Can you help me with display of these plates on my wall please?

naturepersonFebruary 22, 2014

I have three metal plates that I would like to place on this narrow, vertical wall. I started placing round circles on the wall to figure out placement, but I've only got two of the three circles up right now, because I need a ladder to reach the top of the wall. (I will need to buy one I guess.).

Do you think 3 of these plates would work on this wall?

If so, can you tell me how you would place them? They can go vertically in a straight line, or they could go in a scattered sort of placement. I'm not sure what would look best.

This wall goes along the stairs (about 5 steps) up from the foyer. This is a tri-level townhome.

Thank you.

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Are the places all round, if so I'm not sure I would place them alternating but all in an even row instead, but I like the idea of them being placed on that wall. Oh I see there is a light switch there, hum. I think the paper on the wall helps to visualize them, perhaps more space between them and cut out the paper the exact size of the plates to get a better idea of which placement is best.

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can you take a better pic of the wall from the lower area below the stairs, including other views you might have of that wall? The reason I ask is that I might be inclined to start the arrangement lower, so that you see the top plate from the upper area (maybe placed about halfway between the spaces where you are holding them upper left), then one that you could still see from the upper area, but maybe not the whole thing, then one on the lower wall as you come up from below. But I can't really see if that's a viable option.

Pretty plates!

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Try placing them in a straight vertical line. The white columns create straight lines. The pale curtains create straight lines. Ditto the floor lamp The plates not being in a straight line feels...inharmonious.

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springvalley, yes, all three of the plates are round and identical. I can see that I will need to paint that switch plate cover the same color as the wall. Also, the paper circles are the exact same size as the actual plates.

olychick, I see what you are saying, and I think starting them lower may be better as well. I've attached a few more pics, so hopefully they will help. The added photos of the foyer are old but hopefully will give you an idea of the situation leading to the stairs.

hoovb, thank you. Vertical may be the way to go.

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Please ignore the black table on the landing and the picture on the foyer wall. They both must go.

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I'm just wondering if others agree that I should place the plates in a vertical fashion on that wall, as hoovb suggested, or have another idea? Her explanation does make sense.

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I'm going to say "no" to a straight line for the very same reason. Everything is giving you that strict vertical and my eyes would be looking for something to counter it. It's really personal preference.

I think your general idea is great. The only thing that I'd look to avoid is putting a plate so that it's bisected horizontally by the railing. Lower the overall arrangement so that the bottom plate is below the railing.

Try lowering the middle circle so that the bottom is lined up with that white trimâ¦like it would be sitting on it if the trim was extended across the wall.
It's more important to me to be able to view art objects at eye level, if possible. So you'd have a plate at the stair entry, one as you reach the next level, and then as you look across the room.

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I think its a great place to put the plates and they are very pretty. My first impression is vertical all in a row would look the best. I tend to like symmetry though.

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Thank you, alex. I did a mockup, although very poor. Is this kind of what you mean, so it is basically in line with the stair steps?

nursetammi, thank you. I attempted to do a mockup of the plates placed vertically. Hopefully, it will give you a better idea of what they will look like.

Sorry, I'm not very good at mockups.

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I agree with Alex9179 about not doing them in a vertical line. You have plenty of vertical lines and I think your instinct to off-set them was right. I like her description of where to place them, as well (eye level when possible).

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Vertical placement

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oops. repeat post.

This post was edited by natureperson on Sat, Feb 22, 14 at 23:40

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Thanks, olychick. After looking at my mockups for a while, I am definitely liking the off-set placement much better.

I added another mockup that might work also. Anyone care for this?

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I like them in a vertical line. i realize there are many other vertical lines and it does repeat that pattern, but, the circles of the plates themselves breaks up the straight line pattern for me. Especially since they are so large. They are going to look great on that wall!

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Thanks, patty. When I stand back and look at that wall from the living area now, I do see how those vertical columns in the area with the off-set plates placement looks a little out of place maybe. If I just look at that wall without the columns, I tend to like the off-set look of the plates. Hmmm..And I think I may have them too close in some of these mockups. It would seem that they would look better with a little more space between them.

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I vote for a straight vertical line.

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Holly- Kay

I also like the vertical version better but I think it will look great which ever you choose.

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I like the vertical version best.

My second choice is following the line of the steps diagonal.

I think putting the 3 plates on the wall is a great idea and will look great no matter how you put them up.

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I think the vertical would be fine, too, if you like it better. But if they are offset, I wouldn't make it SO offset. At your 2/23 at 0:39, I'd try them like the upper right for height, but the upper left for the offset distance. I think the lower left is too offset; I'd make it more gradual. You could also try moving the highest one to the right, offset the middle one to the left a bit and the lower one offset to the right. I have a laptop and the perspective of that lower level is just not clear to me on my monitor to be much help about what looks best.

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I'm happen to be a decorator, so for what it's worth the vertical line works for me! I like the fact that the plates are large. You've probably hung everything up but another approach, because it's visually interesting to have and entirely different item in the center of the wall arrangement could be a framed painting or picture a little different in size and shape.

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Thanks, everyone. I appreciate your opinions.

oly, thanks for suggesting the right distance and placement. That one with the plates so off-set does look a little bit silly now that I look at it. Sorry for the poor shots of my view from the foyer. I took that yesterday when there was not a lot of light.

laura, I have not yet hung the plates. I do like your idea of hanging a picture or something of a different shape with the plates. However, since I have three plates, would I want two other shaped items? Or should I only use two of my plates?

I think I'll see what I can find showing some good examples of what you may be talking about that would work here.

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Can't tell you why, but vertical lines are always more appealing to me and that's what I would do!

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Okay, so it seems vertical is the way to go. I put two of the round papers up again, centering between the two points shown. It may be off a little, depending on the angle. I have found that if I don't center them more between these two points that the plates are not easily viewed from the living area, which looks off to me. Remember, the paper plate that is missing is the one up above, but pretend it's there. It's just too high to place right now without a ladder.

But... they now look like they are hung too far left when you look at the entire wall that extends further right down the stairs. The light switch would have to be painted, so it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb, but still the one plate is really close to the white trim piece on the left.

Horizontally, I did not line the middle plate up with the trim, as was suggested, so the bottom place is cut off, or bisected, by the railing. The reason I did it this way was because it seems like when viewing from the living area that the top plate should be higher on the wall. I have a lot of height on the other side of the room with the windows, so it just seems like the plates should be placed higher. I may be wrong, and please tell me if you think I am.

Opinions now? Am I making this harder than it needs to be?

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Here's a pic showing the bottom plate centered on the wider part of the wall. I don't think it matters that the plate is not centered horizontally below the railing here.

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i agree, the plates need to start higher on the wall than your mock ups show... the vertical is nice- i think you could hang them either way- i like symmetry, so would prob be inclined to go with vertical also.

i would probably center them as in the 1st example you give... but, when you start thinking about where to center them you realize that symmetry is going to be broken whether they're hung vertically or on a diagonal because of the stairs and moldings........

i actually would probably hang the real plates with command hooks or putty both ways and really see what they look like, irl--- 2d is quite abit different than 3d and there are ways that they would look best in both directions!!!! no clear cut best way, imo!

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Don't worry about being perfectly centered. It will probably look best at a point that will be off-center. I usually eye-ball most of my art and many times it looks best at a spot that is not symmetrical or centered, specially when it can be viewed from different angles in a room or space.

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Do you want them as living room art or staircase art? If living room, then I would do all three in a vertical line starting above the railing. Make them all a part of the living room decor. If you want them to be staircase art, then I would have them angled down the stairs, similar to what you posted on 2/22 at 23:20.

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