B? ??? Bathroom Paint to Prevent Mold/Mildew

chipster_2007June 20, 2010

What are the best name brands of paint that will prevent mold/mildew in the bathroom? When I search for this on google, I get Behr, Valspar. I am sure there are specific brands to meet this need. Would appreciate your help. Thanks

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I know there is an additive you can put into any paint that is "suppose" to prevent mold..Don't know if it works ..Google "Paint additive to prevent mold " Alot of articles.

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Yes, it's called mildewcide. You can get some Zinnser Perma White I think it is called....this is a washable paint that already has mildewcide added. You can also purchase packets of mildewcide from a paint store and have them add it into a paint of your choice before mixing.

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I formerly had mildew in both of my bathrooms over a year ago. I visited my local Dunn Edwards paint store (the best paint on the market, excellent coverage and durability), and told them my problem. They added a mildewcide to my latex semi-gloss paint, and I've not had a problem since. Tip: first, use bleach to kill the mold/mildew while cleaning the affected area. Then repaint. BTW, I live in California, so our paint doesn't have the optimal properties of paint available elsewhere. FYI, over the years, whenever I've hired a painting crew for the exterior or interior, they've always been impressed with Dunn Edwards paint, if they weren't familiar with it before. My architect recommended the paint, and I compared it with a host of other paints. The others pale in comparison.

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Nothing can really prevent mildew in an unventilated, moist area.

Paint is not a replacement for a vent fan.

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There is primer and paint made by Rustoleum that has a mold inhibitor already in it. I used this last summer and have not had mold since. But also, I insulated the heck out of my walls and ceilings so moisture would not condense on cold surface. See link below for paint info and tips for preventing bathroom mold.

Here is a link that might be useful: Preventing Bathroom Mold

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Yes, a vent fan is absolutely necessary. When the BR was done over (its a rental), the GC put in the cheapest one which I was unaware of at the time. Then the birds came... need I say more. I have having anew vent fan placed and the vent lining replaced with a new type of vent cover on the outside that should eliminate any more problems with birds. I have washed the area with a dilute bleach/h20 and rinsed. I do have the ceiling paint, perma white but when I went to buy the wall paint, he would not tint a new can of perma white because he said it would not come out well. Is this true? He mentioned Benjamin Moore paint for bathroom/spa. Does anyone have any info on this?

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