Company Christmas party - kids invited!

darkeyedgirlDecember 11, 2001

Hi all,

My company Christmas party is this coming Friday night.

I set the whole thing up mainly because I'm the new one on board (And the only female working with about 10 guys) and because I want to meet everyone's families, kids, spouses, etc.

Anyway everyone is really up and excited about it, but EVERYONE (the guys) are asking me, "what are the KIDS going to do during the two hours?"


Any ideas?

The age range is between 2 years of age to up to 11 years of age. There will be about 20 adults and 10 kids. Mainly the age range is pre-schoolers and around that age. My 5 year old girl is bringing a bag full of Barbies and other fun toys (like puzzles) for the girls.

I am going to be playing Christmas music, have LOTS of finger foods, eggnog, brownies with little teddy grahams baked into them... etc... it is VERY kid oriented yet adult oriented, too. I just don't have a "Game plan" so to speak! I like going to parties where there IS no set plan, you just arrive and eat, drink, be merry, listen to music. But people seem worried about the kids getting bored.

The building that I work in is breathtaking... it is an old house with ornate fireplaces in every room (office), real wood floors, high ceilings, etc. I'm not worried about any messes because in truth, our cleaning crew is great and they'll be in the following day anyway.

I don't want to put anyone in charge of the small group of kids. I'm sure they will play on their own, or stick by their parents. The whole idea behind this party is for the adults to meet the other adults, and to introduce the kids/spouses to each other... not to babysit!

Are the toys going to be enough... or should I run out and get some games or something???

- darkeyedgirl

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My company had a kid friendly party once and had a clown there to entertain the kids. He made balloon animals and stuff like that. Also there was someone painting faces. But, this was for a much larger group of kids than you are talking about, and it was also in the summer near a pool. The problem is that it's hard to come up with something for the age spans you are having there. From two to eleven, they have very different interests. I think you might want to think about hiring someone to entertain the kids.

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Just hosted my husband's company Christmas party (including children) on Sunday....we held the party at our home. I have teenagers and they were in charge of taking care of the little ones (we only had six little ones ranging in ages from 2-7). We rented age appropriate videos, but the "hit" was our outside firepit/patio - the kids roasted marshmellows (with a few parents' supervision). Anyway, my biggest suggestion would be to hire a few teenagers to watch and entertain the children....the younger children love the enteraction of the older kids, and the adults will be free to socialize. Some folks were skeptical of a Christmas party including children, but it was our best party ever - the children were delightful! Best of luck.

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When I have gone to parties like this, they set up a kids' room with a TV and a good christmas video or two to keep them busy. Also there were books and toys. The older kids enjoyed entertaining the younger kids.

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If you are having hired music then inform the MC to bring along their children's bag of tricks. Most DJs and Band Leaders that have done any parties involving children have a bunch of music related games etc that keep the children hopping and sometimes the adults along with them.

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How about an appearance from Santa complete with small gifts. Our office does this every year and it the highglight of the party.

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Can you find a couple of teenagers to be on hand in case the kids need supervision?

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Over the years we have had several company Christmas parties with the kids. They usually have santa and a small age appropriate gift. They sell the santa suits at walmart for around 30 dollars and one of the guys would do that. We also had a craft table set up and the kids would do Christmas crafts. You could also have coloring pages and crayons, play Christmas movies or have someone read stories to them. If you have room you could have a moonwalk jumpy thing but you will need an adult or older teenager to monitor that. As a mother I have enjoyed the get togethers much more when my kids were appropriately entertained and monitored. I would be leary about leaving them unattended in a room of 10 children even if I was in the same building. For the non Christmas parties they always hired a clown(who was wonderful) and rented the jumpy things. I actually was able to sit down, relax and eat a meal. It was very nice. Good Luck!!

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I have faxed the local radio station for songs that I think would be festive. My CD player isn't working (figures). I am not going to hire a band or anything like that... it's only for 2 hours AND we have a strict budget!

There will only be one teenager here, he is 16 (BOY). Not interested and would be offended to have to watch kids. I have brainstormed a bit and decided on having a treasure hunt all over the office, with a prize for whoever finds the 3 items quickest!

One of my coworkers has a Santa suit and is going to dress up... that should be great fun.

I have red and green construction paper, I may set it out in the other dining room with some crayons/markers and have the kids color if they get bored.

We have no TV here, either, so a movie is out...

Thanks for all of your suggestions... thankfully this is going to be a short party and very laid back! From what I gather I'm the only one staying from start to finish and I have 2 of the 12 kids attending!

- darkeyedgirl

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