Painting Hardwood Floors

candyce2202June 17, 2012

Don't get crazy on me but I want to paint cherrywood floors white. I've seen pictures and it is very contemporary. I don't want a "whitewash" look but an even satin mid-gloss look. I know I will need to sand down the floors and use an oil base paint with some type of sealer. Has anyone ever done this? Can you give me some pointers.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Painting cherry floors??
Shaking my head in disgust.
Tear up the cherry and sell it and replace with cheap pine.

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Find a floor paint you like. Follow the directions on the can.

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Painting Cherry? The wood gods will revolt. be careful.
Find a Muralo dealer and use their floor product. Follow the label directions as close as you can. Be a Woman and don't skip a step like a Man [me] would.
Do you actually want to paint a Cherry floor? I'd change my decorating scenario or buy another house before I would do that?

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Please don't do this. It won't look so sleek and contemporary when it starts wearing off (as floor paint inevitably does). Unless you don't mind moving out furniture to repaint every few years? I'm with everyone who says sell the cherry floor (or the whole house) to someone who can appreciate it rather than painting a nice hardwood floor...especially when hardwood is what just about everyone else wants right now!

Or, find yourself some white laminate and put it down as a floating floor over the cherry. Considering that adding hardwood is supposed to add value to your home, I wouldn't be surprised if painting nice hardwood detracts value. Thus, a floating floor in your color of choice preserves the valuable wood floor but gives you the look you want for now.

Here is a link that might be useful: White laminate

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Good post Jessica!

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