What to do with a 15' wide tall cabinet?

numbersjunkieFebruary 13, 2010

I'm closing in on a design for my kitchen, but there is one area that is causing concern. The plan has a 15" tall 24" deep pantry cabinet next to the refrigerator. I'm trying to figure out how to best use this space. I don't really think I need it for pantry space since I have other areas for food storage, and I'm not inclined to spend a lot for a pantry pullout fixture.

Any clever ideas on what to do with this space?

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Have glass inserted and use for a collection of dishes or something else? I would opt for a clear, leaded glass panel. ;o)

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Why not make it a base cab with uppers. You could use it as a charging station for cell phones (inside the drawers) and then do the uppers with glass for a pottery collection. Added bonus is a small frig landing space.

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Is it full height? We have a similar sized cabinet as a broom closet.

I think elizpiz has a pullout for cookbooks that's about that width.

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Is it next to a wall? Or an open space. If it's open you can have it open to the side instead of the front.

If you don't want to do the pullout pantry thing, how about drawers all the way like Circuspeanut's? Hers are open fronted, but you could do a full front panel. You don't have to use them for pantry supplies. You could use it for glasses. Rarely used attachments for the cuisinart and kitchenaid. Cookbooks. Containers. Wraps and bags. And a little folding stepladder in the bottom so that you can see into the the top drawers. Assuming it only goes fridge high. If it's ceiling high, I'd put a pegboard pullout on the top.

Actually, that's something else you could do: two pegboard pullouts. I think they can be made on drawer glides so wouldn't be as pricey. You could hang all kinds of things including brooms, aprons, skewers, keys, barbecue tools, naughty children, ladles, wok tools, pizza peel, etc.

I have 24" deep uppers with shelves in my butler's pantry area. To which my father said, "Wow, these are deep." For fancy serving pieces and chargers, that's just fine with me. Storage was more important than beauty. But going that deep in 15" wide would be awful without it pulling out in some way, whether an expensive pullout or drawres.

My first thought was brooms or ladder, but I figured that was also on the reject list. I wish I had a place like that for my ladder. I tried to design one in but it didn't work out.

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If there isn't a reason to have full depth, I'd use a 12" depth open shelf unit, move it to align with the front of the space - cookbooks or a neat display. Maybe a bottle cubbie or 6.

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Wow - You guys are full of good ideas! I was really
concerned about that space, but now I'm finding many possible uses for it. I'm also thinking the bottom section would be perfect for a trash pullout for cans (I have a 15" pullout by the sink for regular trash). The top could be a few pullout drawers and then shelving for the blender, etc. So many possibilities....

FYI - The 15" cabinet is up against a wall (unfortunately it can't open from the side), and opens into the doorway (37.5" wide) that leads to my dining room.

I also have a 6" base cabinet on the other end that we were thinking could be for trays, etc. Maybe that's also a good place for a stepladder? Other ideas?

I'm finding my new layout has so much more space than I have now. I'm not as concerned as I was about using every inch. But I know I should still plan very carefully. And I also need to go through my kitchen and get rid of stuff I never use!

So, I've decided to give my KD a retainer, since I'm pretty confident we have a layout that will actually work for my family. She has spent a lot of time with me trying to make a difficult space work, and I love the cabinets she has.
Hopefully, I can post a the full design soon, and I know you will all help me to work out the kinks and make it the best it can be. I have struggled with my layout for a long time, and I'm very happy to be making progress!

Thanks, and keep the ideas coming!

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We have one next to the fridge and one across from it as well (galley kitchen). The one next to the fridge we use as a broom closet. I also put in shallow shelves (12") so that there was still room for the broom handles and put all cleaning stuff in there, light bulbs, etc. It also has an outlet in the back so the dustbuster charges in there, too.

The one across from it has an outlet, too. We put the toaster oven on a slide-out shelf/drawer (Ikea) and keep it plugged up. When we want to use it we have to pull it out and leave it open until after it cools, but it's worth it to get it off the counter. We're still in the process of putting everything back, but we're planning on using mostly full-depth shelves in this one and stuffing it with all of our small appliances/things without another home.

I think the full-depth tall cabinets are great for getting a lot more in there, especially with pull-outs. But if you're short like me it's hard to reach the stuff at the top, especially the back. The only way I can is with a step stool. But I just put stuff I don't use often up there.

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mandolynn - are your cabinets Ikea? I wonder of their drawers will fit in my 15" unframed cabinet? It would be the perfect solution and very cost effective.

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They are Ikea. The sides are 3/4" thick, so the total inside width is 13.5". The drawers are so great. But I think they are more designed for either having a drawer front attached to each one, or having the door attached where it pulls straight out. Like this:


The drawer doesn't really scrape the door, but it does slide along it. We have thermofoil doors so it doesn't bother me, but if you have painted it might scrape the paint a little.

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We have 2 15" wall cabinets that are about 5' high. In one we had an outlet installed in the back and we put our water cooler in there. (I didn't want a dispenser on the refrigerator door.) We will probably also put the holder for the DustBuster in there so it can plug in and be hidden.

In the other we store the leaves and pads for our dining room table because we don't have a closet in the dining room. There's a shelf in this one too, where we store additional pantry stuff (like napkins.)

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This may sound a bit unnorthodox, but have you considered leaving it empty for now. You've said above that you don't need it for pantry storage. There will undoubtedly be kitchen/home needs in future years that we don't plan for now (such as whole-home computer controllers or other future home helpers). If I had that extra space, and didn't really need it right now, I'd wire it with a double box outlet on its own 20 amp circuit, an overhead light box (even if just capped off for now) and an in-cabinet wall switch for the light/elec box. In a few years when we see what's next, you'll be well set with space and elec service to update your kitchen with ease. (Since the IKEA thermofoiil doors are well-priced, I might buy a full height door for now, as well as at least two more (future use) 15" wide doors or drawer fronts in the most common sizes. If you left the cab empty with an outlet in it you could still use it as a broom/cleaning closet for now.

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I was just searching for a similar thing. I found a Thermador tall 18" wine fridge, if you can find 3 extra inches. (And $4 grand more in your budget.)

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youngdeb- We think alike! But what I really need is a beer refrigerator for the hubby...

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