Contrast between walls and trim? Not sure what to paint what.

brightmJune 1, 2014

How much contrast is necessary? And any suggestions what to paint what color in the room described/linked below?

I think someone painted nearly every painted surface in our house Swiss Coffee at some point. We've taken down wallpaper and painted some rooms in very bold colors, but left the SC trim. So I'm used to lots of contrast OR everything being the same.

Now, we've got new white windows and are beginning a kitchen reno and are doing some other painting in the house, and it's time to move away from SC.

I'm planning on Dunn Edwards Lighthouse in the kitchen, definitely for the trim (there's no trim around windows as the walls are masonry). I'm not positive, but will likely use it for walls and ceiling too. So it seems a logical choice to use as the trim color throughout the house as we repaint stuff.

The other room I'm thinking of painting ASAP is a spare room. I'm thinking of a lightish blue/aqua. But I'm not sure how light. Right now, that whole room is SC. I'm having trouble figuring out what will be painted trim color and what will be a different color. I thought maybe I'd just do the whole room a very, very light color. But the more I think about it, I think I should do the trim in one color and much of the rest in something else. But I don't want the room to be too dark. So I'm worried I'll pick something without enough contrast and it'll just look mismatched.

The room has two walls that are masonry and contain three white windows. One wall that has paneled bottom half and currently has corkboard framed up above. I think the ceiling at that end is about 10 or 11ft. One wall that has the door and built-in closets (cabinets) with wooden doors that match the paneling on the last wall. The ceiling is vaulted with "beams". Everything in the room is currently SC.

I've included a link to an album. We'll see if that works. I've posted the color choices. I know colors don't show well, but the degrees of contrast of the potential colors should.

And the floor was just installed in that room yesterday. That's why it's so empty and clean. :)

I'll also have to figure out what to do with the shutters. ::

Here is a link that might be useful: Album with shots of room

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