matte or satin for kitchen

hobbydecoratorJune 29, 2012

Hi. My husband and I were thinking of doing satin for the kitchen because of the high traffic with 3 kids and a dog. My questions are:

What finish is usually used in the kitchen, is it matte or satin or something else?

Would satin be too glossy and if so, then should we use matte?

Would matte be durable enough?

Thanks for the help. I really like this forum and glad to have found it because we don't have too much experience with interior painting.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Depends on what brand of matte paint you're talkin' about.

BenM Aura or SW Duration in matte would hold up just fine in the environ you describe.

Some satins can absolutely end up too shiny - have to get samples to make that determination because gloss levels are not consistent brand to brand. Color also matters - if you have a midtone and a deeper color both in the same brand and gloss level, the deeper color will look shinier than the midtone despite all other things being equal.

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thanks funcolors. I should of included the paint brand. it is SW harmony that we use. I we might just do matte

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I used eggshell on the ceilings and walls, because I'm just that kind of avant-garde Bohemian type. I also used oil semi-gloss on the painted wood trim, but keep that under your hat!

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