science project for a 10 year old

cathyDecember 12, 2001

A co-worker is asking for help for her 10-year-old son. He has to do a science project of his choosing by the end of January. Any idea where we can look on the Internet for ideas? I don't have kids so I'm stumped but thought of this forum. Thanks in advance.


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We use metacrawler and google for search engines. I typed in "kids science projects" and got quite a few hits. The library also has books on science projects for kids that we have used before. Good luck.

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I have a great one. A boy at my kids school went quite far in the science fair competition with this one. It's extracting DNA from different things like split peas, onions etc. using stuff around the house. This could be the basic experiment with a more in depth discussion on DNA.

Here is a link that might be useful: extracting DNA

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There are a number of books out with food-based science projects. That could be an interesting, useful field of study that will explain why we do what we do in the kitchen (rock candy is a fun one with a delicious result to share with the class, for instance). Check the library and don't forget the best reference the library has--the librarian. Good luck.

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The son of a friend tested to see how fast hot, cold, distilled, water melted ice. Something as simple as that could be done. Library would be the best place to start or the suggested search engines.

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Making a volcano is a lot of fun, but to do a proper science project the student needs to follow the scientific method of asking a question, doing research, forming a hypothesis, showing whatever data is collected, and coming to a conclusion. A 10-year-old should have these parts of his project.

There are many, many ideas on the internet and any bookstore or library has books with projects. Children can also think of their own original ideas.

One project I have liked is: How do our shadows change during the day? (Trace shadow on the ground with chalk several times during the day from early morning to last light. Student should do some research about the relationship of earth and sun. Could take pictures of the process and final chalk drawings to be used on the tri-fold cardboard display which he/she will probably be making.)

Projects with plants are always fun. How will lack of light affect a plant? (One plant in the light, one in a dark closet, one in a little light, etc. All plants treated the same except for amount of light.)

Be careful the student doesn't choose a project which is too tricky or requires too many purchased items.

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I agree, socks12345.

A volcano would not be allowed to be submitted in our 6th grade science fair... no hypotheses, no conclusion, etc.

Be sure to follow the rules of YOUR school.

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