Any corner sinks?

korney19February 22, 2010

Does anybody have corner sinks? Can you post pics? Are they top mount or undermount? One single bowl or two?

I bought 2 different ones, a SS one and a Kindred "granite" which I think is made of quartz. I'm favoring the Kindred to make the final cut, just worry about finding a countertop to match it. It has a large left tub, then a shallow tub near the middle, then a drying area to the right.

The stainless sink just has 2 identical bowls equally spaced. This a pretty small kitchen and the relocating the sink to a corner should give me a 5ft+ long free counter area on one wall and room for a new fridge & pantries on the other wall.

I'd especially like to hear from anyone with this same model too, and if you top or under mounted it; I believe the old model # was a Kindred CGR800. They are available in a few colors, this one is "granite" or dark gray/black. I hope it doesn't turn into a headache mounting, color matching & plumbing it.

Here is a link that might be useful: KINDRED KGCRA/8 corner sink

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I am still in the process or the reno but have gone with a sink in the corner.
Instead of a special "corner sink" I have cut off the corner so where I stand it is straight so the sink is just a normal single bowl.( I have also chosen kindred and everything I hear about these granite sinks is very positive. Kindred and blanco are both good ones. I have a friend who has a blanco black one that is 10 years ols and still looks great.)

i have space considerations so have a 23" bowl but if I has a bigger kitchen I may have gone bigger

i cannot show you the installed sink as i am still waiting n the granite but I can show you a picture of the corner
(there is no cutout yet either - this will happen when the granite comes
From doors are on

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That looks nice! Is that an IKEA or RTA type? I didn't finalize style or color and may do RTA, or cab carcasses myself and farm out the doors elsewhere; I like the shaker style or with a center stile (mission?)

If I can find narrower pantries (15 instead of 18"), I'd prefer it, then I can go with wider drawers (18" vs 12"w) and increase that 24" wide cab to 30". It's harder finding 15"w pantries in RTA.

I'm still curious how much room there would be to work on the plumbing under it.

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The plan is to put that sink in the corner between the DW and fridge? Think about standing at the sink, rinsing dishes, and opening the DW. It will open directly into your hip or navel :)

NKBA recommends 21" from the center of the sink to the edge of DW. I think that's minimum of a 9" cabinet between corner sink and DW, if you have a teensy sink.

I considered that butterfly style sink as a prep sink, but I couldn't do it. Bowls were smaller than my current useless double bowl, and I felt I would be uncomfortable reaching into that corner all the time.

Here is a link that might be useful: NKBA Kitchen Guideline 13 - DW placement

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I have an angled corner sink base, not the 90 degree corner that you are looking at. I love my corner sink - ticor 405 - D shape in a 36" angled corner base.

I've seen the kind you are looking at but I found it too small and cramped.

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I have a corner sink but as previous posters it's just a regular sink set in a corner sink cabinet. I found that the actual "corner sinks" had very small bowls and seemed awkward to use to me.

I love my sink though, the peninsula divides the kitchen from the dining room (open concept) so I like that I can be talking to whoever is there while I'm cleaning or prepping.

(sorry about the giant pictures)

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Thanks everybody! THIS is what I have now:

There is no space between the cabinets and counter for much besides a toaster oven!

The current sink is about 30-32" double. Each side is similar in size to the larger bowl on the new Kindred... actually, the kindred may be bigger than either bowl of the current sink. I just measured the sink mat of the current sink and it's 12-3/4-inch by 11-1/4-inches. The small sink in the Kindred is 12-1/4'' x 10-1/2'' so the small tub of the Kindred is only about a half inch smaller in each direction. The larger bowl on the Kindred is 17-1/8'' x 13-3/8'', so is considerably larger than either side of the current double bowl sink.

I did see that NKBA guideline in the past but wondered a) Which sink tub would I measure from, and b) why(and how?) would you put the dishwasher so far away from the sink?

I should also say that there are only 2 of us here and I'm the only one ever using the sink or doing any dishes, and usually just a few. My intention was to place the DW basket on the sink drainboard to the right, or else on the counter above the DW on a mat, then when full, put it into the DW to wash. I don't think I'd ever be standing at the sink and turning to the left to fill the DW, of course I don't know--I don't have the DW yet!!

I can probably move the DW down that wall further but then I may not have any legroom to sit and work in front of the window. Of course, this would also shift the seating area, which I tried to center on that wall/window.

Keep the comments coming. Thanks!

