Stain/oil for Angelim Pedra deck

silvercanadianJune 18, 2011

We take possession of our new house next week and the builder is in the process of building our deck. I chose Angelim Pedra wood for the deck base and they are using an undermount system to attach to the joists.

I like the current colour of the wood and wouldn't mind keeping it that way. The deck is in the south east corner of the house and it's a corner lot with the side of the house facing south, so this deck will get sun all day and it disappears in the evening.

Can anyone recommend a stain to use on this wood? If I use something clear, will I need to redo it every year? The guy at the store where the decking was purchased, recommended oiling it. Any advantages/disadvantages to doing that?

Our deck at our current house is cedar and faces the same direction. I used a supposed high-quality Sikkens stain and I am not impressed with it. This is the 2nd time I haven't been impressed with Sikkens (used it prior to this on a fence) so won't purchase Sikkens again unless for some reason it works stellar on Angelim Pedra.

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To update for anyone searching this topic, we chose SuperDeck Exotic Hardwood Stain. The application was very easy and it looks nice; the wood looks like it does when it's wet now which everyone in our family loved more than the look when it was dry. :)

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Hello - we just finally finished having our pedra deck installed and I don't want it to silver out over the winter but it's getting too cold to seal I think - is the product you used just oil that could be applied in colder weather? i am in a bind!

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