safe websites for kids?

ShaddyDecember 25, 2001

I have posted also on the Grandparent's forum, seeking some safe websites for the grandson to visit from time to time when he visits. Had a list, currently no less than 2 of the recommended 12 are currently in service, would someone have some to share with us? Appreciate any input.

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How old is your grandson?

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fwbc4_hotmail_com and are fun. With help a young child could do some of the stuff at those sites, and at 9 or so they are fine by themselves. You could also do a search at (the yahoo site especially for kids) for games, etc.

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This page has U.S. government links for kids to all kinds of sites, from the dept of health and human services it looks like.

Sometimes the links won't work. The White House link for kids gave me an error page. But, across the top of that page are links. Clicking on the 'for kids only' link will take you to the White House kids pages section (there is a time line which is linked nicely), but clicking the center text link for the White will get you to the kid's White House pages.

The other pages might have similar links, even if they give error pages initially too. I'm not sure, but the White House kid's pages are very well done and nicely linked.

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Here's one that has simple arcade games, board and word games as well as educational stuff for quite a range in ages.

Here is a link that might be useful: funschool

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