How often do you wash your painted house?

lucilleJune 5, 2012

My previous home was brick and it didn't seem to need much exterior cleaning other than windows and doors. I got one of those bottles of house cleaner one sprays on and off with a hose a few times.

So this one I just moved into I am just finishing painting. I saw my neighbor scrubbing the outside of his painted house which appeared spotless already, and I'm wondering how often I'm supposed to do that?

The reason I'm putting the question here is that I also want to know how soon after painting a house one can, if needed, wash it.

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If your home was properly prepared, before it was repainted, you will be able to wash it in 2 days or so, depending on what type paint you used.
You can continue to wash your home, as often as it is needed with no worry of damage. Its not the washing that effects the paint, its what you use to wash it with. On a newly painted home, or even a 5-6 yr old paint job all you should usually need is water, and a soft brush. If you wouldnt use it on your new car, dont use it on your homes paint. Remember your car has a coat of hard clear to protect it your home doesnt. many cleaners will breakdown the paint, and many will dull the sheen.

Cleaning your home is the best way to protect your investment, a homeowner whom cleans thier home, a min. of 1 time a year will notice things that need more attention.

cracked caulk, thinning paint, peeling, blistering, bug damage, bird damage, squirell damage, mildews, moss, etc. Cleaning your home, allowes you to know your home.

Great question, your concern is the first step to protecting your investment, as well as not being the unkept house down the street, and will lead to not having the more expensive repairs later.

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