Painting a rusty metal shed

ilovelaundryJune 23, 2007

We are in the process of painting a rusty metal shed. We sanded the rust off, washed the shed and applied Rustoleum rusty metal primer. After the primer dried, we painted the shed with Sherwin Williams Exterior Duration paint in white. It has been a few days since we painted and there are little rusty spots showing through the paint. We went to the local hardware store and they told us we needed to neutralize the rust before we painted with naval jelly. We also went to the local Sherwin Williams store and they didn't have a clue what to do. Sherwin Williams was surprised the rust showed back through especially since the Duration paint is also self-priming.

Is there anything we can do? Should we apply the naval jelly to the whole shed and repaint? It will take quite a while to brush naval jelly on the shed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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You should have used a rust conversion coating instead of removing surface rust.
Naval Jelly contains acid that dissolves rust, but it will not work through paint.
It is also likely to kill just about any plants in the immediate area.
If there are only a few spots sanding and spotting is probably the best choice.

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I painted a near totally rusty shed ten years ago.. it gets sprinkler misting at least weekly right now. It had been misted twice weekly by the sprinklers until they made sprinkling restrictions tighter at once per week about a year ago.
It has only a couple spots of rust peeking through now.

Brushed on two coats of Ospho, which is about the consistancy of water. Basicly a weak phosphoric acid with some lanolin in it. It converts the rust to sort of a phosphate primer. Lanolin is one of the worlds best rust preventitives.
Then I brushed on two coats of Rustoliem cream colored paint. Added some blue paint for trim detail... done.

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