Aerosol spray paint cabinet fill strip?

smith_jaJune 13, 2012

I ordered painted maple kitchen cabinets from a company on the Internet. The paint is a white semi-gloss. They took 6 weeks to arrive. I just realized that I forgot to order one 3"x42" fill strip. I checked and it will take another 4 weeks to get it from that company. I can get a fill strip from Home Depot, but their white ones are matte and are plastic coated. I can get a dark stained maple strip from Home Depot and paint is white. I am afraid that if I paint it with enamel paint, the brush strokes or foam roller texture will make it look different from the cabinets. Is it a bad idea for me to paint it with aerosol Painter's Touch spray paint? The guy at Home Depot said to use metallic spray paint as a primer under the white spray paint to help it cover the dark stain. Is this a good idea?



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There are many shades of white. I would buy the can of white spray paint and test it on something to see how well it matches the cabinets.

I wonder why he suggested metallic spray paint as primer. Maybe he meant spray primer for metal?

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He said that the silver paint would cover the dark wood better than white or gray primer (this was if I was trying to cover dark wood with white paint). I was wondering if the aerosol Rust-oleum paint would be as durable as waterborne enamel paint that you brush on.

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Haha! Poor lil confused Home Depot worker! Sometimes, my heart just goes out to them. Grey primer or a dark primer is a fine idea when you are painting with red or some other dark color because the poor covering red will cover up a grey much easier than it would cover up a white in fewer coats. But, to use a grey or silver or any dark colored primer when the topcoat is white is just silly. You are just making a lateral move by priming dark wood with a dark primer and not gaining anything. I would use an aerosol can of Kilz on the strip of wood after you sand it a bit to dull the sheen, then topcoat with some white spray paint. It's true though that the paint in spray cans is not as durable as normal paint because it's thinned down so that it can be sprayed, and it's not very likely that you will find a white spray paint in a can that will match your cabinets. There are just too many shades of white around.

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Paintguy - what about enamel spray paint - the stuff that cleans up with mineral spirits. Would that be more durable?

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