Dainty Sue & My Son's Birthday Party

NevinDecember 17, 2006

Hi, We had been looking for an entertainer for our son's 6th birthday. After an extensive search on the Internet, we approached the above performer, "Dainty Sue," who had quite an impressive CV published on her website.

She confirmed her availability for the required date, and sent us a confirmation email, in which she requested a 30% deposit. A cheque for the requested sum was promptly sent to her. That was a little less than a month before the party.

Four days before the birthday, my husband received a phone call from the performer, informing him that she has had a family emergency and would not be able to attend, but said she had arranged for another colleague of hers, "Angela" to entertain at our sonÂs party. Taking into consideration her family emergency, and being left with very little time to find a replacement performer, we agreed.

Despite "Dainty SueÂs" assurances of her colleagueÂs exceptional experience, skills, we started getting a bit worried after we contacted her colleague, and realized she had no solid references, no website, nothing! But again, at this stage, it was too late to do anything.

The day of the party, "Angela," the replacement performer, arrived on time, changed, and very quickly started engaging the children. I must say that the kids seemed to be quite happy with her, and although she did well within the limits of her abilities, we were not impressed; She only set up a few games, performed one or two (rather poor) magic tricks, she was very (VERY) poorly equipped, lacked initiative, and worst of all, she gave very little attention to the birthday boy. Despite that, we still settled the full remaining amount of the payment initially agreed with "Dainty Sue".

The most terrible part of our experience was when one of the parents told us that she had booked the same performer, "Dainty Sue," and that the same thing happened with her. We then felt very very bitter .. and although our sonÂs party went ok, we still wish if we had not booked this entertainer in the first place.

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All the more reason to NOT have expensive entertainment at a small child's party....

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That's too bad, but if the kids seemed to have a good time, that's the most important thing, isn't it? They aren't quite as discerning as adults and probably didn't notice that she wasn't really great. But I would definitely let Dainty Sue know that you were not pleased and that you will not be recommending her to anyone.

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P.S. A little unsolicited advice here--don't talk about this in front of your child. I'm sure he had a wonderful birthday, and discussion of the performance will only confuse him. This Forum and Dainty Sue are the places to share your displeasure.

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Yes, that's a shame, but it seems the children did enjoy the party and that's what you wanted isn't it?

What can we learn from this event ?

Only hire people on recomendation, this is probably the priority for next time.

Perhaps you could learn to entertain the children at next years party. I am sure you would have a memorable time with that !

You want to create happy memories, and I think you have for your child, so don't spoil it by being annoyed with the performer, just put it down to experience, and of course let the person know about your displeasure...but beyond that I would let go of the anger and move on.

Happy birthday to your little boy.


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I have thought about this a bit more, maybe you should persue a refund. You didn't get the service you paid for, you didn't get the performer you paid for, but then you agreed to the second performer...worth a try.

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I can't believe you hired someone you found on the internet calling herself "Dainty Sue" to entertain at a child's party, without any sort of a recommendation from someone you knew!
You are very very lucky a stripper with a birthday cake and net stockings did not show up.
What's the lesson here? Caveat emptor!
Linda C

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I attended a friend's party for her very young son, two I think, maybe three. They hired a clown. He came from a service. He was a student making some weekend cash. He was awful! The kids didn't care. And then he kept hanging around after he was finished and had been paid. My friend came to me and mentioned that the guy wouldn't go home. I suggested she feed him! I was sure he was hanging around hoping to get offered a plate. The food was just being served, being a Greek family, it was fabulous. As soon as he ate, he left.

No clowns or pony rides or petting zoos! I have yet to see any of the above that were worth the cost and the ponies were always really dirty and smelly. Yes, horses smell but they smell less if they are bathed.

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