Self priming paint over primer?

lexie1397June 12, 2012

Curious whether using a self-priming paint over primer is a smart idea?

We're finishing a bathroom remodel. Had to put joint compound over virtually all surfaces to get the texture we wanted, so we knew we had to use drywall primer everywhere too. After two coats, I'm now looking at buying my paint, and didn't realize it would be so hard to find one that wasn't "self-priming." (we're looking primarily at Behr b/c Home Depot is close)

Can someone help me understand the benefits and drawbacks to using a self-priming paint in this scenario?

What else is there and what would you use?

The plan was to use semi-gloss on both the walls (for ease of cleaning) and ceiling (to help protect against spray from the shower). Each is a different color, though, if there's a better idea!

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Best bet would be to go to a real paint store and get the paint. Having made that point, paint and primer is nothing more than a marketing scheme, go ahead and use it, no harm will be done, it is just paint, there is no primer in the can.

Here is more info

Here is a link that might be useful: paint and primer

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People (generally DIYers) have always taken shortcuts and tried to skip priming. Paint and primer in one is a marketing gimmick, yes, started by depot and picked up by others (including Ace, Valspar, and Benjamin Moore) because customers started demanding it. A paint that claims to be self-priming should seal and adhere on it's own (without primer) better than a non-self-primimg paint would do. In other words, they figured out people skip priming and designed the paint better so they can get away with it better. However, priming is still a good step (crucial in some instances), so just think of paint-and-primer-in-one as being the upper end paint from that store. We may not all be fans of Behr, but you're using the best top-coat Behr had to offer to cover your primer.

And gosh I hope that makes sense...I feel like I'm talking in circles, but it's the best I can do tonight!

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