Babblin Boo Doll

BobDecember 29, 2001

Does anyone know what the Babblin Boo doll says? My daughter received the gift for Christmas and we can't figure out what Boo is saying.

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I would also like to know! The only thing we can make out clearly is Mike Wazowski & Kitty. The song is what's bothering us too and not sure what Luka Luka is? Our DD loves her BOO!

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I did find this at ToysRUs website and I agree about the bear being taken away from her, she doesn't react.

From &
Editorial Review
Bright-eyed Boo wants to have a conversation... but we're not exactly sure what the topic is. This replica of the young girl who is accidentally allowed into Monstropolis in Pixar's film Monsters, Inc. is made of hard plastic; wears a comfy-looking T-shirt, purple pants, and white socks; sports two ponytails held up with pompom bands; and holds on to Little Mikey, a one-eyed and four-footed Teddy bear. With articulation points at the hips, shoulders, and head, Boo is easy to pose and can either sit down or stand up. As for the "babblin'," that word sums it up perfectly. Push on her belly and she will giggle, sing, or say a phrase in an adorably young, although somewhat tinny voice. We didn't quite understand what she was saying, though, and one phrase actually sounded Hawaiian. The package claims that Boo will cry when Little Mikey is taken from her arm, but that didn't happen--not necessarily a bad thing from our point of view. --Pam Lauer

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Our DD has a Babblin' Boo and it took me awhile to figure out the taking Little Mikey away thing. You have to place his eye on Boo's chest (just below her shoulder level) and she should laugh. Then she screams when you take Little Mikey away.

As far as the song goes, I know it doesn't match the song she sings while sitting on the potty in the movie... but it is close.

That's about all I could figure out besides what the above posters have said...

-Tara W

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To make Mikey work put him facing the middle of her chest. She will giggle. Then take him away, she will scream.

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