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joelgJune 29, 2012

We've gotten to the fish or cut bait point for picking a color in our remodeling project as the painters will soon run out of other things to paint. Our architect has suggested a color that I just don't love, SW 6127 "Ivoire". I came up with another SW color, "Classic Ivory", that I like better. Local opinions here are about split on the two and DW isn't being terribly helpful (by that I mean she wont decide for me:) )

I attached a picture where I colored the siding Ivoire using the SW web site. Unfortunately, I can't find my color on SW web site. Looking for it by name fails and I don't have the number here at work. I also colored the columns on the front porch white since they are getting painted white today. The cedar shakes are going to be stained with Cabot semi-transparent "Redwood", along with the brackets on the porch and gables.

Any advice or suggestions are appreciated!

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Here's a picture of the two colors that I mentioned above. The shakes in the picture are half stained with the color I mentioned above too.

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DOH! Classic Ivory is on the left and Ivoire is on the right

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Lori A. Sawaya

6127 Ivoire is the right choice. Would not choose Classic Ivory; too many context disconnects.

The objective isn't necessarily to love the color per se. Rather, the objective is to love the color relationships -- how the paint color relates to other elements of the facade in order to create a pleasing and cohesive curb appeal. And Ivoire does that far better than Classic Ivory.

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Between the two, I agree with funcolors. That being said, I think you can do better. Between the white trim and windows, the yellow-cream body, the brown shakes, the dark gray roof and the rust brick, I think the exterior is too choppy. I would try, via photoshop, to paint the bricks either the same colour or a darker shade of the siding color and have that color be one that mingles a little better with the stained shakes. You have a very pretty house.

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