on the bottom. Great for Thanksgiving and for making large batches of cookies.

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Both my parents and I have had the Maytag Gemini for 6-7 years. I have gas and she has electric. Both of ours have started cooking unevenly over the past couple of years. The back left of our top ovens burns things or dries them out faster than the front is done. The bottom is a crap shoot. Prior to that they both were fine, except the convection went out on mine about two years after I got it. Hers wasn't convection. I never bothered to have the convection fixed because of the cost. We both know how to work with them to make them work fine (adjusting the temp. lower than the recipe calls for, rotating the tray/pan during cooking), etc. But I would not buy one again.

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I've been lurking here a while because we're updating our kitchen and I find so much useful info here. Finally I may be able to contribute a little something. We replaced an old GE gas range with the GE Cafe in November, and love it. The GE Cafe is a 30" freestanding range with a double oven and five burners. It has the controls on the front, like a slide-in, but it is a freestanding model. The main oven is on top, and the second oven is the small drawer below. My experience with the small second oven is that it did a fine job baking a casserole and baking rolls at Christmas, so it is definitely much more than a warming drawer as far as function. For myself I prefer the main oven on top, and the lower oven below, because I use the main oven much more and I want it to be at a practical working height. Ours is gas with convection, and it is also available as a dual-fuel with convection. The fifth burner on top is an oval-shaped center burner. It comes with an interchangeable grate and a griddle, so it can be used with either. We love the griddle! The front two burners are power boil burners, and the back right burner is a simmer burner. I've put it through the paces since we bought it and have no complaints whatsoever. It is pricey, but considering it will do so much more in a small space than most 30-inch ranges, I felt justified in spending that much and don't regret it at all.


Here is a link that might be useful: GE Cafe Range

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I stopped in Sears today and took a quick peak at a few of the gas double oven ranges. I'm sad to say that the Kenmore had a much smaller lower oven than I had expected. Does anyone know how the Whirlpool performs? Wish the Kitchenaid didn't blows a fuse when self cleaning - it has everything else that I want.

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I'm going to second greenacreslady! I didn't want to come on and once AGAIN chime in for the Cafe (I feel like a shill for GE) but it is great for what is does and costs. I'm pretty sure there is no broiler in the bottom oven, but I've baked casseroles and roasted veggies just fine.

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I have the Ge Cafe dual fuel also. It has been great so far. ;-) From Kitchen before and after

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Frigidaire makes options for both gas configurations. I personally have the FGGF305MKF with the small oven on bottom. The small oven is great for casseroles, cookies, and small items; however, I use the larger oven more often than not. I'd also rather pick up a turkey from that level than having to squat all the way to ground. I did almost purchase FGGF304DLF with the small oven on top. Both look great and have every feature of the Cafe (convection, bridge burner with griddle) at a more affordable price. Frigidaire also has a claim of being the "most reliable brand." I haven't had problems with their product in the past; so I'll buy into it.

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I love this thread! I am in the midst of a complete kitchen remodel and I really really want a gas range with double ovens. I am on the fence about dual fuel. I like the looks of the GE cafe, but I have heard bad stories about the noise of the fan. Those of you that own the Cafe--Is the fan loud? I listen to the radio in the kitchen and I don't want to have to deal with a loud fan. I listened to a friend's Kenmore Elite yesterday, and it was very soft. I am a little scared of the scratching hazard of the SS top. I am starting to wonder if I should get a Frigidaire or a Kenmore. Since we are doing EVERYTHING, I cannot afford a luxury range. I only have space for a 30" range. I mainly want it to be dependable and easy to clean. I LOVE the look of the new KA double oven range, but reviews are few and far between, and the folks on this forum arte not fond of KA ranges. Please help--I don't want to make a mistake on this one.

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The fan on my GE double oven range (not a cafe, but probably comparable) is loud when starting up and sounds like a small plane is taking off. About a minute later it is really very quiet. Generally, I don't have any problems listening to the radio or TV.

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LG also has a freestanding range with a double oven.. I just bought it, so I don't have any reviews on it ye! Very similar to GE Cafe, though.

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HomeNoobie-- I've heard almost nothing about the LG double oven range. I'd be interested in a review when you're ready to pass judgement.

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A little late on this post. I have had a Maytag double oven in the last 3 houses. Made it a point to replace since the others went with the sales. Now 6 years with this one and absolutely no problems.

Is a smooth top. Had I known there was a gas connection (never mentioned when buying house) it would have been gas. But love them either way. The new Maytag has a toaster option which let me get rid of my toaster. Upper small oven and choices for element sizes. I have a small kitchen, options are valuable to me.

Rarely use the bottom oven...Roasts, Turkey, etc go there. The top oven is large enough for decent size casseroles, cakes and quick bake options. Nice for large dinners to have two ovens.

