Help! Paint is peeling. Now what?

storkladyJune 24, 2010

Hello everyone, we just remodeled our kitchen. We have white painted cabinets with a factory paint job. They are very nice...but we decided to paint the back wall of one of the cabinets in order to better show off dishes & glassware. My DH used latex paint and all looked great until we peeled back the blue tape we used to tape it off. Big areas of the paint peeled off with the tape..and he wasnt' sloppy at all...there was very little paint on the tape...I've never seen paint peel with the removal of blue tape before...and I've done lots of painting over the years. I'm thinking the issue is not with the tape, but with the latex paint on the factory painted cabinet. I've told him I think all we need to do is sand it all off..which will also sand the factory finish beneath the peeling paint..and then paint again. The paint should stick the 2nd time. He thinks it's all for naught. However, there has to be something we can do. I certainly cannot buy another cabinet, I have to have use of it and I'm not going to settle for it looking like c***. Any advice will be appreciated.

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Yikes! It's peeling because there was literally nothing for the paint to stick to, except for the tape, that is. Before you paint any slick surface, you should at least give it a good sanding, (known as giving it a tooth) and then prime. Also, you shouldn't use latex over an oil paint. But, none of that matters now.
You can A). completely sand the surface, prime and then paint again. Or, B). have a panel cut to fit; 1/8" beadboard or MDF, then prime & paint the new surface, trim out top, bottom and 2 sides with a small profile moulding. Make sure your shelves will fit w/the moulding, or you can simply use caulk if there is a gap.
I hope this helps, and I do love the look of a contrasting color on cabinets.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

As posted, sand AND prime first. You're latex paint would have been fine if it had something to stick to.

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