Does painting old wallpaper make it much harder to remove later?

Subdued_ExcitementJune 15, 2011

I have a house full of multiple layers of painted-over wallpaper. I'd love to prime and paint for a quick fix, but would these extra layers make it much harder to remove later?

It's actual wallpaper, not vinyl. Former owner was a smoker so the walls need some attention asap. I'd love to properly strip each room down to the original plaster, but the plaster will most likely need major repair a few years from now when I get the house brought to level and put in a new foundation. With so many layers of paper and paint already, how bad could a new primer/paint layer be?

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Since it is painted over already, it will not matter much to paint over it again.

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I have an old house from 1780. We bought it last year. Every room is wallpapered. We removed the paper in the kitchen and one bathroom. These rooms had sort of a semi-gloss paint under wallpaper and it wasn't that hard to remove the paper. Now I started in the upstairs hallway and boy that paper is stuck but good. Raw plaster (horsehair) underneath. So I call in the pros who had given me a $300 estimate to remove the paper in both of the hallways and up the stairs. Well after working on just one long wall, they say that it will cost about $3000 since the paper is so well-adhered. So I say stop stripping the paper and what are my options. They suggest sealing the paper and painting over it. I said fine, I can do that. So I tested some primer on it and nary a bubble appeared. So my solution is to just paint over it. Not my preference, but definitely easier on my wallet!

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Does painting old wallpaper make it much harder to remove later?


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