Painting a fireplace

DzeppJune 10, 2012

Does anyone have any suggestions on painting a fireplace? I have a guy currently painting my hallway and ceilings and he asked me if I have ever thought of painting my fireplace and yes I acutally had thought about it but am scared to take the leap. It is currently a red brick and it just seems to be out of place. It is a large fireplace with a 10 1/2 foot raised bench area all across the front. Would like for it to be an off white color and I'm thinking of putting in hardwood floors. I'm afraid if I leave it red brick everything will just be to dark. Has anyone painted theirs and if you have how do you like it? I'm assuming once it is painted it is permanent???

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An old project of mine seems similar to yours (the seat area in front at least). My brick was multi-colored red/brown/grey and didn't go with the soft retro look I wanted. It was alot of work but worth it. Here is a photo.

Tons of coats (I think four) and lots of smashing the brush into the grouted areas over and over. It was a long time ago so I'd have to think about what I did in what order.

And yes -- once painted it is VERY difficult to go back to brick but is is possible. Someone else may chime in.

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That looks really nice. I think I'm going to do it, take that back, I think I'm going to have someone do it for me. My orangey red brick does nothing for my living room.

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My favorite brick fireplace make-over was this one:

Here is a link that might be useful: Pretty Handy Girl

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