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The fan is a little loud on our Cafe, but it only kicks in after 400 degrees or so. Compared to our ancient Potscrubber DW it's silent...Very happy with range overall!

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Craig, those appliances almost look new! Is that just a demonstration of the layout?

Anyway, we handled this problem by installing a built-in convection oven/microwave in the kitchen and putting a small, but powerful microwave in the pantry closet. This allows one oven with the stove and an auxiliary oven in the wall that can be both a MV and an oven.

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I can honestly say that I won't ever buy another Kenmore appliance in this lifetime. They are not what they used to be.

When we remodeled our kitchen a few years ago we bought all new Kenmore - dishwasher, range, fridge. None of them have worked properly since we got them. The dishwasher died after only four years, springing a leak underneath, that we were unaware of until we noticed a problem with the flooring. The sub-floor was destroyed in the fiasco, and it had to be replaced.

The range caught fire last weekend. I turned the broiler knob on, there was a boom, and the upper element caught on fire at the connection. It was nearly impossible to put out.

The fridge, I'm already looking because it's had it's own problems since the get-go, and I know with the other two appliances gone it won't be long for this world.

For a new range, Maytag is out (very poor reviews these days), so I'm looking at an LG or GE double oven free standing range (I have no wall space for wall ovens). I need electric as gas is not an option in my area (I wish it were). We have LG computer monitors and a front loading washer/dryer set and love them all.

Good luck to those of you in the market. Even when you do research it's difficult to get a hold of a good product these days. And appliances are only expected to last 5-6 years, as opposed to the 10-15 that once was the norm. Kind of sad really.

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Whirlpool has just brought a double-oven induction/convection free-standing range to market. It looks good. I'm awaiting delivery of a GE Profile induction/convection oven but have just read that it has only convection bake, and not convection roast. I never thought to question that as I never dreamed it wouldn't have the convection roast feature. So, I'm thinking of cancelling my order in favour of the Whirpool range.
If anyone has one, please let me know what you think of it.

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Vivsim, do you know the model number ? I have been repeatedly sending requests to Whirlpool for a double oven induction range for the last 2-3 years. Most recently was just a couple months ago. Every time they have replied there are no plans for this range to be made. Grrrrrrr.

I have the Whirlpool GGE388LXS, which is the smoothtop version, and have been very happy with it. I want the same one, but in induction. Like Emagineer, we use the top oven almost all the time. It is big enough for almost all of our uses. And heats up amazingly fast !

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.ajmadison.com/cgi-bin/ajmadison/GGE388LX.html

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Hi Angela,
The model number is WGI925C0BS (sometimes, it has a Y before the W). You can see it at http://www.whirlpool.com/kitchen-1/cooking-2/ranges-3/-[WGI925C0BS]-1021750/WGI925C0BS/. It was released on 6 August. I've been trying to find it in a store in Toronto but, so far, no luck. As you have a Whirlpool double oven, would you mind comparing it to the specs of the induction version and letting me know if the features are the same as your oven and what you like/don't like.
If you change your profile to allow e-mails we could correspond off-line. Otherwise, this will do.
By the way, a Google search of the model number showed it for sale at Home Depot in the USA.

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You should be able to email me from "My Page". It just looks like you cannot because of the goofy way Gardenweb words that phrase.

I will compare specs in the morning item by item, but just a quick look, it looks like the ovens are the same size as what I have now. I see the clock is still blue. That's the only thing I haven't liked about the one I have, because I have a wall oven and a microwave both with green displays almost right next to the Whirlpool range.

My control board did go out in mine but it was still under warranty and they replaced it right away with no fuss. (The display wasn't working for the ovens, but they did still work and the burners still worked. I could still press bake and then starting from 350 I counted by 5's as I pressed the up temperature button until I got to the temp I needed.) I definitely recommend the extended warranty. Appliances are just not made like they used to be. Our house is only 2 years 2 months old and already I have had problems with both dishwashers, the microwave, the range, and one of the washing machines. Thats 5 out of 12 appliances that we have had problems with. Cannot even blame it all on one brand as I spread the love across several different brands.

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I'm hoping to see the new Whirlpool double oven induction stove in Ontario soon. Meanwhile, I'd love some opinions on the GE induction single oven and the Whirlpool induction single oven. One thing I'm concerned about is the fan during a non-convection bake cycle. The Whirlpool fan runs continuously through that cycle. Does it also run continuously in the GE oven?
Is it loud or annoying in either oven?

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Hello Angela,
I tried e-mailing you through My-page but, as I haven't heard from you, I'm wondering if it didn't work.
I would really appreciate your opinion, as a Whirlpool owner, on the specs for the double-oven induction. I'm going to see one tomorrow (Friday) and would like to be prepared with some insight as I have to make a decision; otherwise, my reno will be delayed at some cost.
Thanks and hope to hear from you.

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