Help! My Pastry is Gray

TobyTOctober 9, 2010

I made pastry last weekend to get ahead of the game for Thanksgiving. Same recipe I've used for years. I put it in shell sized discs in freezer bags and took a couple out last night to thaw in the fridge. When I went to take them out this afternoon - they are gray! What's up with that? The recipe has flour, butter, baking powder, vinegar, an egg and ice water. I bake a lot so all my ingredients were fresh. I have never had this happen before. Anybody?


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I don't know why it happens but it does....I suspect the baking powder....I don't use BP in my pastry....nor vinegar nor egg....just butter or lard or crisco or a mix, flour, salt and water and sometimes vodka.
Linda C

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My guess is the raw egg.


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I did a quick search for batter turning gray and why as that has happened to me. Several sources said the baking powder reacting with the flour.

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Well I guess I know what I will be doing tonight instead of going to bed early as I had planned. The real drag is that I got ambitious last weekend and made a quadruple recipe of pastry so I have 6 more of the babies in the freezer. The recipe is called Nathan's pastry and it's fabulous, until you freeze it I guess...
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Jane I often freeze Nathan's pastry and yes when thawed it can look a little gray, but when it's baked it looks quite normal. I've also had it happen when I've left it fresh (not frozen) in the fridge for several days but have still used it and it was fine.


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I am now using Nathan's recipe....twice, in fact. Both times I have frozen some and it never changed color. I have had that happen before even without using egg or bp. I just use it anyway. There can't possibly be any harm with dough that is fresh made and then frozen and thawed.

BTW, I love the recipe. In fact, just made a raisin pie with some thawed dough.

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Before you start all over, just bake a few and see how they turn out!

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Thanks all. I did in fact bake up a small circle of it last night before I started over and discovered that it looked and tasted fine. Sharon, it was you that I got the recipe from in the first place years ago.It is absolutely the best pastry I have ever made - every time. gldnol - I had the same thought - there can't possibly be anything wrong with it as far as being spoiled. So glad I didn't just start over.
I have a chocolate tart in the oven right now - and then it will be the pumpkin pies' turn before I roast the squash and red onions to make way for the turkey!

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I was just going to post to say that I've had exactly this same problem when I've made pastry crusts that don't have any baking powder or egg in them, so I don't think that could be it... And I've had the same experience that they bake up just delicious -- in some cases I think even better than the crusts I haven't stored for as long in the fridge or freezer!

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