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I think you will find the sink you've linked will not be easy to work at. Regular sinks set more than about 4" back can cause back problems...the small inside sink would be even worse.

Additionally, a 90o corner like that will not be comfortable to work at and will further reduce the work area for the sink.

I strongly suggest you find a way to mock it up and then spend 20 minutes or so working at it...

We have a corner prep sink and I think it's somewhat restrictive; that Kindred would be worse, IMHO.

15-3/4" square sink in a 36" corner sink base:

We could have fit a bigger sink in it, but we wanted to maximize counter space and since it's a second sink it didn't have to be that big.

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Corner sinks in the Finished Kitchens Blog (FKB). (From the FKB Categories Page)

Here is a link that might be useful: Corner sinks in the FKB

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Thanks. It looks like I'll be in the minority with a real corner sink. Is there any way to match it to granite or quartz, and is there any way to undermount it? And if you need to do the plumbing, does this mean, if top mounted, I'd have to wait for countertops first?

Also, is anybody using a garbage disposal with a corner mounted sink? Any tips on disposer/DW hookup in such a tight area? Thanks.

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Anybody with garbage disposers/insinkerators in their corner base cabinets too?

And if you have a dishwasher, how far away is it?

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korney, I could be misinterpreting but it looks like you're going with a sink normally installed at a 90 deg corner in an angled cabinet. Is the sink 3rd down similar to what you are installing? (sorry, too lazy to go look up how to hot link.) If so, I think you'll be unhappy with the amount of counter in front of the bowls because you'll have to lean quite far over to reach inside. That would give most people a backache.

Corner sinks are normally set up like this, (although the DW is too close to the sink). This is how my corner sink is. It's a 33" x 22" double bowl sink in a 42" corner sink cabinet. The front of the cabinet is 23" across so I'm not able to stand directly in front of the full width of my sink but I only have 3.5" of counter between me and the inside of the bowls so it's not that bad at each end of the sink (I only have 1" overhang on my laminate counters). I would definitely not want a lot more counter between me and the inside of the bowls.

Frankly, I can't see any benefit to you for choosing that sink/cabinet combination.

As for DW distance, tracie gave you the NKBA guidelines for spacing. Our DW is about 19" away and it works but I wouldn't want to go much less or we'd have little space to stand at the sink while loading.

Yes, I have a garbage disposers/insinkerators. Not sure what else you need to know.

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Lisa, I bought both this "granite" Kindred true corner sink which fits in a 36" corner cabinet:

As well as a stainless one like the 3rd sink down you pointed to (but has 3 holes across back for faucet.)

Either one fits in a 36'' corner cabinet. Most 36'' corner cabs have a diagonal door that's only about 16-17'' wide, matter of fact, you can just buy what they call a CSF36, which is a Corner Sink Front or Face; then just build your own box or just ledges for the counter and install the CSF36 between the 2 adjacent cabinets. The CSF36 has a false drawer and a functional door and range from about $50 to $125 depending on mfr/style, and most include the toe kick, some include the entire corner floor. Here's one from an RTA company on sale for $28.95 depending on day:

corner sink front

Keep in mind what I have now is an old white porcelain double sink, currently located near where the new stainless fridge is in the diagram. It is about 32 inches from the corner. It would actually be between the coffee maker and the center of the french doors on the SS fridge--see the first pic I posted--where the LEFT pantry is.

The old fridge is actually on a third wall, projecting out into the current doorway/path--see part of the proposed island in the first pic, or at 6 o'clock to the range in the 2nd pic, near wher the words "corner sinks" are in the next post below that pic! You can see the dark brown door frame, the fridge protrudes into the path by about a foot.

ALSO, the window is about 54" x 48" tall and there ARE NO CABINETS along that wall--never were any! The new gas range is already in the place of an old gas-on-gas stove from the 1940's-50's and the chimney is in the corner, making it a difficult layout! it's about 10ft x 11ft.

So the benefits of using the corner sink:

1. I get to free up the 3rd wall to make a pass-thru or eating island.

2. I move the fridge to the other wall, where the sink was

3. I get TWO pantries for storage (instead of an old broom closet) & make the fridge a focal point

4. One of my sink tubs is about the same size as the current sink but the left bowl is much larger; I breed heirloom tomatoes & peppers--I plan to wash my homegrown veggies in the small bowl, or soak silverware until I get to wash them.

