Painting a high ceiling

ricksampleJune 6, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I'm not knew to gardenweb, but pretty knew to painting. I normally stick in the garden sections here on the forums.

Anyhow, I'm in the middle of repainting our entire house (2500 SQFeet) We have a staircase that has walls on both the left and right side. Inside the staircase, it has high walls that extend straight up to the ceiling on the second floor. So we don't have any room for laters or other equipment to stand on. I'm wondering what would be the best way to paint the trim in this section. I'm going to use a roller with an extention to get the walls. But I'm curiouse on how to paint the trim around the ceiling. Do they make any attachements?


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yes they make attachments , but good luck using them with any accuracy.

I recommend you either find a painter for just that portion. or just use a ladder yourself. bring in 24' or less extention ladder( with the ladder pads on top it, just for fun wrap the pads with t- shirt material and tape it on. so you dont have to touchup any scuffs, if the stairs are wood wrap the bottoms up also, only better. It will be scotched back against the toekick so even with pads on bottom it wont slide) put the ladder on the steps going towards the front wall(high corner). 4 foot ladder at the top of the stairs. 2 layers of 2x12 on the first or second step of 4 foot ladder and whatever step on extention ladder you need to get a good level on the walkboard. and you should be good to go. 2 people, less than 5 min to be ready to paint

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Thanks! I'm not to sure I would feel comfortable standing on two latters that high. Rolling it shouldn't be a problem and it doesn't need to be perfect since it's always darker in this area. It's the trim that really concerns me. When I paint the trim around the ceiling of an 8' wall I use an angle brush and Valspar thick one coat paint. It's very easy and it leaves a very neat even line between the ceiling and the wall. The paint doesn't run and only needs to be applied once.

The way my dad would paint the same trim: He has this rectangle piece of plastic with a pad on it. On the top of the pad is two small wheels. He pretty much coats the pad and runs it along the trim. The wheels stop it from touching the ceiling. I'm not sure what this is called.

His method doesn't create as neat of a line as mine which is the downside. However, this area is always darker and it's so high up it doesn't need to be perfect. Do they make something like this that can attach to an extention pole?

By the time I step on the bottom few stips, my strech length, I only need to use a 5' pole to get to the very top of this section.

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Yes, they make them. They are called paint pads or something. Paint stores and the big boxes sell them.

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