Painting the kitchen floor

kashka_katJune 24, 2013

The old fir floor in the kitchen is too far gone - want to paint it a dark brick red (with cream cabinets and yellow-gold walls) I think it will look fabulous - very vintage.)

There are all kinds of miscellaneous spots and stains all around the floor, besides the usual black water staining around the sink. I know a couple of them are from cat barf (contributed by my wonderful cat) but the rest - I don't know what they are. Could be food spills but who knows.

I can scrub it with ammonia or TSP (who cares if it stains). Or what would you suggest? I'll sand some but I may or may not go deep enough to remove every last bit of surface grease or staining.

Is there such a thing as a bonding primer or something that guaranteed to adhere to anything? I'm not sure what finish coat I want - have been reading about polyurethane paint, epoxy paint (BM makes a version for wood), and the more usual porch and floor enamel.

Like the idea of super durable (I really would like this to be a fairly permanent fix - I do happen to love painted floors in a vintage house). On the other hand.... I care about my lungs

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What you have to make sure of is that there is no wax on the floor - cause paint will not adhere to wax - or water (the floor should be throughly dry). Sanding it to take the top coat of any wax / grime would be a good base.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

I would go to a Ben Moore store and ask. I do not think there is a bonding primer that is made to be walked on, but I could be wrong. I would go with this after you get the stains figured out( as posted, sanding would be best)

Latex Floor and Patio Enamel (122) ( Ben Moore)

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