5. I open up an ENTIRE wall of countertop to food or baking prep, etc, or even sit down for a quick bite at the window.

I guess I'm just trying to maximize counter space for such a small kitchen. We currently don't have a dishwasher but I'm planning for one. We currently don't have a disposer but was thinking about one, hence asking about them with corner sinks--keep in mind if I go with a diagonal door on the corner cab, it will only be 16-17'' wide!

I already have the sink(s), the LG 4-door fridge (still sitting in the living room, thank God for 5yr extended warranties!), the Frigidaire convection gas range, the matching microwave, also convection, (also in the living room!) and a new fancy faucet.

This is really on a budget! I have less than $3000 invested in ALL the NEW appliances! ALL the cabinets, in ready to assemble form, will cost less than all the new appliances! Even the $600 sink I got for MUCH, MUCH less, (mid-3's including O.S. shipping & almost 9% tax) and the stainless corner sink was around $120 delivered on ebay!

Keep the comments coming. Thanks.

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[No intention here to dissuade anyone from corner sink, just thought I'd explain why I decided to delete one from my plan. My motive is to help lurkers think through their own plans.]

I was absolutely determined to have a pair of corner windows with a corner sink. Lived with this idea for years and oohed over ones in demo kitchens during Parade of Homes. Our designer talked me out of one and I'm glad.

Looking at small kitchens, I think there are valid applications for corner sinks, but when planning a 2-person kitchen, I have come to realize that it's very hard to work side by side or for one person to "escape" when another person is nearby. You can get physically trapped in the corner or physically blocked out. Then you just wait until the blockage clears.

My current sink is one half of a corner. We wait patiently behind the person at sink for our own turn at the sink. Or, we crowd rudely in from the side of the person at the sink to get some water fast or to fetch a desired object. The designer said, "Why would you want to do that in a bigger kitchen?" He was right. I had not thought through the actual " walk there, work, and walk away" scenario.

The lack of flexibility won out over the wonderful design possibilities that come with corner windows. And the view. Sigh.

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Look at Olga_D's & Muspic's pictures...they show the best way to install a corner sink. You can see the DW in Muspic's picture as well. There should be about 18" b/w the sink cabinet & the DW. You might be able to get away w/12", but it will be a little tight.

The sink you show will not be easy for even one person to work at, let alone 2 or more. I very strongly urge you to re-think the type of sink you put in the corner.

I'm going to look for Marandall's (sp??) corner sink pictures and her installation of it (including measurements!) I had them linked in a couple of old threads, but they're "missing" now.

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When I redid the kitchen at my old MoccasinLanding, I had the contractor build a cabinet for a very large double SS sink to place in the corner. This cab had TWO 17" doors. It was required to get that big top mounted fixture to fit. The house originally had a door to one side of this space, and I took the sawzall one night and cut out the homemade shelves they used to block the door after they added a family room behind. My purpose was to create a pass through, and to open up the view to the bayou behind the house. The kitchen was not small, being 11x17', but it was like a CAVE, so creating this light source was important.
I removed the washer/dryer from the kitchen, and in their place just to the left of the sink (backed up to the bathroom plumbing wall) I had exactly enough room to install a trash compactor and the dishwasher...ahhh wonderful appliances!! I got a local glass company to custom cut a mirror backsplash and receptacle covers for under the upper cabs to the left of the double sink.

With both doors giving room for standing at the sink, it was not crowded if I rinsed the dishes with the DW door flat open, and I could drop trash into the compactor also. Then the sink cabinet door could open back on the opposite side and voila there was the recycle stuff. I loved it.

BUT, it had a larger footprint in the kitchen. I wish I had the photos of this builder grade kitchen, with the shellaced upper/lower cabs which were the norm for houses built in the late '50s around here. If I ever find where my old photos before Hurricane Katrina went, I'll have to post that kitchen here. It was quick and cheap, and was such an improvement over what existed you would not imagine the joy it gave me to use it. And I hated to cook. Still do--but I do love a good kitchen.

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If you are limited on the space/size of cabinet in the corner, how about getting a single bowl sink to put on an angle? Like Buehl's but either a rectangular or d-shaped sink. As others have mentioned the actual "corner sinks" tend to be very rough to work at ergonomically.

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I cannot return any of the sinks I already have. Plus I really fell in love with the granite one and went through a lot to get it.

I should also clarify I'm a single 48 yr old male, some handicaps, taking care of an 82 yr old mother getting Alzheimers who rarely comes downstairs. I take her meals to her usually. So there would never be a "2 people at the sink" scenario.

