Gemini Coatings-Lacquer for Cabinets?

LiliaRothchildJune 28, 2012

Is anyone out there familiar with Gemini coatings-pigmented lacquer? One of the bids we got for painting our kitchen cabinets uses this product. The painter said that they will sand the cabinets down, prime them and then spray them with this. Does anyone have any reviews of this product for cabinet paint? Our cabinets are Oak and we will be painting them white.

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I haven't heard of it, but I wonder if it's a professional grade coating, not just a DIY off-the-shelf paint?

My only concern would be if you want to paint them differently down the road, lacquer could be trickier to repaint over than regular cabinet paint. You probably won't be able to touch up the paint if they chip, either. However, it sounds like they have the right idea on prep work and you'll be getting a durable, smooth finish. Are you okay with the oak grain showing through the paint? Some people don't mind the look of painted oak, others prefer to use grain filler first. Happiness with results is all about managing expectations, and if you're expecting to see the grain, you won't be disappointed when the cabinets aren't as smooth as MDF.

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Thanks for responding... yes I agree about the grain--I am not too excited to see it at all...... Some grain is fine--but too much would really bother me.
Also, I keep reading on this forum and others that Lacquer yellows, has a high number of VOCs and that worries me. I might do a search for a better product. We have small children and I am VERY sensitive to chemicals.

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