Happy Holidays and Good bye!!

Susie-QueDecember 23, 2001

Dear friends,

just wanted to start a post to say good bye to all of the wonderful friends I have made here on the parents forum.

With the holidays here and parties and visiting ect...I will not be on line until afterwards.

As you all know, beginning Jan 1st only contributing members will be allowed to post. I cannot afford the fee at this time-DH is losing his pt job and my hours will be cut in half after the holidays.

We will still have AOL for the kids because my parents have offered to make the payments so that they will have it for school work.

The folks here on the parents forum have been great!! I have enjoyed reading all about everyones kids and I appreciate all the wonderful advice!!

I will miss all of you!!

If anyone starts a mail list, please add my e mail address to the list.


I would love to keep up on everyone LOL!!!

So to each and every one out there, I wish you all a very happy holiday and all the best in 2002!!




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As far as I know this board will still be free. Some of the boards are going to a paid membership, but, at this point nothing has been mentioned for this board. Happy Holidays ~Pam

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I don't believe this particular forum is going paid, it only says you must register beginning January 1st- it is free to register. Happy Holidays!

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