Anybody go from Induction to a Gas Range?

Jennifer N.February 18, 2014

We're in the process of a home addition & renovation which includes a new kitchen.

We currently own a GE Profile Induction range, which I've been very happy with.

For the new kitchen, we're considering the Capital Connoirsseurian 60" (sealed 4 burner/12" grille/24" griddle config.).

At my request, my husband is also including a 15" induction unit (Wolf or Gaggenau).

I just can't help feel like we're going backwards in technology, but I also find the induction units to be too modern looking for our taste and I love the aesthetics of the 60" Capital.

I should also add I've never cooked with gas before, so I'm hesitant from that standpoint as well.

Anybody else face this dilemma? Any suggestions?

Thanks all! :)

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I have not, I am waiting for my electric range to die so that I can switch to induction. I hope you get a positive response to your question and many others follow suit. Maybe then I could pick up a nice induction range on Craigslist. :-)

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I have had a gas stove and recently changed to induction. I agree the look is more modern and the look of a gas range top would be more in line with my craftsman/shaker kitchen. However, I do not miss cleaning the grates and small divots, waiting for my water to boil, not having as much control over the heat. Not to mention the bonus safety issues of a cool top and a stove that will never be accidentally turned on by a child. Personally, I can not say enough good things about my transition to induction. I cannot imagine going back.

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I hate to confess that part of the reason I've dragged my heels over replacing my broken pro gas range is because it's such an attractive focal point in my otherwise common kitchen. I've been making due (over a year) in the interim w/ an induction burner & countertop oven. I am 100 percent sold on induction because of the way it performs for the way I cook. Even when my gas range was new & working great it cannot come close to the response I get when using induction and its ability to hold a perfect simmer. And as for ease of cleaning & not heating up the kitchen in hot weather - no contest.

I thought I was in heaven when we bought this house & I went from electric cooktop to gas. I would have never entertained the idea of going to induction if I hadn't had problems w/ my range. But now that I've used induction, I would find it hard going back. But I so get the pull to the more handsome range style! I'm going to miss what DH refers to as our "multi-thousand dollar piece of kitchen sculpture."

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I love my Bosch induction. I wanted to convert to gas from electric when we remodeled our kitchen a few years ago. I was set for gas until there were come clearance issues from a wall too close to the range. I was sick about it because I didn't want to go back to electric and couldn't afford a redo of that wall. Someone told me I was missing my other option--induction. I researched here and elsewhere and got the induction. I absolutely LOVE IT. My kitchen is a redo in a 1930's house, and I was intent on trying to keep some semblance of period character. That's just one reason why I went soapstone. It's true the induction looks more modern, but it works for my "transitional" kitchen beautifully IMO. The induction is amazing and uses a lot less energy. I'm pleased as punch. The only thing I would rather have is a zoneless induction.

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If you have never cooked with gas before, I would try that first (and do the clean up.) Only you can decide if it's a change you can live with.

Here is an old thread that shows some traditional or period type kitchens with a modern induction cooktop.

Here is a link that might be useful: INDUCTION or no: please weigh in

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I agree, gas is more about vanity or for a kitchen that really really isn't used for cooking. Induction is all about performance and energy conservation.

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You can have both (pro-look range with induction).

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ITA with eve72. There is form. And then there is function. Personally, I will never clean another gas grate as long as I live. Yes, in my fantasy kitchen, I want an Aga gas range in cobalt blue, or an old wood cookstove like Granny's. In my real kitchen -- where we cook and CLEAN every single day -- I have a brand spanking new Bosch induction top. The kitchen is uber-traditional, but we made it work. The US is finally catching up with Europe, and I predict those big, honkin' gas appliances will be dated as the jitterbug in another ten years.

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Jennifer N.

@ irmaly: beautiful kitchen! Inspiring!!!! My husband loves the look of soapstone, so we had Pietra Cardosa (looks like soapstone, but is sandstone) installed in our pantry.

@ sjhockeyfan: I wish more appliance companies would create units like Viking's.

My dream unit would include full surface induction, a built in induction 24" griddle and an electric charbroiler.

BUT your posts inspired me! I wonder if I can convince my husband to consider induction with some of the Wolf modules (grill, steamer, etc.) with a stainless steel counter and backsplash?!

I stumbled upon a GW member's SS counter/induction photos and I like the look!

Here is a link that might be useful: erikanh's kitchen

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I have both ("big honking" gas range and induction burners). Neither one is aperfect sub for the other.

I like the induction for all the reasons above but there are some important-to-me things the induction can't do: chiefly regarding home canning because of pot material and size incompatabiity.

We have solar power so my fuel for the induction is essentially free. But of course I do want to cook at night, and during power outages so free solar power doesn't completely serve my needs.

I also really like my gas ovens, gas infra-red broiler and assorted special use pots that can only be used on the gas burners. And I really like being able to use the gas burners during power outages. But of course, all my propane comes from fracked gas, which I don't like. Of course if we didn't have solar then most of my electricty would be generated using fracked gas - or worse, coal - even in Niagra Falls -powered upstate NY.

The one thing on your list of gas-powered things that I wouldn't ever consider getting (again) is the indoor gas range-top chargrill. I have one; well, really, I had one and it was such a PITA to use and clean and requires such formidable ventilation that I eventually wised up and had the gas grill burners removed from my range and installed a slab of granite in their place, which turned out to be much more useful. And of course when you use it you are eating food cooked over open gas flames, which isn't as tasty as food cooked over wood or wood-charcoal. If we want grilled food, we can do that outside over a real wood set-up.

The other thing to think about is the sheer design-driving size of a 60" range. Mine is "only" 48 inches and it still exacts a heavy price in terms of reducing my flexibility in placing it within the room.

If you decide to go with a separate cooking surface and wall ovens, you may also want to consider having one of the ovens be an under-counter model so that you have the convenience of it being right at the cook-top for those dishes that require both types of cooking to complete and to use it for those smokey/smelly things that are roasted in the oven. If you want additional ovens for baking, etc. there's no problem with having those separated from the exhaust system as they don't generate issues - who ever wants to remove the smell of a spice cake baking???



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