How to decorate a bathroom with an almond tub & toilet?

hollanFebruary 7, 2010

I need advice on bringing our master bathroom out of the 80's. It has an almond tub/shower insert and toilet that we are not ready to replace, but I really dislike almond and want it to blend in but not add more. Is there a way to decorate that would go with almond (now) and also white (few years from now)?

What color choices would you make in this room for the things we are going to redo right away: wall color, trim color (including painting the cabinetry), flooring, countertop, all the brass fixtures, curtains, and towels. Are chrome fixtures okay with almond? Are there any colors of ceramic tile flooring that would blend without having to have almond included?

Our master bedroom has white trim, white linens and curtains. We haven't decided on the wall color yet, but wanted a tropical, ocean side paradise feel to it. I am not sure white trim in the bathroom will go with the almond? As you can see there are a lot of built in cabinets so that would be a lot of white. Then again, white on the outside of the bathroom door and another trim color on the inside seems weird too.

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I also have the same almond color fixtures in my bath with stained oak trim (similar to yours but more orange). Originally, the bathroom was carpeted, which we replaced with a ceramic 18x18 tile that looks very similar to travertine. Then, I painted the baseboards, window trim and door trim in BM Linen White. I chose the Linen White because it is softer than true white with a slight creamy look.

After painting the trim, I thought my vanities looked much better, so I also added brushed nickle hardware, brushed nickle faucets and light fixtures.

To help tone down the orangey cabinets and make my almond shower, toilet and tub look more up-to-date, I painted the room a nice warm nuetral, SW Whole Wheat. It worked perfectly!

I will post some pics a little later. (My camera needs a quick battery charge :-P)

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Honestly it is all the elements that you are planning on removing that date the bathroom so much. The shower and toilet in almond won't be such a big deal once the rest is removed.

There was a story written by one of the contributors in TOH magazine or Old House Journal who had a bright pink bathroom that he hated, and one night after drinking a fair amount at a party, decided to attack the bathroom with a sledge hammer.

When he saw the fixtures at the curb in daylight, he realized they weren't pink at all. The hot pink wallpaper and wall tile did that: they were the fifties version of almond or bisque whatever they were calling it then.

So I think you will find you can pretty much ignore the fact they are almond once all the rest is gone and decorate as if they were white. You will need to treat the almond as a "color" to some extent, but not over emphasize it.

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Sorry you aren't a fan of almond - I much prefer that to white!

Since you are going for a tropical paradise feel, let's talk about what that means to you. Are you going to have beachy accents in the bedroom like a hurricane vase with sand and shells and a pillar candle? Tropical floral arrangements? Some warm colors like corals as well as some cool colors like the turquoise that is the color of the year for 2010?

I would think about considering the almond fixtures as a way to bring in the sand color of the beach. Pick a little warmer white for the cabinetry and trim. Do a white shower curtain with ribbon trim in one of the tropical colors you use in the bedroom, and the same for the towels, rug for the floor, etc.

Find a wall basket that can contain some tropical greenery and orchids for over the toilet. Hang some artwork on the side of the tall closed cabinet that brings in sand and water.

I think silver fixtures work with the almond, but I would do a brushed finish rather than a chrome. It is just a bit warmer.

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From the way it looks on my monitor the existing fixtures are not really an '80s Almond with pink undertones but rather a Bone color with green undertones. I think you could update the room by darkening the wood tones to an Espresso stain but if you are set on painting go with an off white with green undertones closer to the fixtures. It will go with the white should you decide to change fixtures. Stark white trim can be too jarring sometimes.

For the flooring maybe a light slate gray? White ceramic tiles tend to show all the hair and dust.

Brushed nickle accents in the room would bring this together.

Are you doing a shower curtain?

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My darling....stop now, smell the roses, and then embrace your almond toilet! Ok not literally unless you did smell the roses...

Go almond, chocolate (paint the cabs) and ivory. Take down the wallpaper and paint in sherwin williams writers parchment (coffee with cream color...or almond toilet color). Paint the cabs dark chocolate and replace all nobs with a white and antique gold which will pull in the'll be updated :) and lucious :) And then when done, let go of the toilet one looks good hugging an offwhite toilet :oP

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I really appreciate all the great ideas!! I will definitely go with brushed nickel fixtures.

I love les917's idea of thinking of the almond tub/toilet as sand in a tropical paradise theme. I don't want to make it an obvious theme with sea shells. For the bedroom, I imagined sheer white curtains like you would see blowing in the wind on french doors out to the beach (even though it's just a window), maybe matchstick blinds, all white linens, with a wall color like SW Festoon Aqua, and maybe a few accents of golden brown.

Most everyone thinks the trim should be a color that is not quite white, but I am so set on white for the bedroom trim and worried that a change in color at the doorway would look weird. Dilly_dally's idea of Espresso stain on the cabinetry could be the solution so I could still have white trim, since there would be so little white at that point.

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Only thing I can add is to change out the toilet seat so that it matches the toilet! : )

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