I rarely have company over, have no kids, etc. I value the counterspace and the pantry storage space more than the sink comfort I guess. In my 48 years, I can't recall ever filling the sink with dishes nor even dishwater! I usually wash the 1 or 2 plates off after use. We order a lot of delivery type food that can be eaten on paper plates or foam, and I only have a handful of dishes I use regularly. The most use the sink gets is getting water for the puppy a few times/day or filling up gallon jugs of water every few days to make tea.

I wish my design software had the actual sink to place in the drawings but it doesn't, just the butterfly type SS corner sink. Because of the dimensions, I'm sure I'd be able to move the sink around somewhat. It may even fit in a blind corner cab since both bowls are on the same side.

I have edited the corner sink arrangement to use a bi-fold type door in the pics below, and have added another foot of space, actually a 6'' filler and a 6'' 5-drawer spice unit, this with going bi-fold instead of diagonal makes 24'' between the corner and the DW. Of course, it moves everything down towards the chimney. I removed the garage covering the KitchenAid mixer but didn't shorten tha cab, nor return the right of window cab back to 36 yet. I intended to use 36'' cabs on the window wall and only a 30'' corner diagonal cab by the sink; I'm using 30'' tall cabs over the range because I do a lot of pressure canning and can use the extra clearance. Maybe I will use 30's onm the window wall to stay consistent.

Any comments appreciated. Thanks!

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I don't understand why you posted. You don't want to hear any suggestions to improve your design. You seem to be waiting on someone to tell you that you made a good decision in buying two sinks that won't really function well in your kitchen. Well, you didn't make a good decision. Any corner sink is more difficult to use and less functional than a standard sink. The types of corner sinks you've shown are the worst. They don't function well at all.

You're fortunate in that you are still in design phase and not locked into your decision. Sell the sinks on Craig's list and start over with some willingness to actually listen to the free help you're being offered.

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What didn't you understand live_wire_oak? I originally posted asking to see others with corner sinks. I thought surely I would find someone posting with at least a butterfly SS 2-bowl. I actually hoped someone with the same Kindred would post.

I asked about plumbing, under/over mounting, and even how to color match. "I'd especially like to hear from anyone with this same model too, and if you top or under mounted it; I believe the old model # was a Kindred CGR800."

I explained why I wanted to go to a sink in the corner instead of along a wall length. "This a pretty small kitchen and the relocating the sink to a corner should give me a 5ft+ long free counter area on one wall and room for a new fridge & pantries on the other wall."

All this was in my original post. I asked to see ANY corner sink pics. "Does anybody have corner sinks? Can you post pics? Are they top mount or undermount? One single bowl or two?"

muspic posted a great pic. muspic, if you are still here, how big is that corner cab and are you using any fillers?

tracie said NKBA recommends 21 inches distance, or a ~9'' cabinet between the DW & sink. She also commented that she considered the butterfly sink at one time. "Bowls were smaller than my current useless double bowl, and I felt I would be uncomfortable reaching into that corner all the time."

The butterfly tubs were about the same size I have now. tracie, what did you mean by "reaching into that corner all the time?" The butterfly sink I have the faucet mounts less than a foot away from the counter edge, and the Kindred faucet mounts 1round 15'' from the counter edge. My current sink it is mounted about 3 inches from the wall, or about 20 or more inches from the edge! Add to this that my original 1920's cabinets are face frames with NO toe kicks, it sets me back another 4 inches or more. I'm 6'1'' tall and have 33'' reach & don't have any real problems reaching the faucet 20+ inches away from the counter, I believe both corner faucets are much less distant and the Kindred has much more capacity than the dual tubs I have now.
annie said she loves her D-shaped sink, and olga posted pics of her lovely dual tub corner. That looks great if I had that much space. I think that is much larger than the room I have.

buehl posted a pic of his 2nd sink, thanks, and thanks for the link to the other blog pics too. I checked them all out!

lisa posted links to corner sinks, thanks, I really appreciate ANY pics of corner sinks--any I run across on the 'net I save a copy to study them better. Your double is in a 42'' corner cab, that's 6'' too large for my setup and changes all my pantries & walls & bases--I'm already trying to squeeze just a 12'' drawer base in between the corner and pantry--that would leave me with 6 inches instead of 12, ruling out drawers, and 6 less inches on the DW/window wall, maybe eliminating my 5-drawer cubby.

live_wire_oak, I then also posted at least 5 BENEFITS of using the corner sink, particularly the Kindred. And I explained the unheardof budget limits and so-far costs.

florantha, thanks for being honest; I'd love to see your "half corner" sink too! Are you saying you just didn't put in 1 window or ???

