Estranged Son

darlasue2008December 28, 2008

We also have a problem. Our 22 yr.old son who's high functioning autistic has his very first girlfriend. He

has his own apartment, she lives with her parents. They want them to get married but due to the fact that she does nothing but sit on the couch,We told him we could no longer support their relationship until she learns some living skills. Well now her Mother won't talk to us nor will she allow her daughter to talk to us and now she's alienating my son from us.We're thinking about sueing her for Alienation of Affection but don't know if that's possible.

He's chosen them over us and we're the ones that take care of his needs. We don't think we can get Guardinship just because he's making bad decissions.please excuse spelling.

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What's her situation, is she autistic? Why doesn't she have any living skills.

You've done what every parent is warned not to do, interfere with a relationship and give an ultimatum, of course he's chosen her over you, what exactly did you expect him to do. Quiet suggestions to your son and her parents and a genuine willingness to make this work would have been much more effective.

You can't sue, he's an adult, and you've alienated his affections, not her. You can apologize, and work with your son, his girlfriend (and her family), to support them and help them succeed in their lives.

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