Comparison of Frameless Cabinet Options in Alaska

steph2000February 24, 2013

I've been researching frameless options available locally, especially given "our" IKEA is 3500 miles away. I know nothing about any of these companies, though I am reading their specs/options/materials and plan to get some estimates.

There are just some really experienced folks here, some in the industry, and so I thought I would see if anyone can help me sort through this for good value, quality frameless cabinets at various price points.

So far, I have found dealers for the following:

1 - PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions: They have 3 lines, running from the cheat Signature with metal boxes which is considered standard, the Artisan line with dovetailed 5/8" hardwood boxes, full extension and soft glide and the Fusion line, which is their top of the line and has IKEA metal-like boxes.

The wall cabinets have a white laminate interior and the bottoms has pine, which I am not crazy about. Although my uppers will be white, so I guess that works.

2 - Canyon Creek Katana Line: The designer called this an upgrade from PCS. Katana has 5/8" particleboard boxes. Interior finish is white melamine. (Again, not crazy about that) Standard 3" increments, so not customizable.

There is another frameless line by Canyon Creek called MiIllenia, and it had almost unlimited options. It seems fully customizable, given you can change the depth, height and width to 1/4" increments. Somehow, though, I am doubting Katana has as many options. And, so far I have not found a local dealer for Millenia.

(I met the KD for the first 2 options yesterday. I really, really like her. She designed the kitchen I posted within the past few days on my spinning thread. There's a $500 fee to work with her for materials/design. I get the designs and if I buy from her, the $500 is applied to my cabinet order)

3 - Innermost: Available through Home Depot. They seem to have a fair amount of options. However, I can not find any spec sheets anywhere on their website, which makes me a little leery. I need to go in there myself very soon and check it out. I do like that their standard depth for uppers is 13".

4 - Bellmont 1600/1900 Series: There are 2 local dealers. I met one of the KD's and I did not like her. I don't want to work with her. I have a call into the other option, which is a construction company. Trying to get sample doors for them and see their whites. No luck so far.

Obviously, we want to buy smart. That does mean saving where we can. However, we do have a very tricky situation here because of our short ceilings and the fact that we installed the BS window prior to designing the kitchen. That means everything is going to have to fit together like a glove, both on the lowers and the uppers. It does relieve stress to consider going with options that would allow us to adjust the height of the lowers/uppers if we need to to fit itall together seamlessly.

I'm interested in anyone's feedback re: brands to steer away from, lines that are endorsed and anything else you can think of.

Also, If anyone is aware of other recommended frameless options they are likely to have in Anchorage, AK, I'd love to hear about it as I am kind of shooting blind here.

Thanks so much!

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Have you tried the Executive Cabinet site? They are based in SC, but I think have dealers all over (two in tha Albany, NY area so I'd say good chance they're in Alaska). The website has changed so you have to contact them for a dealer, I swear before the update you could search by area, though can't be sure.

I was all set to go with them, but one dealer never got back to me after a visit and follow up call, and the other I met with twice and emailed and never heard back. So the first place lost out on my cork order (only local dealer, will order direct) too, and the second place is losing out on my sink and bathroom fixtures order (they do kitchens and baths).

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Fori is not pleased

With your short ceilings and awesome window, it would be great if you could find a custom cabinet maker. They are not always more expensive, and with your situation. probably worth a little extra.

Of course, you're not in a real big town so you might be out of luck...but look!

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We installed InnerMost cabinets a year ago last fall and are really happy with them. I know what you mean about lack of specs online. When we were hemming and hawing about the last few items, we talked the guy at HD out of a catalog so we could browse it ourselves. It's still in our file drawer if there's something particular you want to know. We used it for stuff like seeing all the alternatives for corner cabinets and for trim. One of the nice things about this line is that they are very flexible on sizing - when we ended up 1" short on one wall, we were able to make one of our 15" cabinets 14".

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Fori - It's true, with these short ceilings, we would likely benefit from custom uppers - and with our small house, we might benefit from custom everything. The trick will be our mythical short budget (mythical because so far, it seems I want high-end everything). lol

Which reminds me, we ARE looking at Barker's, too. They are frameless. I just ordered a sample cabinet and 2 sample doors. Too bad there's shipping fees to Alaska. The Lower 48 gets free shipping.

Suzanne - thanks for posting a pic of Innermost. You kitchen is lovely. It's a tad crazy-making that they won't give the specs out, I really don't get that. Thanks, though, for the offer to check specific items. I just wanted to browse through the whole thing and see what their line actually offers and how flexible it can be.

I've done a bit more googling and searching around Gardenweb - found Brookhaven and Deco Supreme to add to my list. I imagine those are high end options, at least for us? I can at least make some phone calls and see if estimates are possible without a fee..

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Barker RTA cabinets are high quality, frame less and can be ordered in just about any size in 1/4 inch increments. I plan to use them in my kitchen remodel.

I have used Innermost for a bathroom remodel but I think you get more for your money with Barker. Order the sample cabinet, that is what convinced me.

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