Exterior Painting, hire out or DIY (also anyone heard of Mad Dog?

ajtrenkleJune 22, 2011

Hey everyone,

I live in an old home (1902). We moved in last year and the exterior paint needs some work, nothing terrible but moderate cracking and peeling. Would like to do two of the four sides this year and two next. The house is fairly tall two stories, Victorian style. One side is 32 feet long, and the other 22 feet long.

We were quoted several prices, but the best with good background experience from the guy was a price of $2600 for the sides and trim. What do you think, good price or should I DIY? We are in Chicago suburbs

Also the guy advises using a product called Mad Dog for a house with layers of old paint. He says it helps create a layer that moves with weather. It adds $2k to the cost but is supposed to last twice as long.

What do you all think? I appreciate any feedback.

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I never heard of Mad Dog, but it's very hard to judge a painting bid online, especially for Victorian style exteriors...could be a ton of intricate detail work involved with those. But, it really sounds low considering that usually older homes require a good amount of prep work before painting.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Mad Dog 20?

Used to drink that stuff back in the early 70's

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I'm in the same situation now as you were in 2011. I'm in the Chicago burbs too... Lake Zurich, IL

What did you decide to do with painting your home?

Did you go the Mad Dog primer route?

Do you recall the painter's name who recommended Mad Dog?

What painter did you go with?


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