Dishwasher on left hand side?

minerva2February 9, 2008

Our designer has suggested locating the DW to the left of the sink, because of some placement issues and has assured us that it is not inconvient. I have always had DW on the right hand side, and am right handed. Does anyone have an opinion on this or is RH and happy with DW on the left? Thanks!

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Mine is on the left of the sink and I am right handed. I love it, though our layout is such that I do end up standing with it to my right when I UNLOAD it (the dishes cabinets are above it and to the left of it). Loading it is no problem, I actually prefer having it on the left of the sink. The trash pullout is to the right and I find it much easier to scrape into something on the right (we scrape a lot because there is no disposal), then put the dishes into the DW on the left. I wouldn't reverse change the layout for the world. (FYIW, I've had dishwashers on both sides in different houses -- I think it just depends on where it works best in your layout. You'll get used to it wherever it is.)

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We have the same set up as ctlady and I 100% agree with her. We have a disposal but because we have an old house with roots in our outside pipes we try not to put a lot down the drains.

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I have always had mine on the right of the sink. However in our new kitchen we had to move it to the left to achieve the ever popular "symmetry". I am right handed and I was also a little concerned about the placement. However after just a few days of using it, I like it even better than the right side placement. It just seems easier to load and unload in this position. I think you will easily get used to it.

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You'll get used to it no matter where it's located. I've had it on the left (in my condo) on the right (our old kitchen here) and now on the left (in our new kitchen). I got used to it being wherever it was.

Like ctlady, our trash cab is to the right of the sink, and our dish cab is above and to the left of the DW. The only thing I'd change is the size of my dish cab (would prefer it wider than it is)!

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Miele recommends placing the dishwasher to the left of the sink if you're right handed, and on the right if you're left-handed.

The thinking behind this is that a right handed person will hold a plate with their left hand and scrape with the right. Once the item is scraped, it can be placed in the dishwasher without changing hands.

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In my last kitchen I had it on the left side (and Im right handed). It was never an issue.

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My DW was on the left side of the sink in my "old" kitchen, but I kept the dishes, etc in cabinets to the right side, so I moved the DW to the right side of the sink. Each of my last three houses had the DW on a different side, it takes no time to get used to the location.

What matter is how far you have to walk to put the dishes away when you unload the dishwasher. If you have to walk across the kitchen, then the DW is on the wrong side of the sink.

Good luck.

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I'm left-hand dominant. In our other house, dw was to the right of the sink; in this one, to the left. In our redo-in process, I am moving it to the right of the sink. Trash will be on the left, where my counter between sink and range is located.

Cat_mom is right: you get used to it in 5 minutes, no matter where it is. I am putting mine on the right so DH can load the dw without my having to step away from the prep/cleanup counter. Grrrr.

And I've never had pullout trash - mine was under the sink - totally annoying because, of course, I am always at the sink when DH has to throw something away. Nevertheless, I am sure there will be some other type of annoying bottleneck I haven't anticipated.

But I do expect to get used to dw on the right, once again.

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i am like other posters; it was always on my left and when i did our kitchen reno it was moved to the right
i did all of the layout so not sure why i put it on the right, no one to blame but myself
i have gotten used to it so it doesn't really matter
you will, too
i am right-handed and very strongly so

so no worries on that one....

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my last dw was a portable. So right/left - doesnt' matter to me. What matters is not rolling the thing to the sink EVERY night and then rolling it back every morning. And not being able to use the sink while it was plugged in. I hadn't really given much thought to the placement of my new one other than I actually had one built in ROFL> but it's on the right of the sink and I am left handed. I somehow without even thinking created my kitchen very left handed.

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I agree with the left if right handed way. Mine is to the left and I do use a brush with my right hand.

Do make sure that your main dish cabinet is close by so you can easily put those dishes away. Yeah, that comes from me that empties the dishwasher by taking the clean ones out one at a time until the sink fills up with glasses again. LOL!

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Our old house had a dishwasher on the right and it always seemed awkward. This house (pre-reno) had it on the left (I am right-handed) and it was one of the few good things about that kitchen!

We ended up with single dishdrawers flanking the sink- and I find myself using the drawer on the left by default.

I let loose a rant about this on another thread. Do what makes YOU comfortable. Do what YOU want unless your designer is the one who will be loading and unloading your dishwasher. If so, let him/her decide.

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I'm right handed and my dw is on the left . . . It's very comfortable. My plates, saucers etc. are stored in a P&P drawer just beyond and around a corner so it's very easy to lift out of DW and into the drawer. I think Kristenfl is right . . . take into consideration where the dishes are stored. It's a trek to where I have the glasses and mugs . . . by the fridge & coffee station . . . but they're not as heavy as the stoneware plates!

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We are also going to have the dishwasher on the left but now have to decide which side of the double sink should we put the garbage disposal? I am still leaning toward a small sink on the left with the garbage disposal and the large sink on the right. Any thoughts?

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This is funny. I am right handed, my DW was always on the right and the first design for my kitchen had it on the left, and I made them move it back! My mothers is on the left and it always seemed awkward to me. Actually on the left would have made more sense for me for other reasons, but since it annoyed me at my mothers house, I didn't think I would ever like it as much. I either had to turn more or was always reaching across myself to put the item in the DW with my right hand, or had to pick up dish with my right hand, then transfer it to my left hand to put it in the dishwasher.


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My current DW is to the left of the sink. For my new kitchen it will be to the right of the sink. I don't think it matters. Like others have said, make sure where you store your dishes is close by to the DW.


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Another right handed, DW on left of sink household. No problems this way.

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Ours in on the left. It's inbetween the sink and the dining area, and the cabinets where the dishes are stored is to the left as well.

It's perfect for us.

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Forgot to say that my mom's dishwasher is to the right. She has the exact same dishwasher as me. I really don't like it to the right. It's awkward to me.

By the way, we both ADORE our dishwashers. We have the Whirlpool GU2548XTPS3. I had wanted the Bosch because of the stainless steel interior. My mom had the Whirlpool, and told me how nice it was to fill. I went to my in-laws, they have the Bosch, and took a look. There are not many different things inside the machine to fit different types of dishes. The Whirlpool has been a joy! It's easy to fill...and fill it I do. When my DH says it's full, I can usually figure out a way to add more. Yes, I am the dishwasher filler champion.

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kristenfl - how noisy or quiet is your Whirlpool GU2548XTPS3?

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The crucial thing is that you can move dishes from washer to storage witout moving your feet, and that the dishes are as close to your actual dining area as possible.

My dishwasher is on the left, and I'm right handed. I'd have moved it in the new house, but other factors meant the dining was on the left, so the storage and DW are too.

Not ideal, but not a big deal, either.

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It's not as quiet as the Bosch, but it isn't loud by any means. I really had to think about that question because I really don't notice it. My family said it's louder than Grandma's Bosch. My top priority is function. There are so many ways to configure the inside, up and down.

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