Bad stain job on Soft Maple custom kitchen cabinets. What to do?

brenjunJune 9, 2011

We are completely remodeling our kitchen and ordered custom soft maple cabinets from a small Amish shop. We received them this week and they look terrible in my opinion. The stain is blotchy and ends pieces on the doors are not the same color at all. I talked to the company and they said that maple does that. I asked if they conditioned the wood before and the answer was no. They cabinets are up and I am very upset. PLEASE Advise.

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I don't know that asking them about conditioner is the right question because that doesn't exactly solve all problems with staining soft woods. Everyones eye will see it differently. It's really the same thing with color. Not every piece of wood is going to stain up the same shade. Obviously some companies will go to great lengths to please their customers and others won't. Post a picture.

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I'm shopping for a new hardwood floor and was told that maple does not stain well----some areas take up more stain than others, etc. which can lead to blotchiness. IMO, the cabinet maker should have warned you of this when you chose maple!

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