Are yellow&grey kitchens a thing of the past?

eleenaFebruary 18, 2013

I was seriously considering this combo but was told by someone (whose opinion I highly value) that it had been really "in" in the (very) recent past but not so much anymore.

And yes, I know all about doing what pleases ME. The problem is that I like many (very) different styles and I wish I had several houses to implement them but I don't. :-(

Yellow color and being "two-toned" are two "constant variables" in this "equation" but the second color is "to be decided". The other top contender is brown (e.g., light walnut).

The appliances are all SS, the floors will be either wood-like tile or cork in slightly greyish brown. The main kitchen door is medium (real) walnut, the furniture color is dark walnut. The house style is transitional, more on the traditional side architecturally and more on the contemporary side decor-wise.

I have seen (too) many pix of lovely yellow-grey rooms and as many just as lovely yellow-brown ones and I like all (or most) of them, so I am seriously conflicted and need some input.



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I've never been a fan of yellow and brown. Reminds of of 2 things I never want to see in a kitchen.

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I don't think yellow kitchens have been common enough to have too much of a "date" attached to them.

There have been a couple really nice yellow kitchens done by members in here and it's a nice combination, so if you like it and it looks good in your house, why not?

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I've never been a fan of yellow and brown either. I do like creamy yellow and a darker gray, not so much a light gray.

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Mine is yellow and chocolate brown so you know where my preference lies. :-)

I don't recall ever seeing a yellow+gray cabinet combination in my life so am surprised by someone saying it was really in and now passe. That's very strange, even questionable, advice IMO.

If you like yellow and gray I would just go for it. It sounds lovely and I can't imagine it ever going out of style because it's never been trendy to begin with.

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Not "yellow-yellow" but very light "creamy" yellow, like in "white maple with clear finish" yellow. I am usually not a fan of "yellow" but I fell in love with these cabinets, literally.

The darker grey would work but so would some browns.
See image 28 on this page:

FYI: my cabs are much lighter than those, they are more like image 16.

ETA: taggie, do you have pix of your kitchen?

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eleena, here are a couple pics of my kitchen. Fridge and range runs are pale yellow, island and breakfast bar are chocolate brown.

I think a creamy very pale yellow with gray sounds gorgeous btw.

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I've always loved pale yellow and French blue. A gray with bluish undertones would be wonderful with creamy yellows and ivories.

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I love it! (but look who this is coming from)
We just did yellow and white with some blue accents. We have brown in the form of walnut.

My favorite color combo as a child was yellow and brown! (strange?) lol

I wouldn't say yellow and gray is a think of the past at all! I think in the last year there have been a lot of yellow and gray in decorating but not really as "kitchens" necessarily.

These were fabrics I LOVE(D) and still love but the blues were easier to use to blend with the rest of our first floor.

Here I just love the brown thrown in too!

equest17 did a kitchen and her moodboard has yellow/gray/taupe as does this thread. She used BM Vellum cabs. If you scroll through her thread there are some good pics of yellow/gray.

OK, that's all for me : ) If you do what you LOVE it won't matter if it's not all the craze a year or two from now. BTW, since the GW changes pics come up so small but if you click on them maybe you can get a better size.

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I'm a huge fan of gray, we were going to go w/a very creamy almost yellow and gray but decided not to go w/painted cabs and chose 2 complimentary stains. Still have the gray floor and soapstone.

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

When I did my kitchen, I tried to make it unique; unlike any other kitchen I'd ever seen. I failed. Within two years I was seeing parts of MY kitchen everywhere. But I don't care. "Those" people will be ripping theirs out in 20 years or less. I won't.

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What the heck do all those quotation marks mean?

Lov_mkitchen, what that means is that you're very ahead of your time -- or area! :)

Pale yellow/cream and brown simply sounds to me like a normal kitchen, these days, with hardwood floors. Gray is lovely and soothing. Yellow accents with gray is very elegant.

What is it that you do want?

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I like yellow and gray, but I really like yellow and taupe. Below are a couple boards I did for the Design Around This thread (which we should really revive)

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I love gray as a neutral. My bedroom is pink and gray :) So I think yellow/gray can be beautiful. Something to consider though is how open is your kitchen to the rest of the house/will these colors go with the other rooms around it?
Maybe try to start with a few yellow/gray accent pieces. Curtains, paint on the walls, countertop accessories and see if you like how it works with the rest of the house.

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You "guys" are the best, thank you so much!

And when I said "light brown" I had in mind something very close to "taupe".


I'll have a color combination similar to yours because most of the cabs will be creamy yellow and the floor will be brown. The furniture and the door are already brown and I may even use a walnut countertop on the peninsula. That is why I was wondering if doing the other cabs in brown would be too much. I see that you used white for the second tone.

Here is a yellow-grey kitchen I like:

and my cabs look a lot like theirs (without the vertical grain though).

OK, I need to digest all the input provided. DH wants to go with grey. I'll post my final decision (some time soon, hopefully).

Thanks again!

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