How long for semigloss to cure?

LinelleJune 17, 2009

My painter finished last Friday. I have some wall-mounted shelves that received their second coat of latex semigloss 6 days ago. Yesterday impatient me put back the things on the shelves I missed seeing. Today, a couple of very tiny marks where two of the items sat...nothing to kill myself over. I took everything off and, as I did, it made those little click sounds that indicate to me stuff isn't completely cured. In addition, there's the fireplace mantle where I haven't set anything down yet.

So, how much time am I looking at before the paint is going to be as cured as it's gonna get?

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6 weeks to be totally safe. Under the best drying conditions, various manufacturers will claim 2-4 weeks for full cure.

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Arrrggghh, I was afraid of that, paintguy. Hopefully warm dry weather makes for at least better drying conditions. I'll try to wait it out. I'm just tired of seeing a stripped bare of doodads room.

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