Can I use any Winter squash instead of Butternut Squash

joljOctober 4, 2012

I found three very large winter squash at Wallmart & would like to cook them after Halloween.

Must I know the name to use them in the recipe or will any large winter squash work. I have grown & cooked Butternut squash before, but not the big white,orange or green type.

I found the #14 cookalong, will it work for these WS?

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jolj, the winter squashes are pretty much interchangeable, with each other and with pumpkin. There are variations, of course, in taste and texture, but those are negligible when used in recipes.

Butternut is one of my favorites, it's more dense, creamy and sweet than Hubbard or acorn types. I've used them all, though, in bread, in "pumpkin" roll, in muffins and in pancakes. They all work.


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Just cut a small piece out and cook it and taste it. You may be able to figure out a recipe for it.


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I agree with Annie on the interchangeable part....but I prefer hubbard to butternut.
There really are lots of varieties of winter squash....all of them with subtle differences.
I find acorn stringy, butternut a little dense, some delicata a little watery, hubbard HUGE and sometimes stringy, Marina del chioggia has a bit of a smokey taste....and I am still searching for the elusive galleux....said to be the sweetest and most delectable. And it must be, a friend gave me one and I left it outside for a bit as a fall decoration and the critters ate it up!!
In spite of stringy, watery etc...I love all winter squashes!!

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Yes, I agree with what others have said. Butternut squash is winter squash, as are the others that have been mentioned. Pumpkins, I guess, can be considered winter squash, too. If you have spaghetti squash, it's cooked basically the same, but sometimes treated a bit differently, used as a substitute for spaghetti. But, of course, it can be seasoned and flavored the same as other winter squashes, too. I love them all!


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Kabocha for me has the best texture and sweetness.

Great for pies, soups, etc.


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Kabocha is very much my favorite of the winter squashes, too.

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I know that butternut is a winter squash.
But it is the only one I have cooked & I want to use the 3 I have & save the seeds. No way of knowing what I will get, because the Cucurbita family crosses so easy.
Alton Brown of food net work says that squash makes a smoother pie then Pumpkins do,he said that no one will know
the differences.
Thank you for the informative replies.

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Well, I just re-read your post and saw that I misread it (seems to be going around). I thought you thought butternut squash was different than winter squash, but clearly, that's not what you said. Sometimes I should read posts several times before replying. I'm such an idiot.


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No you are not an Idiot.
I should have said "Can I use another Winter Squash in place of Butternut squash".
I just want everyone to know that I know all hard shell squash are winter squash & not summer squash. The squash, Gourds, Luffa, cucumber, melons & cantaloupe are all in the same family tree.
I have tried spaghetti squash & hope to grow it next year.
Thank you for your commit.

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