OT: Boxing Day

TaraWaferDecember 23, 2001

I guess this question would be mostly to all the Canadian friends out there.... Could you tell me what Boxing Day is? I have always wondered. Thanks!!

-Tara W

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The day after Christmas, 26 December. That's "boxing" as in putting gifts in boxes to give to service workers, not "boxing" as in Mike Tyson. I used to think it was for putting unwanted xmas gifts back in their boxes to return to the store.

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I had a friend in Canada who told me it was an old tradition started by the very rich. They'd get all their new gifts on Christmas , box up old, unwanted items and giving them to the servants. My guess is was also a way of "cleaning" closets to make room. Out with the old, in with the new. Probably a real treat in days gone by when servants had virtually nothing!


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I am Canadian and have never heard a true meaning of boxing day. I know it is our big sale day just like the US has the day after Thanksgiving. It is a statatory holiday for most unless you work in retail. Banks, post office and beer stores are closed as well. I personally take it as a day to rest after Christmas and put all my decorations away, I cant seem to stand to look at the tree and gifts after Christmas Day.

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My friend (Canadian) tells me that when she was living in Canada, you would box up things for the less fortunate and set them by the curb. Apparently, city workers came by on that day and picked up the donated items to give to the poor and needy. You do NOT put your trash out for the poor. You are supposed to give things that others can use. I think it's a pretty nice holiday. The origins of the holiday are interesting. Here is a link from Snopes that might explain it better.

Here is a link that might be useful: Boxing Day

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Gee I wonder why noone ever had done that since I was a kid, it is a great idea but seems unpracticed.

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It's less about giving cast-offs and more about giving gifts. Here's what Snopes has to say

Here is a link that might be useful: origins, per Snopes

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I forgot someone had posted that link.

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