Olga, I really need 2 bowls or a bowl and a drying area; that's why I need to stay with a dual and a single won't work. Not ony does the Kindred granite sink have 2, one is much larger than I have, the smaller of the 2 is still the same as what I have now, plus it has the drying area. I think it utilized the limited space the best, a 36'' corner 24'' deep at the sides.

live_wire, I even edited my layout based on help from people here, please don't think I'm not grateful for everyone's help, I really am. As for saying the Kindred is less functional than a standard sink, if you can show me an inexpensive double bowl sink that will fit in a corner cab with a 16-17'' front, I'm more than willing to listen!

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Your design has greatly decreased the usability of your kitchen over the original layout with the sink under the window. You have no landing space for your fridge. You don't have enough space to the right of the sink for any cleanup. Your prep space and your cleanup space overlap so much that everything will be in your way. You won't be able to access plumbing at all easily, and it may actually be impossible to acess some of it unless you have an acess panel from another room through the wall. A corner sink only works when you have actual space to the left and right of the sink and the sink cabinet is placed at a 45 like all of the sinks pictured above. The 90° sinks are back aches in the making as well as are really small compared to a standard double sink.

For someone on a tight budget, you've wasted a lot of money jumping the gun on things before the design was worked out. I've done plenty of tiny kitchens, many smaller than yours. All of them have had a lot more functionality than you have planned into your kitchen with your current layout.

You really really need to go back to the drawing board, and probably the original design of the kitchen. Sometimes all of the "improvements" that you do aren't really improvements at all. THis is one of those cases.

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Korney, I think the sink setup in your newly posted layout will work great. I have a corner sink that I love. Like you, I always do dishes solo and have a small kitchen. The space between my DW and the corner cabinet that houses the sink is 12" wide. I don't feel trapped in the corner and really value the extra space it frees up. I'm new here so I don't know how to post a pic yet, but when I figure out, I will!

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Thanks Stevie. If you have a website or home page, you can put it there and link to it or even e-mail me thru GW and I'll post it.

live_wire, WHAT SINK under the window? Did you pay attention to the pics I posted and what I wrote? The old layout, actually current layout I've been living with for 48 years, is ONE 10ft long wall, NO windows, no toe kicks. The counter height is 37-1/4" high, and about 13'' from counter to bottom of wall cabs. ONLY a toaster oven fits! Not even my Mr Coffee Tea Maker will fit under the cabinets!

The sink is a cast iron porcelain coated ~30-32'' double bowl. Each bowl is about the same size as the small bowl in the middle of the Kindred granite. The drawers are wood on wood side glides that don't always close all the way. The wall cabs' handles have buttons that need to be pressed to open the doors. There's a kitchen table that leaves, if lucky, about 20-24'' to the sink or to the stove. The nuker is on a cart by the chimney.

The layouts I've shown are if I use 18'' pantries--they are much easier to find than 15'' pantries. If I can find 15'', that would increase the space next to the sink to 18'' PLUS the drainage section, another 12'' or so (with the Kindred granite sink.) (One plan had an appliance garage there.)

With the original/current setup, I have ZERO counterspace to the left of the sink. With the new setup, I will have almost SIX FEET! To the right of the sink, I would have almost 32 inches, however, because we need to store goods on the counter because of no pantries, that effectively eliminates any counterspace to the right of the sink.

Below is the original layout, please tell me how it's better than the new/proposed layout.

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Bump for live_wire_oak, you still here?

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Above in gray is the current layout, here's the newly edited layout below...

I installed an 18'' pullout wastebasket base cab between the DW and the corner sink and used a bi-fold/lazy-susan type door instead of the diagonal door, revclaiming 12''. This puts the DW 30'' from the center of the corner sink.

I changed the wall corner above the corner sink to a blind cabinet which gave me an extra 12'' to use a double door wall cabinet with 6 apothocary drawers. I put the diagonal cab on the chimney instead. Bith a double door, it would act like two narrow cabs, one each side of the chimney. There's also a wall filler pullout next to the plate rack & microwave.

There is no island yet, there's a wall there now, (see the thread, Load bearing wall pass-through?) but I'd like to remove it or make a pass-through to eat at where the island is. I also would implement the cheaper corner sink I have left over in that spot.

Is the DW too far from the sink now?

Comments, opinions and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism welcome! Thanks.

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