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badgergrrlJune 11, 2011

I'm repainting my kitchen walls and would appreciate some advice on which paint brand to select. I'm currently experiencing some analysis paralysis.

The walls have a subtle Venetian plaster texture on them (I hate it, but not enough to undertake THAT project right now.) and are painted in a semi- or full gloss paint. I'm thinking semi as a finish. (No kids, but I am a clean freak, so the walls get cleaned often in the kitchen.)

I have a soft aqua from BM picked, but am not sure I want to use their paint. I am a little intimidated to use Aura after the application stories I have read, I have a lot of small spaces to paint so I can't use a roller for much of it. Plus I know it's weird, but I just like painting with a brush. Maybe the Regal?

I also have access to P&L, Muralo/Mythic and Graham at another store. I am going to use Muralo Ceramic for the cabinets & cabinet doors. Would that also be a good choice for the walls? Do the Muralo tints match other companies' colors well? Is there another option all together that I should be looking at?

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Lori A. Sawaya

You have some great choices to choose from.

Muralo Ultra Ceramic is an awesome choice for walls too. Just statring to work with Graham Paints so I don't know their product that well.

Pratt & Lambert - Accolade. Accolade is awesome and another good choice.

As far as tints (colorant) and matching, that's just one part of the equation. Base factors in too. The biggest factor, however, is WHO. Who is doing the color matching for you and how good are they at their job.

Top tiers, name brands -- it doesn't matter which one to be honest. Chose the resource that has the BEST tinter you can find and the best SERVICE. Every time I say stuff like that shock waves roll across paint and color worlds.

But it's true - the most bottomous bottom line is SERVICE and KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge not just about paint but about color too. Because with the advances in the science and technology of paint, you really have to split hairs to delineate how or why one brand's upper tier is better than another.

Only things that can give a flagship or independent paint store a leg up on competition are innovative color collateral, above-average paint/product knowledge, seriously real color expetise, and outstanding customer service. It's not even about price any more.

Faron and the store where he works is a good example. I have no doubt many of his customers drive by several big box stores, and a handful of lame-a$$-contractor-focused independent paint stores, and probably even a few shee-shee rocked-out *big brand* stores just to get to Faron.

Find "your people" and buy your paint from them.

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"Shee-shee rocked-out big-brand stores"....

WOW! That sounds kinda Stud!

Well....I'll count ACE-Royal, Ralph-Lauren, & C2 in the "Brands that Rock" category...;-)

But as my "Color-Contessa" Fun-C states, you can't go wrong with P & L Accolade, OR Muralo. I'd use the Ceramic on the walls as well!

Give your store time to work up a match.
Over the years here, I've gotten DAMN good at tweaking color-matches. I often start with a scanner, but usually back off on some key colorants. It's easier to ADD colorant than it is to subtract!!!!
I often avoid formula-scans with a Brown choice in them...I'd rather use a match-choice with Black in it, and back off some. Brown is usually used in a much bigger amount re. to Black, and can make a color too "muddy", and damn-near impossible to correct away from....

That's just ME tho....


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I'd been leaning toward the Muralo myself, glad to know it's a good choice for the walls too.

Would it be better to bring in a painted sample (small board) with the color to have them match from that than to say it's BM "Covington Blue" and look it up in a database?

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