How do you give family pictures for Christmas?

Momma BirdDecember 10, 2001

I'm giving pictures of the kids & family pictures to gandparents & aunts this Christmas. Do I need to spend another $100 on frames, or would it be OK to just give the pictures, so they could replace last year's picture with the new one, using the same frame? I've given framed pics over several years, and the families don't keep the running record displayed - only the most recent pictures.

Just trying to see if I'm being realistic or cheap. TIA

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Frames? I rarely give frames unless it's the birth photo or some other special moment like graduation. Christmas photos are sent with the christmas cards.

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My cousin gives frames to every family member, every year. She brings the photos in frames, actually.

I'm simply going to get frames this year and then stick with that size. We'll let people know that their photo update is for that frame. If they choose to buy another frame, so be it.

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Momma Bird - I bumped up a similar thread that I posted a while back - thought you'd get some ideas from it.

I don't give frames, just the pictures!

You're not cheap.

Kim B.

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My father is the only one who gets a frame - everyone else gets just a picture. He wants ALL his pictures out & won't change or let me change out the pictures. So, I humor the old codger (age 76) & buy him a frame.

BTW, you're not being cheap - frames can run as much as the pictures!

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Please!!!! just the picture. I have one DIL that every year gave us expensively framed family pictures plus individual ones of the children. We have other children and grandchildren. There was simply no room except for the latest, So last years, and the year before that, and the one before that, etc have all been put away.

I finally asked her not to give me framed pictures. I explained why, but the stupid woman actually got her feelings hurt. I have often wondered just where she thought I was going to put all of them.

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Ours go in the Christmas cards also. If we gave framed pics every year my poor parents would have 16 pics to place somewhere. The fridge seems to work just fine for them as a photo gallery.

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I give wallet sized pics to everyone by putting it in their christmas card. When I give the larger pics to my parents or sister, I don't give a frame. I wouldn't know what colour to buy or the style that they would want in their home. I realize that MY pics are not the only ones they receive, plus I send new ones every six months. Even I know they must be putting the older pics away somewhere (probably a photo album and you can't put a framed pic in a book.)

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I would have to agree that everyone has their own taste in frames. My sister always gives frames, which are not my taste.

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I don't give pictures as gifts--I have a hang-up that it seems ego-centric--but that's just me.

I just give them when we have them done and if it's an enlargement (5 X 7 or larger) I always frame them. You can do it relatively inexpensively. I just finished framing some portraits of my DD and DH--I got beautiful wooden frames with mats at K-Martha--they were priced at $3, but all the frames in the store were on sale 20% off. They're really lovely frames, but I got both of them for only slightly more than $5. I also saw some very nice frames in a dollar store a few days back but they didn't have the size I needed. If you give photos often, why not keep an eye out during the year and stockpile frames when you see them? Often you'll find great deals on them at other times of the year. And I've gotten great frames at yard sales--sometimes brand new in the packages--for mere pennies.

Of course, you have to go by your own family's situation. In my case, the in-laws display every photo (all at the same time, they have quite a photo gallery, every surface is filled)--they'd never slide a new one in front of an old one, so if I gave them an unframed photo, they'd have to run out and buy a frame (not easy--MIL has alzheimers, FIL has to take care of her and has his own health problems).

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If I received pictures, I would prefer them unframed. Everyone has different tastes and I would rather pick out my own frame.

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Kate has made a very good point. The frame you select may not be the one they would choose. I would give the photo without the frame. You are not being cheap, you are being practical. If you still think it might be better to include a frame, I would just do a very basic one, nothing expensive, in case they decide not to use it. Happy Holidays!

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