Need Advice on Stripping Front Door

flymom65June 5, 2014

Our front door is stained wood. We have already had it redone once in the past - been here 6 years. The sun is really doing a number on it and the stain is peeling off. I am thinking of painting the door black to match our shutters. I have never attempted a project like this but saw CEFreeman's posts about the Citristrip. I was wondering if you would recommend the product for this type of application. I want to make certain that I get all the stain off the door. We hired someone to do it the last time and I don't think he sanded it enough so the finished product looked a little "gooped up". Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I want to do a good job since this is the "first impression" people get when they come to visit. Also, I am hoping that paint will last longer than the stain. What type of paint would you recommend? I know I need an oil based primer, but I have read recommendations for latex and oil based paint.

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Use Zip Strip.

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I use Citristrip to remove stain. Paint I a given, but the bonus is that a 2nd application will pull it out. I love the non-flesh-eating-ness (huh?) of Citristrip. I just today stripped several drawer fronts. Quick and very, very easy. Water clean up!

I also find it important that I don't have to sand. Using sanders or sand paper to remove paint or stain has become like fingernails on a chalk board. So much damage if you're not careful!

But are you going to paint or stain? You don't have to remove stain if you're going to paint, anyway!
Sorry. Confused.

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I would also recommend the citristrip! I have used it on coffee & end tables, kitchen cabinets & drawers, and every interior door in our house. It does not have an overly powerful smell and no chemical smell at all, and personally I really loved that it is gel form. It works great and is very easy to use. We have used it on objects that had been stained for a very long time (bought a foreclosed house) and it did great. Sorry I cannot be of any advice for what to use or do to paint your door though. Best of luck and have fun!!

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