DVD recommendations?

zone_8grandmaDecember 20, 2006

Next weekend I will be having my two grandsons over for 2 nights. They are 8 and 11 years old. I want to keep them busy and entertained and would like to rent 2 or 3 DVD's.

Can you tell me what DVD's you've seen recently with your kids that you all enjoyed?


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Kids now days have seen so many of the NEWER movies, how about some YOU liked when younger. They may get into that. Example: Abbot and Costello movies (then practice Who's on first with them). Or old Disney movies...Swiss Family Robinsons, Old Yeller and Savage Sam, etc.


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I liked "School of Rock" with Jack Black. Funny movie, the children are a bit precotious, but funny with Jack, and funny for the adult watching it as well. No bad language.

"Star Wars" is good. No swearing or undesirable images.

What a good grandma you are planning their visit, its lovely. Enjoy your time with them. You could also read to them.

Those "Lemmony Snicket" books are excellent.


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Board games are always a good way for you to spend quality time together. Don't forget those as well. They are cheap to buy, if you don't have any.

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They are coming over to visit YOU... not to watch DVDs.

Play games, read stories, do crafts.... make memories!

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Thanks all. I should have explained that I DO other things with them as well. Last visit, I taught them how to play poker. LOL
We make brownies, do crafts, and play other games, but I do need to keep them occupied for two days and two nights, so wanted suggestions for movies we could curl up and watch together in the evenings.

I know that in a few more years, they'll be too busy to visit grandma, so these visits are very special to me.

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I haven't seen it, but I would think "Invincible" may be really good.

And, I second the "Star Wars" movies. Here are some more they may like:

Chronicles of Narnia...
Charlie and the Choc. Factory
Eight Below
Cheaper by the Dozen 2
Sky High
National Treasure
A Christmas Story

I would maybe stay away from "Lemony Snicket's..." I know some 8 yr olds that were scared by it. I'm sure you don't want to have to deal with a scared kid that can't sleep!

I would bet they may even have some ideas themselves on what they may want to see. Just make sure the rating is age appropriate! Enjoy your time with them.

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You are a wonderful Gran...can I send mine over there too, sounds like a lovely time...

What a special time for you all.


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